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The most disputable shows in Super Bowl history

The most disputable shows in Super Bowl history

The most disputable shows in Super Bowl history

The moment Lady Gaga was the singer for the stage for the halftime performance of Super Bowl XLVII. Hilariously people began taking a deep breath. And waiting to see what kind of mess she was about to bring on the stage. Eagerly, we predicted what was waiting for us. Because there were some albums. And they included three of them. If we count the Tony Bennett collaboration among the ones we didn’t care for. She has still handled to give us with her unpredictability above all else. On a Sunday night, suddenly the show didn’t have a hitch and without controversy. According to the agreement, Gaga brought her showmanship to the table. Some people had a disappointed about she made it safe.

It depends on the history admits whether Lady Gaga ends up on a list like this once and for all. Some interesting and memorable moments happen in the Super Bowl show. The memories that we have not had over the last half-century. And it really makes a change.

  1. Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson showed up at Super Bowl XXXVII

Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson showed up at Super Bowl XXXVII

What is another place for us to carry out this? And it seems to be able to see how this controversy will affect the culture. Who knows? Forever. People said that the incident was a trigger. A trigger became the foundation for the born of YouTube. President George W. Bush and his rivals in the 2004 election even had a discussion about this issue. Furthermore, the FCC was completely out of its mind. No one could the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars to the networks. Then threats appeared. Network TV has shied away from risqué content of any kind for months. And they do everything in their abilities to make sure this will ever happen again.

This was something more than a brief glimpse of bare flesh during intermission in a game of blood. The incident that the audiences around the world saw a nipple for 9/16ths of a second. This did turn into a reason of controversies. Things even became complicated that controversies lying a controversy. Many people got the feeling Timberlake helped Janet Jackson by taking all these incidents. But clearly, it was her fault. But Janet had to face the harshest and most scrutiny from the media. The media has her blacklisting songs and videos from radio and TV stations over the country. It was terrible. And it adds to prove how strange 2004 was.

  1. Super Bowl 50 with the appearance of Bruno Mars, Coldplay, Beyoncé

Super Bowl 50 with the appearance of Bruno Mars, Coldplay, Beyoncé

 Can you remember this one? What more can you say about it?  There was no greater show than this. It was great by any critical measure, not kidding. But there are some sports fans didn’t think so. They still protested for their cores. Behind the show, there was noise about the costuming and politics. Particularly when the media met the release of single “Formation.” People began to make an argument about the song and performance being anti-police. And about the way it brought Black Lives Matter politics down onto the gridiron long. Before Colin Kaepernick was on his knee. The main thing is that the single “Formation” is much more a normal argument. It was more likely a politic controversy.

So, did Queen Bey deliberately get into the controversy? Who knows? She did it for her own benefit. The Formation World Tour claimed they ran a commercial right after the halftime show. And clearly, It aimed to a maximum audience of eyeballs. People believed it went on to gross hundreds of millions of dollars later in the year. And some didn’t the chance to sell concertgoers official merchandise. What is coming next? “Boycott Beyoncé” or something.

  1. Super Bowl XLVI with Madonna, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A., LMFAO, and CeeLo Green

Super Bowl XLVI with Madonna

Imagine that you were standing before a hundred million audiences. You got one job is to flip the birth. And you know what? You screwed it up. Well, I have to say that’d be almost sort of lame. And it was predictable. M.I.A went just up and did it in 2012. On the stage, that time was rapper Nicki Minaj and Madonna. Of course, they had no idea about what the heck were going on. They were about to take to the wings up front like a fierce vanguard for the Queen of Pop. That was a brief moment but it was so beautiful. And the beautiful moment didn’t last so long. M.I.A got on the stage quickly and found the camera. He came to the camera and showed his middle finger. He said to the line ” Screw yourself and I don’t give an sh*t about it.”

Why was her reason for that? That’s still a question. As a result, the NFL decided to sue her for 16.6 million dollars. It was only a month later the incident. The two could come to a settlement but they refused to reveal.

  1. Elvis Presto came to Super Bowl XXIII

Elvis Presto came to Super Bowl XXIII

Controversies happened before it ever came to the stage. To many people, this 1989 3D extravaganza was nothing but an embarrassment. It was only getting more and more gloriously cheesy with age. Seeing the footage today and we have a comparison with modern production values. It is almost incomprehensible that this nonsense during a Super Bowl show. There were two main reasons for the show. The first reason is to put on a massive production. And it was larger in scale than attempted in the twenty-two previous matchups. To make this end they hired two thousand dancers. And the show came in primitive, largely ineffective 3D. That’s all right with the paper glasses.

The other reason was to put on a show. A show that non-fans of football would be happy. The result was a remarkable list of songs. The ones came mostly from the 50s. It became “the world’s largest card trick”. The show started with Elvis Presto. His performance was like the sort of amazing thing. And that would even convince audiences in a sideshow town like Branson, Missouri. It was truly worthy. Under the circumstance that you could only watch one halftime of the list. You definitely made it this one. Despite the size and scale of the production. It helped to make the halftime show be able to become soon enough. One thing for sure is that you couldn’t see anything like this before.

  1. Super Bowl XLVII had Bruno Mars and Red-Hot Chili Peppers

Super Bowl XLVII had Bruno Mars and Red-Hot Chili Peppers

Nothing could meet the need of the average music fan but this.  A good old-fashioned lip-sync controversy. It couldn’t be more classic! A performative cheat! And it was like a tradition for raking artists over the coals. The tradition has lasted since the days of Milli Vanilli. This one from 2014 had a huge variation on a theme. A lip-sync incident was enough to make it hot. Singer Anthony Kiedis got into this incident. And nothing in his performance was real but his vocal during the show.

Do you know what the most hilarious thing in the show is? The audience noticed an unusual thing in the show. As the band didn’t really play anything at all. How can they play the song when they forgot to plug in? What a fool they make on us? Everything fit perfectly along to their own pre-recorded track. The track they recorded live many days before. For RHCP’s part, the fault here is serious. They prepared their performance quite long before the show. The preparation is enough to come to one-off performances on televised specials. And Flea the bassist added this into his own explanation. Just a couple days after the game went by. “There was nothing for people to argue on this issue” the musician answered. “As you can see! The risk is what NFL doesn’t want to get. As their show did have a bad sound in a period.”

To many viewers, it was nothing but the deceived feeling in their mind. They felt that the band clearly disrespect them. While they played unplugged instruments and sync lip. Of course, there was nothing to say or explain for this. They didn’t want to play then stay at home. Why did they fool the trust of fans? Let’s be frank, ever you think Super Bowl show is totally live production. You could get a bridge in San Francisco. The bridge we’d like to recommend you at a steep, steep bargain.

  1. Super Bowl XLI got Prince

Super Bowl XLI got Prince

This could be the best halftime show in their whole career. But there are people that had any complaint about the halftime show in 2007. They must be the most uncool people on this planet. But no matter what they complained about? It was nothing to compare with the grounds of immorality and perversity. Or the echoes of fans while the Timberlake/Jackson performed on the stage. The noise was so strong that tear the atmosphere out.

But one thing you should put into consideration. That it was a Prince concert. And when you are at a Prince concert, something sexual is what you are about to. Actually, you are going to observe some of the most sexual moves in all of music history. And if it didn’t meet the requirement, you may furiously ask for a refund.  As in fact, a lot of people came there just to watch football. They wanted to watch the game, watch the sports players. Then not many of them want to see Prince make tender love to his guitar. Maybe another place, another time could be more suitable.

Of course, this particular part of the Chili Pepper’s performance was most impressive. M.I.A. even contributed to this performance in the process of protesting the massive fine. The fine that they levied against her for raising her middle finger. And her personal lawyers claimed that her action was just a harmless one. It couldn’t come to nowhere near “offensive” action. Prince played the song with the neck of his stylized trademark guitar. His performance was a good one after all. At least, the crowd didn’t feel bad about it. But there is one problem to consider this comparison. You have to admit that what M.I.A did was cool. But it wasn’t that awesome.

  1. Just a game in America

Just a game in America

Super Bowl was an annual competition carried out by National Football League (NFL). To many Americans, this championship game is much more important than the World Cup. The game had to be dramatic, energetic and amazing. And every year, they also have a halftime show. Many famous singers and bands came to perform. They aim to make the game even hotter and more interesting. You know, people seem to care more and become crazy when suddenly watched their idols. Especially, playing their hits in front of the audience. You came to see a football match and then free to attend a music concert. What could be better than that?

Many people predicted the controversy. And some people out there got the prediction “Satanic ritual”. You know, what Gaga performed on the stage was the reason. The reason almost refreshingly triggers the convention. People didn’t require every show to be a sociopolitical battleground. As after all, the show aimed specially to entertain. I mean many different kinds of audiences. Then the show had pop, dancing. And they played a lot of hits as well as “rah-rah USA”. They performed everything you desire to support the American pop culture diet.

Future years are promising to come with wilder shows. And at some point, they may bring some boring ones too. But one thing for sure it the main idea of the show. Every year the show will also aim to bring a show with many feelings. It will be a combination of freaky, funky, or familiar. And unquestionable that is the reason why we love this show. This is the reason why we call the Super Bowl the greatest show on Earth ever.


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