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The mistakes that made the classic movie scenes

The mistakes that made the classic movie scenes

The mistakes that made the classic movie scenes

Making a movie is a complex process requiring a high awareness of carefulness. As people say, it represents the power and efficiency of micromanagement. From the big blockbuster to the TV shows, the producers all have to consider and make a detailed plan. They can come from a big reputation like 20th century Fox or small new film producer. There are some sorts of basic things to make a movie. They have to scout the locations for filming. They also care about the weather and the landscape. The actors have to know when to be on set with lines memorized. Besides, cinematographers have to be responsible for capturing the needed shots. In the end, the movie process will carry out according to the schedule and on budget. As you can see, making a movie is not easy and there is no room for mistake.

However, the plan is just the plan as many things will occur on the filming set. In every movie’s making process, accidents happen and people can’t foresee all of them. Most of the mistakes will lead to major problems and consequences. For example, scripts have some problem or equipment come into error. And when something gets out of control, the director will stop the filming to fix it. Whatever it takes, a suitable solution must come to fix it and let the filming continue.

However, there are some exceptions to this issue. Because acting as well as filming is a kind of art. And masterpiece is something that can come at the moment we never can expect. Sometimes, accidents are what people love the most and make special moments. In the history of Hollywood, we have seen a bunch of accidents that make classic movie scenes. And here is the list of behind-the-scenes mistakes making famous scenes.

Let’s use the feedback, Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker

The movie Star Wars has defined its place in the heart of fans all over the world. From the beginning, this movie did create a bigger space for the audiences. People started finding that this new universe was so much attractive. The adventures that Star Wars brought to us were invaluable. The sound designer of this movie is Ben Burtt. The sound design places an important role in the success of the movie. On an interview with FilmSound, Ben had shared his work on the Star Wars Trilogy. The sound of Star Wars was amazing. It was from the sound of Darth Vader to Chewbacca’s growls. And the most interesting sound was the unique “”whoosh” of lightsabers. For years, we have been wondering how they could create the sound. Ben Burtt shared this on the Star Wars Trilogy: The Definitive Collection box.

Ben Burtt started with the concept art of Ralph McQuarrie. He started to imagine how the lightsaber would sound. However, it was hard work since it was like finding a needle under the ocean. The world that we are living contains countless sounds. Ben’s job is finding and mixing these sounds to make a suitable one for the movie. Ben came to hum of a movie projector as it was what came across his mind. However, the sound of the projector was not enough. He knew that there was something missing in this sound. It didn’t have the “buzzy sort of sparkling sound” he imagined in his head.

For days working on this, he wasn’t able to find the right piece. One day, he was taking a microphone to the studio room. For some reason, the micro got a transmission from the television. Right at that moment, he knew that he had found the missing piece for his work. He immediately recorded that sound and came to the studio room. He mixed and combined this sound with the hum of a projector. Then we have the basic sound of the lightsaber that we all love. If this accident hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t have heard the sound lightsaber.

Why don’t we think inside the box?

Why don’t we think inside the box?

This time, we will come to the movie named Se7en. This is a combination of action and horror movie as it is about a murderer. The maniac in this movie is John Doe played by actor Kevin Spacey. This crazy man chose and killed his victims according to the seven deathly sins in the Bible. According to the Bible and legend, there are seven devil princes’ presents for seven sins. They are lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, pride, envy, and wrath. And John Doe thinks that he should carry out justice and punish these sins. Chasing after his crime is detectives Mills and Somerset.

Brad Pitt appeared in this movie as Mills and Morgan Freeman played as Somerset. The climax of the movie came when John aimed his target to Mills and his family. John Doe claimed that Mills was the sin of wrath and John punished him with a gunshot. Mills’ wife, however, was the sin of envy. It was creepy as it sounded when John sent Mills his wife’s head in a box. What a sick the character John Doe is?

In fact, the script of this movie started appearing for many years before they filmed it. And many writers had come to it and fixed it a hundred times. The original writer of this movie was Andrew Kevin Walker. Se7en floated around Hollywood before it came to the New Line Cinema. The director David Fincher later was responsible for filming it. Fincher shared that he read it till the end with the head in the box. Fincher also came and talked to Walker about his work. He told Walker how he loved reading this script. He appreciated Walker in the way he built this character, John Doe. Creating a serial killer who was smart enough to escape the police was amazing. The killer that sneaked in the back window while a female victim drew a bath.

Walker revealed that Fincher had mistakenly read the first draft of Se7en. He intended sending the most recent version of it. And if Fincher read this version instead, he would never make this. Because there were many clichés in the latest script. Thanks to this mistake, Fincher came to the New Line and started filming the movie. No one seemed to be able to stop him from doing that.

Three Men and a Baby having a ghost

Coming in 1987, Three Men and a Baby became a hit in the movie industry at that time. However, there are still many people liking this classic movie. It seems that this movie hasn’t aged all that well. The idea of three bachelors got into trouble with caring for a baby is not still funny. Because there are more dads join in child-rearing which allows them to understand how hard it is. In this movie, one scene truly makes this movie become an urban legend.

There is a rumor about a ghost in the house that they used to film the movie. People claim that it is the spirit of a child or teenager. And in a scene, we can see it was peeking from behind a curtain. If you don’t believe, play the movie and move to 0:43 in the embedded video. It is easy to spot a boy standing from a distance and looking at the actors. An actor in the movie, Ted Danson shared about this issue. This was a professional cardboard cutout of him.

The audiences also can look back to the previous scene to check out that standee. That was the standee placing behind a curtain. Accidentally, they also captured that standee in the next scene. And that is the explanation for the teen ghost people have talking about. Another reason was that there couldn’t be any boy dying in that house. Because there was no house back then as they shot the movie on a sound stage.

A perfect catchphrase is all that you are going to need to make a legend

As we can see Jaws has become one of the classic movies about the shark. The idea of exploring the dangerous fish in the ocean caught the interest of people at that time. However, the movie seemed to show the wrong information about this creature. In fact, this movie affected a lot to the perception of people about the shark. Yet this was still a blockbuster. Filming this movie also contained many dangers for the filming crew. Taking lights, camera and craft services were the first obstacles they faced. The screenwriter Carl Gottlieb had to spend around 4 months to rewrite the script.

When they started filming the Jaws, he had an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. According to Carl Gottlieb, producers Richard Zanuck and David Brown were too stingy. Instead of thinking of having 2 boats, they should have brought a bigger boat. His actual saying was “you’re gonna need a bigger boat”.

Carl Gottlieb explained that the line became a catchphrase when something went wrong. For example, the lunch was late or the camera came into error. Star Roy Schneider seemed to love to say this line. And this saying was the best when he saw the terrifying titular shark up close and personal. That time he knew that he truly needed a bigger boat.

The famous line in Chinatown that made it becomes one of the greatest movies

Appearing in 1974, the movie Chinatown was a product of the director Roman Polanski. Getting inspiration from the California water war. Then this movie became one of the greatest movies all the time. Having in this movie, we can see the stylish cinematography and the 1930s cars and costumes. Moreover, the acting skills of the actors were beyond the former expectation. However, the most twist that made people couldn’t forget this movie was its end. The end of Chinatown can be one of a few movies having jaw-dropping final line. It is when the police Jake Gittes by Jack Nicholson appears with Noah Cross by John Mantell. Noah Cross is the murderer in Chinatown and Jake is the cop following this case.

But in the end, Jake can’t do anything but seeing Noah walk away. At that moment, another detective, as well as Jake’s partner, says this famous line.” Forget it, Jake, It’s Chinatown”. This line truly made a huge impression on the audiences. And it seemed to be a big message of this Roman Polanski film. The saying exposed the ugly fact of life which has existed in our society from the beginning. High-status people don’t need to answer for their crime. However, it was nothing but an accident as this line didn’t appear in the script. According to its screenwriter, Robert Towne there was no such thing like that line in the script. Actually, he intended a happy ending for the movie. To this, Evelyn Cross Mulwray will be able to kill her father Cross and the father of her daughter.

However, the director Roman Polanski seemed to have another idea about this. He wanted to see the bad guys win this battle. After all, a happy ending has been a lie for a century. Because life is hard and has nothing like a fairy tale. Polanski intended to let Evelyn dies and Cross will make his way with Katherine. In a night, Polaski came up with the idea for the new concluding lines for the movie. He jotted down in a note and gave it to the actors. He also asked the actors to make the saying in their style. As he wanted to make it as natural as possible. In the end, the actors figured out the ways to fashion it. Amazingly it worked and the result was far from the expectation. Later, Towne admitted that Polanski’s decision was right.

Do you know how to create an awkward silence for ages?

Do you know how to create an awkward silence for ages?

The Graduate appeared on screen in 1967. It was a romantic-comedy drama film. The ending of this movie was gold actually to make a big impression. And there were many cartoons and shows imitated the ending of this 1967 film. We can name some of them like The Simpsons, Family Guy, UHF, and Wayne’s World. This is how The Graduate ended. The main character of the movie Benjamin played by Dustin Hoffman came to his love’s wedding.

Everything got crazy when he decided to interrupt and took the bride away. The woman we are talking about is Elaine played by Katharine Ross. Benjamin came in the middle of the vow and whisked Elaine away. What else could he do when Elaine was his true love? They jumped on a bus to escape the angry family and friends. The romance and exciting scene came to its end. They both sat on that bus and said nothing. The awkward couldn’t be bigger as they said: “Well, now what”.

In fact, the ending had to come to another way. According to the plan, Ben and Elaine will be hand in hand getting into that bus. They overcome the difficulty to be together and that should have been the ending. The camera will shoot them sitting together on the bus. Then it switches on the angry family and their friends. The only reason that the camera kept filming them as no one said “cut”. Bobbie O’Steen was a film historian shared about The Graduate. The truth behind this screen was an accident.

For some reasons, the director Mike Nichols couldn’t be there to supervise the filming. Before leaving, Mike transferred the responsibility to film editor Sam O’Steen. Sam turned out to be the husband of Bobbie. And Sam was a professional as well as an experienced director. He truly forgot to yell “cut”. His mistake made Katherine Ross and Dustin Hoffman had no idea what to do then. Yet they understood that they should have broken the scene and characters. After all, they are professional actors/actress. That was how the biggest awkward came out.

The very last lasting shot all the time

The Last Temptation of Christ

There are many extremely violent movies came out under Martin Scorsese’s career. But “The Last Temptation of Christ” came out to be the most violent movie. This movie also created controversies when it appeared on screen in 1988s. Following the Nikos Kazantzakis’s 1955 novel, the movie tended to explore Christ. It wanted to deal with the “Human” aspect of this character. Of course, this movie has many sensitive aspects. As Jesus in some scene imagines what it would be like to “lie with another”.

This movie is talking about the life of the mighty god and father Christ. Therefore, many spiritual materials appeared in the movie. The haunting moment also became alive to people. It was the moment that our god Christ suffered and died on the cross. It was a brutally and graphically scene. At that moment, the bright colors leaked across the screen. It was just before the scene abruptly turns to white. Answering to the interview of AMC, Scorsese claimed that it was just an accident. His editor Thelma Schoonmaker was sitting down to cut the movie. And then she realized that the crucifixion scene seemed to be overexposed. In fact, she was afraid that this could give Scorsese a heart attack. Yet it turned out to be a good thing and a good way to end the movie.

Anyone notices that I’m walkin’ into film lore here

 I'm walkin

As you may know, Midnight Cowboy gained the Academy Award for Best Picture. However, it has been the first X-rated film about Cowboy having this award. Jon Voight plays as Joe Buck the male prostitute. Meanwhile, Dustin Hoffman is Ratso Rizzo a friend of Joe Buck. Getting over the racy subject matter, this movie gave out appropriate moments. It is Voight in the middle of New York City pedestrians sea. He is walking among people to the strains of Harry Nilsson’s “Everybody’s Talkin’. And the talk stops when a taxi nearly hits Rizzo.

In fact, Hoffman nearly got hit from the taxi. The reason was the short budget that the movie had. Then they had no choice but filming this movie on the real street. And they used the hidden camera. And the accident occurred and nearly took the life of Hoffman. His funny and angry reaction “I am walking here” was perfect. It turned out to perfectly suit the emotion of Rizzo. The director felt that it was the same as what he wanted in Rizzo. Then he made up his mind to keep the scene. It was a dangerous situation but it born a scene with true emotion. The movie’s director John Schlesinger got lucky to catch this scene. As you can see, the accident can be a good thing sometimes.

There is no way that you can forget it

Casablanca is such a famous film to forget. For many years after, it has still been the classic movie loved by many people. The film named Casablanca came to the cinema in 1943. It got the inspiration from a play named Everybody Comes to Rick’s. And it was a play of Murray Burnett. There is a scene that Murray describes the piano player Sam performs “As Time Goes By”. This piano player plays the song as Rick’s Cafe Americain.

Then when the play of Murray was about to come to the screen. People came to Max Steiner to write the music for the movie. Because Max Steiner used to win an Oscar award in the best composer. And he agreed to work with Casablanca soon enough. But the first thing he wanted to do was get rid of “A time goes by”. The plan was filming Sam played by Dooley Wilson playing a favorite for Ilsa. And it was a different song from “A time goes by”. Ilsa played by Ingrid Bergman who cut her hair soon later for another movie. And this made a difficulty when they wanted to reshoot the scene. There was no time left so they had to come back to “A time goes by”. Thankfully, this came out to be a good thing. The song became the second in the all-time best songs in American movies.

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