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The most expensive Skins in video games that you will be surprised by its price!

The most expensive Skins in video games that you will be surprised by its price!

League of Legends

Currently, there are many video games with different genres. But above all, microtransaction is an outstanding business model. People often talk about gunfights when a person demonstrates his excellent ability and helps his team win the match. Or those combats in MOBA games with moments will blow up the stadium. However, there are other things that you have to pay attention to. Typically, “a skin” that is more valuable than all skins that the market is exchanging. It is a very expensive skin!

We all know that in every game there’s an “in app purchase” system. That is, people can use real money to buy virtual money in the game. With virtual money, they can buy the items or features they want (when the game system allows). And most items are relatively cheap, it suits all gamers. Looking at League of Legends and Overwatch, we will see that the publisher makes money through heroes’ skins. And they’re quite cheap for gamers, even if it’s a high school student. However, if you look a little further away, there will be “bright stars” in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Dota 2. They are the best games in the world from publisher Valve.

In CS:GO and Dota 2, we see that players are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for an in-game item with extremely rare qualities. These items can be a pet, a weapon, or a skin (of course). Please continue reading this article with us to learn about these items!



First, we have a weapon skin in CS: GO. The amount of money a gamer has spent on possessing this skin has become a legend in the history of the game. CS: GO Major 2018 ended with the championship of the US team Cloud9. It was one of the emotional moments when Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham, Cloud9 member, was voted by everyone as the MVP in ELEAGUE Boston Major. With Skadoodle’s amazing performance, we have nothing to discuss. Besides, please pay attention to the amount to own the most expensive skin of this game, since it was released until today!

After ELEAGUE Boston Major ended, people were still talking about the finals. At this time, the market appears a special Dragon Lore AWP. It has the label “Cannot be scratched” and also “Factory New”. For those who don’t know, Dragon Lore is a beautiful skin in CS: GO and it is very expensive. Plus two special features I just mentioned, let me know how much is it?

This super super rare skin belongs to Skadoodle, a North American player (he is MVP at ELEAGUE Boston Major). A rare skin, with special features, comes from a hero of the game … We can say that its price is $ 61,000. And it is interesting that before Skadoodle owned this skin, a player named Drone spent about $ 30,000 to buy it!

After the purchase of Dragon Lore AWP signed by Skadoodle, we don’t see any weapons defeating it in price. At least until today! Perhaps there will be fewer players willing to spend a huge amount of money just to own a virtual item in the game!



There’s a bit of confusion, Pinkeal Flames Pink War Dog is not a pet, it’s a courier (shipping items to heroes when they’re fighting away from the Shop)! Similar to Skadoodle’s Dragon Lore AWP skin in CS: GO, this courier is a legend in Dota 2. Its price is over 30 thousand dollars, what do you think about this?

War Dog is one of the courier that appears from the first versions of Dota 2. It is a legacy courier and you can only get it from opening unusual boxes. There will be ratios, and if you’re a lucky person, you’ll have War Dog. However, these unusual boxes have limitations, and we cannot ask for more from Valve!

The couriers in Dota 2 at that time had no effect. But War Dog is pink, a very rare color, and very beautiful. Why is pink so rare? If you don’t know, Valve has created ten colors in Dota 2, but there’s no pink. It appears based on a bug in the game. Do you find this interesting? Besides, we have the effect Ethereal Flames, with beautiful “falling cherry blossoms”. Ethereum Flames Pink War Dog is definitely one of the rarest items in Dota 2!

Ethereal Flames Pink War Dog has been bought by a generous person in Dota 2 for $ 38,000. At the time of this writing, no items in Dota 2 are more expensive than Ethereal Flames Pink War Dog.

A weapon skin from CS:GO – STATTRAK AK-47 BLUE | CASE HARDENED


We continue to have a weapon skin in CS: GO, StatTrak AK-47 Blue | Case Hardened. CS: GO players are mostly people with stable jobs, and they have money. Therefore, it is not difficult to see that there are many items from CS: GO on this list. Blue is a beautiful color in the game. Because of the popularity and needs of many gamers, StatTrak AK-47 Blue | Case Hardened has a very expensive price. Besides, Factory New status helps to increase the popularity of this skin. With some videos on YouTube about unboxing this skin, we find that it’s really noticeable!

In fact, there was not any dollar in the purchase of StatTrak AK-47 Blue. It was exchanged with guns and keys in CS: GO (commercial virtual items in the game). It was calculated and assumed that the seller of StatTrak AK-47 Blue earned about $ 30,000. Maybe that’s an uncertain thing, but I can say that StatTrak AK-47 Blue is more expensive than a car in USA!



Next, we have a hero skin in Dota 2. It’s a Rubic hero’s skin, a mantle. The Golden Ornithomancer Mantle of the Benefactor costs about $ 30,000, and it’s very beautiful, with amazing effects!

If we talk about an item of hero in Dota 2, surely this mantle is the most expensive item. However, only those who like Rubic are interested in Golden Ornithomancer Mantle of the Benefactor. Because you can’t equip this item on another hero!

However, Rubic is a support hero (the necessary role in the game) and many people like it. With his Spell Steal skill, Rubic can “copy” any skill of any other hero. After being equipped with the Scepter, even Rubic can create more power than the original skill. Because of the interesting things above, the price of this mantle is about 2,000 dollars! I think it’s too expensive for a hero item, what about you?



In CS: GO, when your gun runs out of ammunition, you can approach the enemy and defeat him with a dagger. And Stat-Trak Karambit | Crimson Web Factory New is a dagger skin.

Some sources say that this dagger is priced at $ 30,000, but it is only humorous. Information from YouTube and Reddit shows that its price is much cheaper. Currently, we have not heard of Stat-Trak Karambit | Crimson Web Factory New (at least one year). It’s hard to know the exact price of this skin!

A reliable source is Steam, when we can see that the buylist of this skin is about $ 2,000. However, no one has sold this item yet! So its price will actually be higher than $ 2,000. Let’s wait to see how much this item is!

We have another courier in Dota 2 – UNUSUAL GOLDEN BABY ROSHAN


If you’ve ever played Dota 2, you know that Roshan is a special monster. Any player in Dota 2 wants to destroy Roshan to possess its legendary immortal shield. At the beginning of the game, Roshan is really a boss and it has a cool image. Roshan appears in a cave in the middle of the map, it stands there and challenges anyone who enters its cave! Golden Baby Roshan is a mini-roshan. But it has no power, it is a courier – a shipper. If we talk about Roshan as a powerful animal, Golden Baby Roshan is mentioned as one of Dota 2’s cutest couriers.

And sure enough, Unusual Golden Baby Roshan is a rare courier, ohh not right, it’s … very rare. It only appears in a big event (advertising for a big tournament that Valve organizes). And no one has seen any box (or any event) that could open Unusual Golden Baby Roshan since January 2018. There was a lucky player who bought this beautiful courier for $ 1,800 on Steam market. But now its price must be over $ 2,000. And this courier is not unique. There are many people who own it, but the number is limited!

An item with the signature of the champion from Dota 2 – TROVE CARAFE 2015 AUTOGRAPHED BY 7CKNGMAD


We have another professional player signature on an item (similar to the Skadoodle signature on a gun, although its price is lower). TROVE CARAFE 2015 has cost about $ 1,850 after 7ckngmad signed it. Why does it have such a high price? We need to talk a little bit about The International tournament.

The International is Dota 2’s biggest tournament organized by Valve once a year. With a huge scale, TI 2018 took place with all the attention of gamers Dota 2, even the world. OG is the champion team of The TI 2018 with the highest prize money in history, 11 million USD. Of course, 7ckngmad is a member of OG. However, do you know that he retired, then he became a coach for OG. And then after some incidents, 7ckngmad became an important player to help OG win the tournament!

The truth is that Trove Carafe 2015 with the signature of 7ckngmad has become a valuable item, even before he won TI 2018. The 2015 Trove Carafe version has limitations, and I think the price of this item will increase over time.

We have a special item from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: THE OLIVE BRANCH PAN


Finally saw a new game besides Dota 2 and CS: GO. PlayerUn Unknown’s Battlegrounds is a blockbuster game and it has become popular worldwide. However, for the most famous game in the world, its items are mostly low priced. Of course the game still has items that cost thousands of dollars, typically Olive Branch Pan.

The most unique feature of the game PlayerUn Unknown’s Battlegrounds is that the soldiers will have a pan as a weapon. So, of course, it’s special, and it has skins. Olive Branch Pan is one of the most expensive and rarest skins of this weapon. On Steam, you need to spend $ 1,750 to own an Olive Branch Pan. Although there was a special case, a newbie was silly selling Olive Branch Pan for about $ 100. But in fact, the price of this item is increasing!

At the end of this list, we have a skin from Fortnite – GALAXY SKIN


The last item on this list, also the cheapest item on this list, comes from the shooting game named Fortnite. If you know that Fortnite has amazing monthly revenue records, it comes from medium-priced items!

Most notable among Fortnite’s expensive items is Galaxy Skin. It is really beautiful! However, you cannot own it directly. This skin is a gift item, if you buy a Note 9 or a Galaxy Tab S4 of SamSung. There are also players who sell Galaxy Skin as a standalone item, but its price is not fixed. If you’re lucky, you can buy Galaxy Skin for $ 650, but some people will sell it for $ 1,000. If you’re a Fortnite fan, maybe you’re a bit disappointed, but don’t compare the Galaxy Skin with the items I’ve listed above!


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