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The games you absolutely must not play when you are near your lover!

The games you absolutely must not play when you are near your lover!

Animal Crossing 2

People in love often hang out together, stay together, and eat together. That is the information the consultant comments about couples. However, there are also people who come together through a different, more unique method. That is the use of online games. Some couples have their first meetings (or first appointments) at some locations in their favorite video games. Online meetings make them more comfortable in communication, though a bit risky. Through online interaction, couples can take a walk in a wonderful world with impressive landscapes without costing as much as in real life!

However, in this article we will talk about other games, another topic. There are some games that we need to play alone when the curtains are pulled back. These games bring some messages about love and relationships. Maybe for some couples, they like to play these games together. But our advice is that you should play this game when you are not around your lover. Because in some cases, it can affect your relationship!



First, we come to the game Catherine. You will start with the character Vincent (you control him). You will wake up in the virtual world, next to a gorgeous blonde girl named Catherine. However, the problem here is, that is not your girlfriend. Your character is tied by the beauty of the girl, and a date with love scenes will take place on the screen. And during the day, you will help Vincent hide his love. You have to make Catherine think that they are just friends. At night, you must find a way to help Vincent escape the dangerous enemies in the game. It was an evil bride, a monstrous giant, and a sexy butt.

The context of this game has many bad points, it will make your lover unhappy. Through cheating, you will find that you are not Vincent and his children are not yours. How would you explain to your lover if he or she knew that you were playing a game like this?

The game refers to lies, infidelity in love. Not stopping there, Catherine also has other interesting things (also bad things) that you don’t know. During the game, you will answer difficult questions: about sex, thoughts of a long-term relationship, about seriousness in love, about dates … And your answers, they should be kept secret. I think it won’t be good if your partner knows what you are thinking about these questions. Do not let them know that you support adultery! Please play this game when you are in a locked room. These questions should be a private interview, that’s good!

An interesting news for you: On September 3, 2019, the remaster version with new stories “Catherine: Full Body” will be available on the PlayStation 4. I believe you want to “check” this game!


Fable 2

Next, we have Fable 2, a game about adultery. In the Albion world of Fable 2, you can seduce anyone you want. You can go to their place and give them gifts. You can also send them letters and appoint them in their favorite areas. Are you having a relationship in this game? Don’t worry, you can still get more! Even if you are married in Fable 2, the game still forces you to have an affair with others. In every city of Albion, you should have a few lovers, with vague relationships. That’s what the game aims for!

If you have a serious relationship in real life, don’t play this game. Or if you like this game, never let your lover know that you are playing it. If you are single, I think this game is interesting, it helps you relieve stress. In Fable 2, you will be a charming character. However, there is an option that you have to make at the end of the game. In one scene, you will see your character torturing his or her partner. He or she beats the child and his or her dog. At this point, you have two choices. The first option helps you have a happy family. It brings life to your family. The second option helps you have a large amount of money, but your family will die.

Although you can save your dog, it will cost a lot of money! Whatever your decision is, don’t let your partner know!


Animal Crossing

If you have ever lived with your lover in a room or a house, you will have many problems with household chores. You will have to clean up the garbage, clean the house, wash dishes, wash clothes, do laundry, water plants, walk with dogs … Do you want to do those things when you have other intentions?

If you enjoy playing a video game instead of doing housework, keep this Animal Crossing game a secret! You won’t have to spend time doing housework because you can use technology to implement them. You just need to plan for your characters, and they will spit weeds in the garden, and do the things you want. However, if you are too lazy, I can understand why your partner is angry!



Each of us has metrics for their “dream lover”. Maybe the girls will like boys higher than 1 meter 9 with beard, blond hair, and lots of muscle. Or guys who will like girls with big butt, long black hair, and cute voices.

If you find that the things I mentioned above are interesting, and you have a model of your own, Panzermadels is the game you’re looking for. Panzermadels is a dating simulation game. In this game, you control a high school student. And your ultimate goal is to find love. However, there is a difference (perhaps interesting) in this game. The girls you aim for are tanks. Although they have the shape of high school girls, their humanity is World War II tanks. During the game, you will interact with M4 Sherman, an American tomboy. Or you will meet Panzer IV, German teen tank. Maybe you will date Anschlussing, Eastern European tanks like sweets and pop music. Remember their favorites, if you find them too HOT and you want to have a relationship with them!

We warn that Panzermadels is a dangerous game, in case you play it in front of your lover. In any aspect, a dating simulation game is too dangerous for a serious relationship in real life. Although the humanity of girls is tanks, they still have the body of a high school girl. Keep these tank girls in your closed loop. Do not let them affect your partner!


Super Seducer

There is a fact that I have to tell you, Super Seducer: How to Talk to Girls is not a quality game. In this game, you control Richard La Ruina, an artist. During the game, you realize that your character is ridiculous. Even Piers Morgan doesn’t like him! The exciting feature of the game is that you watch live-action videos to learn how to get points with hot and sexy girls!

Although the Super Seducer game has criticisms such as “trivial”, “disaster”, or “The Room of bad” … it still has interesting situations. You will answer multiple choice questions. They are not difficult and I think they are quite interesting. Do you think groping a strange girl is a bad thing? Your La Ruina will approach a girl, making sure she is his “prey”. La Ruina will find a way to get points from the girl. He can even say bad things about her boyfriend!

If you think that the main character of this game is a bad guy, he really is! Are you interested in the ways your artist performs? He is an expert in emotional manipulation, non-personality, and sexual harassment. If you have a serious relationship, be careful when playing this game. I bet your girlfriend will think you’re an idiot if she knows you like Super Seducer game. What if you control a character who wants to sleep with many girls? If you are happy with a girl and you still want to play Super Seducer, we can understand! But be careful when playing this game, okay?



Currently, because of family planning, women usually only give birth to one to two children. And if you love kids and your partner is, too, I advise you not to play Who’s Your Daddy ?! Imagine that you are playing this game near your partner and you will be the worst parent! I believe you don’t want your partner to see this!

Who’s Your Daddy? Allows you to play two people with player 1 as the father and player 2 controlling the baby. The player who controls the father will try to keep the baby safe while the other player will have to become a naughty child. There will be many interesting things in this game that a child can do. These things can happen in real life. You control the baby, swallow a battery, climb into the fireplace, insert the fork into the electrical outlet … or do anything that could affect the baby’s life. It sounds crazy, but you’re just playing a video game!

Although this game is fun, it is not for couples who like children. If your partner sees that you are controlling the baby and making him drink poison, it is a bad day for both of you. Besides, the game can bring negative views. You will be doubted about the ability to raise a child. Make sure you play this game in secret!



If you’ve ever seen a promotional video about Evony online game, you’ll see the opposite. The game is set in medieval times with huge buildings and impressive architecture. Besides, you will see a lot of boobs from beautiful female characters in the game. Is this the right thing?

For a long time, Evony Online was a phenomenon. The game is really famous for ads about sexy women. The porn stars are paid to wear lace lingerie and we can see their boobs clearly. Yeah, you’re right, this game is about prostitution! For those who do not know, this game has more than 27 million registrations after 2 years of release. This number proves the attraction of the game!

Although Kotaku has said that in Evony there really is no woman, all for the advertising work! But can that prevent you from joining this game? However, this whole game is about boobs, and you should hide it from the sight of your partner. Enjoy Evony when you are in a safe place. But if your partner also likes boobs like you, this is too great!

Next is Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

Dream Daddy

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is a game about fathers. In this game, you have many interesting characters, they are fathers with different personalities. You have Joseph, a baker, but he doesn’t like bread, and he is very cold. You have Brian, a father with a masculine beard. He is a good gardener and has great prizes. You have Robert, a father with a bad personality. Also, you have Craig with two beautiful daughters, including Hugo Vega – a sexy girl!

This game is really funny and funny, but it is not all you know. In this RPG game, you will have to find ways to talk about your sexy daughter. There will be interesting jobs like dating, sexual requests (although it is contrary to the pattern) … The characters in the game will surprise you with their needs, their desires, and these things will drive you crazy!

With a game that has sexy girls, I believe your partner will not like it! Try thinking if your lover likes Dream Daddies and they have a love in this game, how will you react? Make sure this game is one of your secrets!



This game is really good, if you want to create surprise for your partner. In love, sex is very important to have a long-term relationship. And Lick This game will help you improve your oral sex skills from the tongue. This game is good for your relationship, and good for both your health!

One of the games teaches you about oral sex techniques, which is Lick This. In the game, you have to practice your tongue through balancing a ball on the beach.

However, Lick This should only be played in a secret place. If your partner finds that you are playing this game, she may not hear your explanation. And you will return to the life of a single person. In some cases, if your partner cooperates, both will have great moments when playing this game. But I think you should play ‘Lick This’ in secret, and surprise her! That’s really cool!



‘Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars’ is on our list, but it really doesn’t have bad things. In this game, you will see girls, but you don’t sleep with them. All you do is hold the girls’ hands to exchange magic “ether”. You will classify the female students and take them to your army to fight, including Star Children.

However, with elements like dating simulator, cute girls who are under 16, sex scenes, … Conception II is not suitable if you play it near your lover. Although Conception II requires you to sleep with some classmates to win, it is part of the game. So, we listed this game as one of the most should not play games when your lover is near you!

If you are a fan of Persona and Etrian’s Odyssey, I believe you will like this game. Ignore dating elements, relationships … the game is really cool and interesting. Besides, the game has some questions for you. And I advise you not to answer them in front of your lover!


Cobra Club

On the internet, you can easily access everything. Sometimes, you encounter sensitive images of men and women. In fact, very few men feel comfortable sending their sensitive images to girls when they are far apart. However, there are bad guys who are always ready to take their sensitive photos and send them to girls between the ages of 18 and 36. This is really bad, because it is sexual harassment.

Based on real-life situations, we have Cobra Club game from developer Robert Yang. For those who don’t know, Robert Yang is famous for gay games, typically Stick Shift and Climb Me Plenty. In the Cobra Club, you have a mobile phone that can take pictures. You appear in a bathroom with a big mirror. You are a man and you will take pictures of your genitals. The game provides a tool for you to adjust the size of your genitals. After a while, your mother will knock on the bathroom door and ask what you are doing!

Although Yang has descriptions to justify the game, it is really a crazy game. Because of the dirty behavior of the game, we recommend that you do not play it around your lover!



Set in medieval times, but Crusader Kings II is not a tactical game. It does not have elements like war, strategy, or world domination. The game is about maintaining the race of a king. You will do everything to have a child. Your job in this game is to choose a person to help you have a baby, a person who will be pregnant for you. However, the game is complicated by data about the abilities that the characters possess. It is not about humanity or love!

But that’s not all! During the Crusader Kings II gameplay, you face the dark conspiracy. Bad guys are always watching you. They are always looking for ways to rob your child. They link with foreign forces to overthrow your throne. And they will assassinate your partner. And if they succeed, you must find a new partner!

This game has brutal scenes. And it’s not for gamers who are aiming for a happy family. In short, you should not play Crusader Kings II near your lover. They will have a bad look on you. Even your relationship will become much worse because of this game!


Brothers Conflict

Entering the world of Brothers Conflict, you will see lovely Japanese boys. Your task is to make choices to choose the last guy who loves you. The boys have many different careers like doctors, engineers, lawyers, hairdressers, even sports stars or a high school student … But is this a simple dating simulation video game?

Brothers Conflict brings you 12 handsome guys, divided into two parts: Passion Pink and Brilliant Blue. Note that they are all brothers, and they all love you! Conflicts occur when Ema Hinata’s father gets married once more, and she has more step-brothers. From here, you start dating your step-brothers!

In Japan, it is easy to see films about family relationships above normal levels. It is pornographic films, and it’s not right with traditional culture. Actually I think no one likes their lover playing this game. So make sure you’re alone when you play Brothers Conflict, to try the feelings you’ve never experienced!


Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015

In the game Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015, you will see a nude man under a shower. And this is really dangerous if someone sees you playing this game. The game was inspired by the Atari 2600 game but the game’s graphics were better than the Atari 2600.

In this game, you control the kids. Your task is to combine them with the right father to overcome the tasks that the game requires. The gameplay is quite strange. You teach children in a steamy room. If you make a mistake, you can lose a child. If you have the right combinations, that’s great. But if you make the wrong decisions, that’s a bad thing!

Can’t say anything more! I think you need to play this game alone. You need tranquility and a private space to play Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015!


the Crown

Tinder co-founder Sean Rad has said that dating apps are inspired by video games. For Sean Rad, Tinder has the interface of a game (interview on Time). One of the games that inspired the Tinder development team is the strategy game Reigns. He added that user actions on Tinder will bring interesting things.

This is also why Tinder’s parent company, Match Group, developed the Crown video game. In this game, you have 16 suitors. Every day, you must “fight” in the matchmaking field. If you choose a person, you will give him a crown at the pool. People you don’t choose, they will have to leave. When you play to Final Four, the message feature will be turned on.

However, if you are in a relationship, you should not let your lover know that you are also playing Crown. Because when you have a relationship, why are you looking for other relationships? If your lover allows you to play this game, you should also check his or her attitude. Any mistake will lead to a break!



We come to a game about spanking. The Boong-Ga Boong-Ga is a Japanese game. It has a special meaning for children. When playing Boong-Ga Boong-Ga, the children will fire at people with guns, and they will shout out “Kancho!”. But the game Boong-Ga Boong-Ga is different. In this video game, you will torture one of the eight characters the game provides. Needless to say, these victims are forced, they really don’t like the feeling of being abused!

With some characters, the game is entertaining. And it is completely harmless to the relationship you have. However, for some special characters, typically a man who tortures a child, everything will be different. I am sure it is a bad thing and your partner will not like this action. It is best to play this game alone to ensure that everything is under your control!



We will talk about the Shelter video game, where you will guide a child and help him grow to adulthood! In this game, you appear in a wild place with a baby. Everything around you can kill you and your child. Death can come from hunger, dangerous animals, forest fires … You must find ways to cross huge ice rivers, you must hunt animals for meat, and you must fight the enemy to survive…

Shelter has two parts: Shelter and Shelter 2, but all talk about protecting children, and you may have to witness their deaths. If you haven’t played this game before, I think you should play Shelter first. Because in the Shelter 2 world, there are many heartbreaking scenes. The game helps you experience parenting skills. It helps you become good parents for your children. You will have valuable lessons after failures. Luckily, this is a game, and you can click the “Play Again” button!


Emily is Away Too

Emily is Away Too is an interactive game based on conversations of ‘AOL Instant Messenger’. When playing this game, you will feel like you are chatting with teenagers through a screen with a retro interface. Among online friends, you will have Evelyn and Emily, two high school girls. Although this is just a game and the characters are fictional, its interface will make others think you are having conversations with a real person!

Emily is Away Too gives you romantic conversations. But in some cases, you have to give up girls in panic. After talking about music, cinema, food … you will see the whole game is all about fake and deceptive. If at the first conversation, you talk about a sexual harassment, then in the next conversation, you will be an idiot. And if your lover knows you are playing a game like this, she or he will not be satisfied!



Wel, we have a special game about Mario. Did you know that Mario doesn’t like love? He rescues Princess Peach to hide the plan to ruin the wedding of Bowser and Peach. However, in New Super Mario Bros, Mario has changed. We do not have much information for this issue. But we know a secret: at least one relationship is not destroyed by a round (Mario Kart) as well as some well-timed blue shells!

But here we don’t talk about those good games, we talk about Mario Party. If you think that Mario Party is a fun chess game with exciting elements like fast-paced and lucky, you’re wrong! In the minigames and dice, there are unexpected gifts with unequal challenges. Mario Party has random elements, but you can steal the reward stars of other players. This will cause discomfort, especially when you play Mario Party with your partner!

If you have a free weekend, and you want to play Mario Party with your lover, that’s good! But promise me that you won’t cry if you have to sleep all night in the living room!


How Do You Do It

In love, it is said that sex is required. But there are some people who are very embarrassed in bed with their partners. And if you think ‘How Do You Do’ video game of developers Nina Freeman can help you, you’ve been tricked. The game even brings trouble to you!

In the game How Do You Do It, we don’t talk about education. This game satirizes fun ways of sex between girls and boys. It also talks a bit about sex education. At the beginning of the game, you will see a teenage girl watching a HOT scene in Titanic. After that, our girl will see two Barbie and Ken dolls. From this point on, the game starts with interesting forms of intercourse. And when your mother appears to scold you, the game will end. However, I’m sure you’ve got some interesting lessons!

Everything in the game is good, except that it has a very ungainly ending. Play this game in your own room, when you’re alone at home!


Fibbage XL

Trust is the core element of a long-term relationship. And for someone who is good at lying, do you trust him or her? That’s right, we have Fibbage XL, a video game that talks about lies. If you’re not good at this field, don’t worry, Fibbage XL will teach you!

If you’ve ever experienced video games like Dictionary or Balderdash, you’ll find that Fibbage XL is quite familiar. In fact, their gameplay is quite similar. When the game starts, each player will be given an English sentence with some missing words. With the phones on hand, players fill in the blanks to create the most meaningful and convincing sentences. In the next step, all players will see the game’s (real) answer and your alternate answer. Their mission is to find the right answer. While your mission is to lie to them to bring them to a wrong result. Because if your opponents guess correctly, they will get points!

If you have a group of four or more people, this game is really fun (even if you’re not good at lying). However, after that, everyone will realize your lie ability. If your partner thinks you are good at lying, will he or she continue to trust you? Be careful!


Cesarean Birth Surgery

We will talk quickly about this game. Its story is about love between a guy and a girl. After romantic dating, the girl is pregnant. And the boy will perform a surgery to take the baby out!

If in real life, birth surgery is a complicated job, in this game, you will find it simple and fun. Cesarean Birth Surgery allows you to perform actions on the pregnant woman’s body. Although the purpose of this game is good, you’ll find a way to get your baby out, but its graphics are really worth considering!

You will perform an operation on the body of Elsa from Frozen, this is not suitable! Even the game has some horrifying scenes. If you like this genre, play Surgeon Simulator, Trauma Center or Two-Point Hospital games. Don’t play Cesarean Birth Surgery when you’re near your lover!






















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