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The most embarrassing Olympics wardrobe malfunctions ever

The most embarrassing Olympics wardrobe malfunctions ever

Kami Craig and Matilde Ortiz

Imagine you devoted your life to pursue a sport. First of all, you wake up at 4 a.m every morning. Then, you exercise to the gym, slopes, and ice rink. You make a daily train to push yourself to become one of the greatest athletes around the world. After a period, you gained trials, succeed, and head to the largest sports stage: the Olympic Games. Then, when the important moment comes, you do your best to fulfill your tasks. You put pressure on your body, force it to touch its limit. All you want is to deliver a remarkable athletic achievement. However, people sometimes just pay attention to some awkward things. These are the things of how your shirt snapped in half. Or your body fell out while you doing skating, skiing, swimming, etc.

Fate is cruel. Below are some of the most shocking actions to befall Olympic athletes.

The truth of the Olympics

Rummel clothes

Rummel has a full option: an Olympic rower and Harvard-educated. At the 2012 Summer Olympics, he contributed a part of the crew.

Rummel’s clothes did not fall apart. It did not allow anything improperly to sneak out. His wardrobe was so tight that it left accurately nothing to the imagination. The team accepted the medals and held Old Glory aloft. At that moment, the only thing people looked at was Rummel’s shorts. He felt extremely excited about competing in the Olympics.

Rummel talked to Cosmopolitan about all the press that his part generated. He took it tongue-in-cheek. Then, he thought it was hilarious. However, his wife did not like it. She did not want everyone to talk about that. Especially, it was not about him winning a medal at the Olympics.

I do not think you feel okay with this belly

Sergei Ponomarenko wardrobe

All the skater Sergei Ponomarenko needed to do was the coast. After gaining a bronze medal at the 1984 Winter Olympics, the pressure has gone. Ponomarenko just had to go through things the commentator Dick Button called. And it was a “very romantic and lyrical” dance with his partner, Marina Klimova.

As the pair from the U.S.S.R. glided around the rink, the fabric on Ponomarenko’s shirt publicized. It exposed to the spectators at the Games in Sarajevo as well as the audiences. And they saw a harry stomach and the top of a pair of underpants. The camera zoomed it all.

Her outfit came undone, by the way, she sure it did not

 Yura Min

There were two figure skating clothing failures in the 2018 Winter Olympics. When Yura Min danced with Gamelin for the competition, her outfit got problems.

The South Korean skater told USA Today that she felt terrified the whole program. The part of her costume failed, her whole outfit threatened to pop off. Min tried to keep her clothes on while skating. She did not stop the performance and incur a penalty. That likely affected negatively to her elegance and her movements (also her score). Min and Gamelin completed in ninth place.

She tweeted despite the malfunction, she had amazing times competing in her country. Min promised to sew herself for an individual event.

Henrik Harlaut lost his pants but had entrance to the Wu-Tang Clan


At the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Harlaut put the “free” in “freestyle”. Within a certifying run for the men’s slopestyle, his baggy ski pants slipped. He skied down the mountain with his boxer shorts. However, Harlaut was not shy at all.

After his sixth-place fulfillment, he even gave the cameras the Wu-Tang Clan “W” sign. He shouted, “Wu-Tang is for the kid”. Just like how Ol’ Dirty Bastard had made when rushing the stage at the 1998 Grammy.

This is just from the settlement bureau

Jenifer Benitez

Jenifer Benitez is an American-born springboard diver. She competed for Spain in the 2012 Summer Olympics. Benitez did her task deeply end when something became horribly awry with her swimsuit. She finished a dive from a height of 3 meters then caught the breath in the pool. After that, she adjusted her swimsuit immediately. Ironically, she revealed too much. When her scores came out, a TV camera caught the briefest glimpse. Something was not a G-rated when Benitez dragged on the neckline of her one-piece. As a result, she suffered from an embarrassingly exposure live scene.

Benitez certainly never aimed to show off her under-shirt area to the world. We doubt that she bothered it. She had more essential things to think about: win a medal for Spain!

Not a zippy rejoinder

Olga Graf

Speed skaters wear skin-tight jumpsuits. They allow skaters to zoom across the ice with as less drag as possible. However, a body part unluckily slipped out of the aerodynamic getup. It actively unzips things.

It was exactly what Russian speed skater Olga Graf made in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. After overcoming a 3,000-meter race, Graf’s time appeared on the scoreboard. She was good enough to be able to gain a bronze medal. She glorified with a victory lap. By that time, Graf unzipped her suit from the neck to the belly.

Graf said that they are very tight (via Bleacher Report). She just wanted to breathe and took off her suit.

That could be understandable. It was surely not a big deal. Except that Graf forgot she did not wear anything underneath. She commented that she realized that this video could appear on YouTube. However, she did not think it was too bad.

Dancing with disaster

Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron moment in Olympic 2018

French ice dancing couple: Guillaume Cizeron and Gabriella Papadakis were gold medal favorites. They started their short program at the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. Then, the things came totally wrong with Papadakis’s wardrobe.

The halter part undid near the starting point of the routine (the USA Today). When Cizeron dipped Papadakis near the end of their dancing, people can see part of her chest.

Papadakis bravely soldiered within their performance. She left the ice in tears and skipped all the questions from the media. She let Cizeron handle those questions. Cizeron said that it is not what they get ready for when they trained. He was still proud that they could manage to pull out a performance like that. Especially, they could do that even in a difficult situation.

Thankfully, Papadakis and Cizeron came back to the ice (with new clothes) for the free program. The couple achieved a record-breaking high score for that competition. Finally, they brought home their silver medal in ice dancing.

Judo, what happens when you pull on someone’s clothes?

Urantsetseg Munkhbat and Paula Pareto

Judo is an aggressive warlike art. It was one of the Summer Olympic events. Munkhbat of Mongolia prepared for a fight against Pareto of Argentina. This was in a match in the Women’s 48 kg category at the 2012 Olympics. It seemed to be a severe bout. It included a moment which Pareto reached for Munkhbat. Pareto got a grip on the underneath of her rival’s judo uniform. Pareto pulled down. Then, unfortunately, she revealed Munkhbat’s breast a little bit. Eventually, the worse scenario for Munkhbat that Pareto won that match.

The moment swimsuits give up no. 1

Kami Craig and Matilde Ortiz

The combination of swimming is rapid and physical contact. Its barely-there uniforms make it become surprising. There were no more malfunctions in the water. However, the technological improvements in underwater cameras and live TV chased after them.

According to the Daily Mail, Kami Craig held back Ortiz by reaching to her swimsuit. It was a match between the US and Spain at the 2012 Summer Olympics. The Spanish swimmer retaliated by flailing and wiggling. When she did things like that, her breast got free from her suit.

Then, one Twitter user claimed that kind of malfunctions is typically common in water polo. It noted that there has been even a term for uncovered bums: white-tailed deer.

The moment swimsuits give up, no. 2

uniform mishap in water polo women's sport

There was another uniform for women sport. It was 4 years before the 2012 Summer Olympics water polo swimsuit snafu. Unfortunately, this kind of incident did not happen under the surface of the pool’s water.

Greek national water polo team star Christina Tsoukala faced a serious clothing malfunction. That was a match at the 2008 Summer Olympics. Unluckily, her swimsuit failed her. Instead of staying firmly in place, her swimsuit slid down and revealed totally her left breast. However, Tsoukala did not even seem to pay much attention. She was too busy when trying to support her team. And she wanted to make sure they were securing an Olympic victory. But, sadly for the Greek team, it did not entirely work out.

The NSFW photo of Tsoukala seemingly unknown about her action. The act of indecent uncover rapidly went viral online. Try to think that Tsoukala was only 17 years old by the time. Hence, the whole thing was extremely dang creepy and a little bit to become a possible illegal case.

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