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What do you know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

What do you know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Marvel Cinematic Universe

As you can see, the Marvel Cinematic Universe became a phenomenon among people. Its success began with Iron Man around 10 years ago. Then its fame began expanding to the Television series like Agent of SHIELD. And you still haven’t seen any sights that its heat will go down. Let’s check their story from making Fantastic 4 to the Iron Man by Robert Downey Jr. What do you really know about the MCU?

Do you know Blade the vampire hunter?


In the Marvel comic universe, there are many heroes who have unique skills. Therefore, no matter how many the MCU made for its characters, it will now be enough. We have seen on screen a bunch of weird characters like a talking raccoon or an alien tree. However, the MCU will have to spend many years to exploit more characters. They are also the famous heroes to Marvel fans which will make a big hit on screen. Though the MCU didn’t make any movie about them, they also had scripts for these characters. The MCU continuously gains many successes with its movies. But it has still worked on some scripts for the future.

Of course, they have their own reasons to do so. Some of them were to make a perfect plan for the movie they wanted to do. As you can see, every movie in MCU worked like a gear in a bigger machine. One movie would be a foundation for another. Its recent movie was Captain Marvel which had a script making in a while before they released it. And there is another movie took a long time to prepare its script. And we are expecting to see Wesley Snipes once again as a vampire hunter.

A few years ago, a superhero as a vampire hunter seemed to not be able to catch the trend. But we all observed the success of Ghost Rider or Doctor Strange on screen. A hero relating to magic and nonhuman species gains the love from the audiences.

Guardians have more than one writer

Curse of the Black Pearl.

We can’t skip the Guardians of the Galaxy’s case. One thing we want to share you is that a movie doesn’t have to have only one scriptwriter. It is not how a movie studio works. When the studio came up with an idea, it will hire a writer to make the script. However, the writer barely meets the need of the studio. And when something goes wrong, a new writer should take the job. The new writer will look over the script for times and analyzes it. He has to find out what will not work out and replace it with a new one. Of course, this process can take many times to do by many scriptwriters. An example of this was Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.

Disney had to hire many writers to finally give us its masterpiece. And let’s have a look at a Marvel movie. The Avengers shared the same story as it had 2 waiters taking care of its script. However, there were not so much different from each other in the Guardians’ case. As a writer, Nicole Perlman contributed to creating the script for the Guardians. Then the MCU decided to hire James Gunn to film it. After they got the film greenlit, James came up with the idea to make a new script. And you know how crazy it was as it was so weird. Of course, the new one had nothing to do with the old one. It was a completely new story then. Besides, Nicole Perlman had a big contribution to convincing the studio to make it real.

One of the first movies that MCU developed was Ant-Man

Shaun of the Dead

Even though, we only saw Ant-man on the big screen in a couple of years ago. Apparently, it was a later MCU movie but people thought it placed an important part in the MCU. In fact, MCU carried out Ant-Man in its phase 1 even before Iron Man. It was 2 years after people knew about Iron Man then Ant-man actually came into its making process. Edgar Wright was responsible for making Ant-man. He was famous for being a director and co-writer of Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead.

From the beginning, Ant-man aimed to be a huge, comedic heist movie but things happened. Some script setbacks appeared and they really messed everything up. Because the MCU had such a good story, Ant-man had to adapt to it. Which made the studio decide to rewrite the script to fit with the incidents in MCU. Fitting to the meticulously plotted out film was something that came in the first line. As a result, Edgar Wright made up his mind to leave and Peyton Reed took his place. Actually, Peyton Reed has done such a great job with Ant-man.

Hence, let’s step back and give it a moment to think about this. What if they decided to choose Ant-man instead of Iron Man to trigger the MCU? We all admit that Iron Man was a great boost for the whole MCU. This theory also makes sense as Ant-man is also a big character in comics. He was one of the foundation members of the Avengers. If this happens, what will happen to Ant-man in the next phase of MCU? And the biggest question is whether it can make it like Iron Man. Seriously, it is hard to answer but MCU is great till now.

Batman Begins was the inspiration for the MCU

Wonder Woman

The point is that what Batman Begins did to DC movies. When this movie came to the cinema, it brought along the dark and brooding color. After all, it was such a good movie. But the MCU saw an opportunity in this as they started to make movies with lighter and cheerier color. This move was a brilliant one that helped the MCU gained its position today. Nowadays, people admit that Marvel’s movies fit with the need of the audiences more than DC’s. The proof is that DC is eventually changing its style. You can see Wonder Woman and Aqua Man as examples. DC has to develop to able to compete with Marvel’s products.

The competition between DC and Marvel is not a strange thing to people. Actually, there were scandals about these companies stealing the ideas from each other. Though Iron Man’s inspiration was Batman Begins, it wasn’t a big deal. The director of Iron Man was Jon Favreau. This was the man that suggested the movie have Nick Fury as a cameo. And this was also the man contributed to creating the masterpiece Avengers. However, Jon Favreau was free to share that his intention was making a movie as Christopher did. But Bruce Wayne doesn’t drink wine like the way Tony Stark does.

Many comic writers used to contribute to the movies


The superheroes before had a different color in them. You can easily see how superheroes changed in recent years. Batman Begins, Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer was the typical examples for the old style. Moreover, we still didn’t see a difference in Spider-Man 2 and 3.

And the problem that the MCU later discovered was the content of the movies. When an audience came to the cinema to watch a new superhero movie, he wouldn’t want it to change much from the comics. Obviously, the comics were the reasons that made people love that superhero. What if you destroyed the images of their beloved characters? Clearly being different too much to the comics was the problem. Then the MCU decided to make a change. To do that, they needed help from the Marvel Cinematic Universe Braintrust. In fact, it was a group of writers that created Marvel comics. Their jobs were consulting and contributing to MCU’s movies. Brian Michael Bendis was one of these writers. And he also the one writing Fury’s script for his cameo in Iron Man. Having the supports from Marvel writers, MCU got a strong base to grow strongly and steadily.

However, when success came so easily, it will be boring soon enough. For some reasons, the MCU claimed to stop using the MCU Braintrust. It was before MCU came to its most important phase which becoming as a threat. You shouldn’t be shocked if MCU’s movies become weird in the future.

X-men in 2000 was the start of the head of MCU

Kevin Feige

Kevin Feige is the man that is responsible for making MCU’s movies. You can say that this man is the big man behind the screen. And he is a big nerd as well. Kevin Feige seems to obsess with films as he has Back to the Future Part II posters in his walls. He used to make an X-Men movie before. Then he started to go up in his career with his knowledge about films. Besides, the encyclopedic knowledge of all things film gave him a chance to work with Marvel’s movies. In nearly 10 years, he switched from making X-men to creating the MCU.

The first Marvel cameo was Nick Fury

Nick Fury

At the end of Iron Man, Nick Fury came to Iron man and talked about Avenger project. But it was not the first time 2 superheroes met on screen. Before that, we had Spider-Man and X-Men series. This series was a famous one to the audiences. And they meant to let Spider-Man and Wolverine meet each other. In comics, they are also good partners in battle. However, the Wolverine cameo didn’t come truth totally. In this smaller version of MCU, they canceled this idea. Because they could not find the Wolverine custom! If things were good enough, we would have been able to see Spidey and Wolvie team-up for the first time on screen.

The cameo scene of Nick Fury was the second thought

Samuel L Jackson

In fact, they didn’t intend to have Nick Fury as a cameo at all. In the beginning, this idea never appeared or the MCU cared about it. When the movie seemed to nearly finish its filming, the director came up with the idea. He thought it would be cool if he could do something cute for fans. And he saw The Ultimates which was a new comic series at that time. As a result, he decided to have Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury and gave him a cameo in Iron Man.

Favreau and Kevin Feige believed it would blow the audiences’ mind with this. Having a crossing over like this seemed to be a good idea to them.

They didn’t have the script for Iron Man 

Iron Man 2

Iron Man was an important film as it was the start for the MCU. But they didn’t make its script at first. Jeff Bridges even consider it as a 200 million student film. When they filmed the movie, they came up with the script later. They acted and made scripts for the character. They tried to think like a real Tony Stark. And that was how MCU appeared. Many trials and error came in the way. And the filming crew only had about 10 minutes before they started filming. A rough outline, a looming deadline, and a group of actors were the perfect ingredients to make it. Who knows that the MCU can be this successful? Maybe Marvel didn’t believe in this movie’s potential.

Joss Whedon created Thanos


After Iron Man made a great hit on screen! Marvel must have come up with a plan for its future. In the beginning, people thought Jon Favreau would be the director of the Avengers. But something changed after that. Joss Whedon took the responsibility and he brought up Thanos, the mad Titan. But now Joss Whedon gets out of the MCU now which leaves a vacancy. That was the reason why they needed another way to connect the Avengers and Guardians. Then Doctor Strange came as a solution with his magic which could bend every physics theory.

Jon Favreau’s contribution to making the MCU and the entire movie mocked its formula

Jon Favreau’s

When Jon Favreau decided to leave the MCU for some reasons, he continued his work and made another movie. His new movie had a name as Chef. It was a movie about the life of a chef and how he managed to be successful. But Jon Favreau played this character by himself and here is the story of that movie. A talented chef who worked in a restaurant wanted to do something else. Something is more creative and interesting. Of course, his boss didn’t share the same idea as it was his restaurant after all. Being unable to do anything as his boss tamed him, he decided to leave. The chef left to make his own business. But it was just a small and cheap food truck.

You can find many commons in this movie to his real life when he was in the Marvel studio. He did come up with many cool and thrilling ideas for Iron Man 2. But his bosses didn’t share the same opinion so they put his ideas down. He couldn’t do that so he decided to leave instead of making a product that he hated. We can see that the old style didn’t work out with Iron Man 2. Jon Favreau responded to his bosses in Marvel with his success in Chef. No matter how he feels about it, we all expect that he will come back some days in the future. We are all waiting for you, Jon Favreau.

Too many heads in the MCU. And the reason why Jessica Jones hasn’t teamed up with the Avengers!

Jessica Jones

One thing for sure is that Marvel would try to everything to control the MCU. After all, MCU was a son of Marvel. And they thought to another opportunity with television series. We all admit that on the silver screen, Marvel achieved many milestones. Therefore, they turned their interest to TV series such as Agent of SHIELD.

In fact, the storyline in TV series also tried to make sense with the incidents in MCU. Of course, they would not risk creating another universe. But between the series didn’t seem to have any links between. For example, you can see Jessica Jones of Netflix and Agent of SHIELD of ABC Studios. These series had completely different stories line. According to them, we barely see the crossover between them. Because they have their own bosses and barely interact with each other indeed.

From the success in Marvel movies, they started to expand the fame. A bunch of shows eventually came to appear following the success of movies. The MCU from the beginning didn’t plan to expand its scale to this big. The only thing you can figure out from this article is how the MCU works. As you can see, the MCU’s movies were all arts. They also had plans for it but always changed and made it adapt to the new trend. Maybe they are trying to tell us the secret to make masterpieces. “Don’t make plans as doing it”


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