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The hiding truth that people don’t know about Jordyn Woods

The hiding truth that people don’t know about Jordyn Woods

The hiding truth about Jordyn Woods

People said that Jordyn Woods got makeup mogul’s hip in December 2013. But woods’ BFF, Kylie Jenner’s Instagram account is full with photos of the model and designer. Indeed, these two girls have such a great friendship, ss they also traveled the world together. To us, their bond seems to so strong and no distance between them. In June 2018, Jenners and Woods informed that they already became a roommate. And hopefully, it could help to make it easier to film their reality series, Life of Kylie. Besides, no one can forget the woods’ connection to Jenner’s daughter, Storm Webster. From the first days of little Stormi, Woods was there for her. And she often photographed with Jenner’s little girl.

Woods’ BFF reputation hit a major dive when she had a relationship with Khloé Kardashian. In February 2019, Kardashian’s man got the accusing of cozying up to Woods at a house party. Have what to say now? We’re about to die here!

No need to say nothing, it really makes fans curious and wonders what allegedly happened. As for years, people considered Woods as Jenner’s sidekick. And her story truly didn’t stop like that. Are you ready to get deeper into the drama? Here’s the story that we believe you have no idea about Jordyn Woods.

So what did Thompson really face with

Jordyn Woods' alleged hookup with Tristan Thompson

It is quite a gloomy story about Jordyn Woods being with Tristan Thompson. Then how about we speed up and make it easier for you. It was on Feb. 17, 2019, Thompson was the host of a late-night house party. And of course, Woods was allegedly a guest of the party and she showed up there. According to their witness, Thompson and Woods stuck to each other all night. And everyone knew there was something more just friendship. “They were holding hands all night”. For Woods’ priority, people had to hang over their phones for security reasons. Later in the evening, when some guests required to have their phones back, they might gotta leave because Woods will not leave soon.” Actually, Woods only left the party until the next early morning.

Thompson posted on tweeter and deleted: “FAKE NEWS”. Is it for Khloé Kardashian or someone else? Getting the information from Us Weekly, Kardashian had got involved in the story. “Khloé admitted that he confronted Tristan”.

The alleged betrayal hurts badly

Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson

What is especially worse than Woods and Tristan’s relationship turned out to be a betrayal to Kardashian? Woods and Kardashian knew each other well before the incident. The reality star tweeted a message on Woods’ Instagram account. One day after that, the bad news broke out.

Actually, fans know that Kardashian and Woods were the friends for a long time. But some might surprise to find out that Jenner’s friend knew Thompson before. Let take it seriously! Kardashian and Thompson both presented at Woods’ 21st birthday party in September 2018. To other guests’ saying, their behavior was as cute as a lovely couple at that shindig.

Woods also spoke about this relationship once on Us Weekly. “In my view, they are having a good time. I got the feeling that they are like 2 chemistry. And I have to admit that they work out together well.” If the rumor about the cheating is not a rumor then Woods really take it into consideration about friendship.

Industry connects to the jump

Jordyn Woods and Elizabeth Woods (her mom)

Many fans got the idea that Jordyn Woods came to Hollywood after being friend with Kylie Jenner. But it was not the truth. Elizabeth and John Woods is Woods parent. And they’ve worked in the entertainment industry for years. Before her father passed away in January 2017, he used to work as a television sound engineer. That time, Elizabeth became an owner of a media group since 2013.

The Woods family is still a mystery remained to people. But people knew that they had moved to the luxurious Calabasas when Woods reached 13. As living and playing in the same neighborhood as Jenner, the Woods decided to live in Oak Park. They chose to stay there thought the living index is 27 % higher than the California average. Or we can say, it seemed to be that not just Jenner coming from a rich and powerful family in media social.

Woods’ dad’s death had affected Jenner a lot

Jordyn Woods and her dad

The pity came Woods’ house, John Woods died in January 2017 after he fought cancer till the end. “Last night, god and haven welcomed another angel”. Woods posted on Instagram after father’s death. “He only knew that he got cancer just 2 weeks ago. 2 weeks is not enough to do anything now. I am thankful for his and my friends’ support as well as kind words. It came too fast that I don’t know what to express after all.” Our hearts felt the sorrow Jordyn and her family. We can only keep our hope that they would get over it soon enough.

Kylie Jenner also mentioned events during September 2017. “When I saw how it cut my friend’s soul at the time she had no father on earth. At the time, I for the first time have witnessed the hurt of losing someone. I love my parent more than I used to.” she added. “It made me know that nothing lasts forever. When it comes, it comes. And the only thing we can do is love the people that we love. Tell them how you love them and how important they are. Of course, tell them while you still have a chance.” It sounds like Woods’ sorrow also helped to open her eyes about love.

Medical bills are not kidding

Jordyn Woods and Medical bills

If you take a look at Jordyn Woods’ Instagram account, it is full of pictures of outfits and nights out. To the California native’s enviable social, it is likely to think that she got a lot of money. But don’t come to your final conclusion yet. You should see how Woods’ family did open a GoFundMe page. They used to call for help after her father’s death. as they didn’t have enough money to pay for his medical bills. Hard to believe but it’s the truth.

“As we started that fun rasing for John’s services, we still had no idea what we gonna do with his medical expenses.” Elizabeth Woods wrote this on the page. “We couldn’t know how to express our thanks to our friends and people that gave us support, love. In this difficult time to us but it means a lot. Thank you for your join and the money will help us deal with the costs and expenses.”

Until Feb. 20, 2019, the fundraiser reached $18,254 out of $50,000 goal. Kylie Jenner also contributed $10,000 to this fun, via Us Weekly.

The truth behind her weight loss

Jordyn Woods with sexy body

People used to call Jordyn Woods as “curvy” model. “I got the feeling like when you choose people and put them into a group. Definitely, it will make the aloneness and segregation inside them. How many models doesn’t matter, instead I think we should have categories.”

Although people gave her criticism for her leaner physique, it is so much more behind a diet or a dress size. When she got this, she focused on going to the gym after her father’s death in January 2017. “I never thought that I will ever choose to take a healthier lifestyle. But when many things happened to me, I came to this trainer and started to workout. And to me, it was my therapy.” She answered Teen Vogue. “That was how I chose to face with the things that were going on.” if Woods can be happy and healthy, what is more, important than that?

How did Woods and Jenner know each other?

Jordyn Woods

Although Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner seem to have been friends forever, they actually got to know each other thanks to a famous pal. And it was Jenner’s ex-boyfriend, Jaden Smith. Jenner shared the cute backstory in July 2018. “She’s known Jaden many years before. And I knew him from middle school. They were best friends as they always are.”

Woods could hide this sentiment during an interview. It was in September 2016 with Women’s Wear Daily. “Some of the friends I’ve known since I was an infant. And some I knew when I was a teenager. But to me they are everything.” Woods used to call Jaden’s dad.” She posted an old photo on Instagram in September 2014. “Happy birthday to a man affected my life the most.  I love you much uncle willy.”

Whether she is truly a body-positive or not?

Jordyn Woods image

It was early on in Jordyn Woods’ friendship with Kylie Jenner. She seemed to be a leader in the body-positivity movement. “When you passed the size-8, you now consider the plus-size”. She answered The Cut in July 2016. “Everyone has their owns body shapes, heights. What a pity as sometimes a curvy girl thinks: ‘I’m a model’. And people will give her a bad look. Then she finishes saying: ‘a plus-size model’. That’s how people work, you know? Hopefully, we can change our thought about plus-size. And we can make a better definition of what a model is.

However, Woods took some flak in March 2018. It was when she used a weight loss drink called Boombox. “what a pity for that. You became famous for being curvy, a role model. And to many people, you are an example to be beautiful without using the unrealistic body.”

We can get it why this promotion might confuse fans. But you should know that you can lose weight and be a positive person. Woods said this while having a talk to The Cut. “I can’t forget when I posted a picture of me in the gym. And people came to its something like. ‘Don’t go to the gym if you are confident about your body’.  “If you love your body then you should not go to the gym at all.”

Then what is love life?

Lovely moment of Jordyn Woods

It doesn’t like Jordyn Woods’ famous pal, Kylie Jenner. Her love life has never become the main topic. Frankly, the only person we can figure out Woods is NBA star, Devin Booker. Devin had dinner with her in May 2018. Booker and Woods used to have some double-dates with Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons. We have this information from TMZ. Woods and Booker seem to be never serious about this. However, I make us think whether they’re just friends.

Of course, no one can know for sure why we haven’t heard about Woods’ love life. The designer seemed to keep her relationships undercover. And she might be too busy to think about it. Being Jenner’s BFF turns out to be a job for real, it couldn’t prevent us from concerning Khloé and Tristan as nuttier.

Creativity exists in the family

Jordyn Woods and her family

In 2018, Jordyn Woods started the active wear line, Secndnture, by her own. This is evidence of her creative and entrepreneurial side. But her family has more people that like “an artistic spark”. One of her brothers works as a photographer and model. And another brother has an account JWoodzART on Instagram. He is a professional tattoo artist for sure. What about Woods’ little sister? She turns out to be a talented fashionista in training. And she often posts photos of her latest styles online.

If they won’t do their careers more seriously, they should know who they should come to have advice. After a few skills from Kylie, Jordyn now wants to become a full-fledged businesswoman. “I learned from my friend a lot of things. Like how I can do to become an entrepreneur. I always had that idea within me but I didn’t know what to do. As my parents are businessmen but her advice is unmatchable. I had to say that she like an inspiration to me.”

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