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The most inconvenient moments in Olympics 2018

The most inconvenient moments in Olympics 2018

Jong Kwang Bom moment in Olympic 2018

The 2018 Winter Olympics was in PyeongChang, South Korea. It had no deficiency of triumph, thrills, and heartwarming redemption events. Stars like snowboarders Chloe Kim and Red Gerard held their first gold medals. But, they were just 17-years-old! Shaun White made a perfect comeback on his board with a nail-biting gold medal run. Figure skater Mirai Nagasu built history to land a triple axel in the Olympic contest. She was the first American woman. However, there has been a flip side to that coin. As with any live broadcast, there were various of other, less epic presentations at this year game. The paper below is the most prominent 2018 Olympic moments. It includes the uncomfortable moments instead of cheering.

Vice President Pence does not understand irony

Vice President of the United States in Olympic 2018

In his ability as Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence led the U.S. representative to the games. It made him become the official state figurehead of Team USA. That should be a simple gig? He just had to appear, shake hands, and cheer for the athletes wearing the red, blue, and white. However, Pence has hit some snags in PyeongChang. He accidentally stole several of the spotlights. And it was not a positive way.

This was one of the most popular Pence moments. He treated contemptuously to the North Korean dictator Kim Yo-jong. Yo-jong is Kim Jong Un’s sister. Both of them seated uncomfortably close to each other at the opening ceremony. And the camera had taken this moment. Pence then claimed in a press conference (via Newsweek). He would intentionally not care about Kim Yo-jong. He described her as the leader of [North Korea’s] propaganda trials. Pence also drew his behavior towards the entire North Korean delegation. And it was as silence over then.

Additionally, Pence was one of the most prominent people in the stadium (Newsweek). South and North Korean athletes marched under a banner within the opening ceremony. However, Pence still seated instead of standing up. The irony of his behavior appeared on social media. Then, the users pointed out that Pence’s opposition to Colin Kaepernick’s protest. The women of The View did not pay attention to it either.

Are there winners in the battle of Pence v. Rippon?

figure skater Adam Rippon moment in Olympic 2018

Skater Adam Rippon told USA Today Sports that he had no inspiration to see Vice President Pence. It was several weeks before the Olympics started. Due to the fact that he perceived the politician’s anti-gay attitudes. It was a war of words between Rippon and Pence’s secretary, Alyssa Farah. Farah had issued a statement that outright disproved Rippon’s remarks.

Rippon then wrote on his Twitter with so-called “receipts”. It quoted the vice president’s debatable position on legislation geared at LGBTQ right. Pence also spoke out directly to Rippon on Twitter. He stated that he wants the LGBT to know that please do not let fake news distract them. Meanwhile, the Veep’s group issued something. They were some conflicting declarations to the press (according to People). It was about how or why Pence’s office did/did not directly hold a meeting with Rippon.

Ultimately, the entire thing was becoming much of a distraction. Rippon eventually said that he would concentrate on his training. He also became serious with the Olympics. Then, Rippon would revisit the possible meeting after the Games. By that time, Rippon-Pence rift stood as the celebrity showdown tailor-made for Twitter. He handed a big bag of popcorn. Did it beg like: was this at all suitable to happen within the Olympic Games?

A fringe-worthy entry

There were many eye-popping scenes from the 2018 Opening Ceremony. It contained the Tongan flag-bearer copying his shirtless, lubed up look from Rio. The competitor from Bermuda rocking a couple of his country’s eponymous shorts. However, one of the largest head-scratchers of the grand ceremony was the clothing of Team USA.

Entering into the PyeongChang Olympic stadium with Psy’s song. It was the famous song “Gangnam Style” (an actually unsuitable moment no. 1). Team USA members wore some seriously cool Ralph Lauren-designed jackets. Furthermore, they paired fringe cowboy gloves? At first look, it nearly looked like they were all wearing huge foam fingers. However, of course, someone on Twitter came and nailed the reference during seconds. It was: Those USA gloves are Dumb and Dumber.

The debate over hooks versus stitches is over

Yura Min moment in Olympic 2018

Aside from injuring and losing, what was the bad thing that could keep happening to an Olympian? If you said “accidental nudity”, yup! You do not win anything. But the South Korean ice dancers Yura Min and Alexander Gamelin did nothing. Their Olympic debut gained a snafu. By the time, the single hook holding Min’s top together snapped 5 seconds to their first routine.

Though the pair gamely, held it. Their routine has to suffer. Because of the sudden demand to improvise away from Min’s composed dance movements. It would have certainly had her pulling a Janet Jackson.

Yura Min was like ‘Oh no!’ when told to the Detroit Free Press. Min also added if that became incomplete, the whole thing could pop off. And Min was afraid of the whole program.

Luckily, the pair made it through without Min expressing herself. Unluckily, they completed in 10th place. For the problematic hook? That baby got to sew together before witnessing Olympic ice again. Nice call.

Is it The Hunger Games or the Olympic Games?

Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski moment in Olympic 2018

The most viral memes coming out of PyeongChang have to be the figure skating announcers. They are Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski from The Hunger Games. It was Weir’s enlarging pompadour, bedazzled jackets, and a Liberace style jewelry. They have considered with Stanley Tucci’s colorful character, Caesar Flickerman.

Both Weir and Lipinski have also taken to social media to pleasantly agree to the comparison. Weir tweeted that he got it. Mommy would love it. Lipinksi then replied with a comparative meme to her Instagram.

Weir also confessed to NBC Sports anchor Liam McHugh (via Yahoo Sports). He has tried to dress the same as Flickerman since his debut like an Olympic commentator. Weir said that going into Sochi (in 2014), Caesar Flickerman was a type of his muse in getting ready. He also commented that now people have finally got it. Taking them only 4 years.

Okay, it was cheerful when it looked like a whimsical coincidence. However, the fact that Weir dressed up like a YA movie character within the Olympics. That might be a bit awkward, right? Yup, we thought too.

Such a glove

The New York Times had made a claim. It was the Olympic athletes often wore some cutting edge gear when competing. Whether it was the necessary equipment for the sport. Or it was just an advertising chance for a sponsor to show new products. In curler Tyler George’s issue, he cared about athletic superstition than his style.

George entered his ragged, foul-looking, eight-year-old contest Skechers. He looked like he spends his time wearing them to play football with a paper shredder. Notably, it was not a ball. Depicting the crumbling kicks to The Times as “a dumpster fire”. George knew how grossed his funky footwear made the rest of the team. He did not talk about the international viewing guests. Also, he said that it was like a baseball glove. The ball has to feel correct when it touches the webbing. Curling shoes — similar thing. He gave some advice ‘You have to point your knee out the right way, then put the right number of your foot on the ice.’

George also pointed out ‘if you make enough shots, everybody quiets up quickly’. Spoken like a real Olympic champ, his shoes were the same as The Mummy which lost a fight with Edward Scissor-hand.

Shaun White did not appear at the Olympics to talk about gossip

Legendary snowboarder – Shaun White-faced with an uncomfortable gaffe. It was the moment when he answered a reporter’s question (ABC News). That question is about a sexual harassment lawsuit in 2016. He settled it in May 2017 for a cover amount. White said that he was there to talk about the Olympics. He was not here to talk about gossip as well as stuff. By that time, he gained his historic third gold medal win for the men’s half-pipe.

That “gossip and stuff” was a lawsuit going against White by the former drummer in his band. Bad Things, Lena Zawaideh, who alleged, among something he sent her lewd photos and videos. He also made inappropriate advances toward her.

White’s comment reflected another unpleasant moment when he answered on Today about it. At the time he apologized for the “gossip” word to tell a sensitive topic in the world today. He also said that he grew as a person over the years. Every experience in his life, he felt like life taught me a lesson. Then he definitely felt like he was a little bit change in his personality rather than he was when he was young. In a nutshell, he is proud of who he is today.

White collected an “F” point for flag code

White found himself on the receiving end of public outcry before his “gossip” comment. In fact, it was just a few moments after his triumphant gold medal. White seriously dropped his handling celebratory American flag. According to CBS Sports, he proceeded to step on that flag. Then he left it behind him when he walked away from the finish corral. Whoops.

The Twitter community did not hold back. Some users accused him of disrespect action. They called him a punk and literally stated his actions made them angry. Within the same press conference, he felt unpleasant about the sexual harassment question. White also had some questions about his flag treatment.

White said that he remembered to handle the flag. However, he was trying to put his gloves on and keep the flag and get the board at the same time. Hence, if there was anything wrong, he definitely did not imply any disrespect. He also expressed that he proudly shows the American flag in his house. And he is proud to be a part of Team USA and an American.

The Quad King goes down

Nathan Chen moment in Olympic 2018

Figure skater Nathan Chen became one of the best hyped-up athletes at this year’s games (USA Today). He came into PyeongChang as an unquestioned champion on the national circuit. Chen solidified his fame to defeat his 2017 U.S. Then, he was the unique figure skater to land five quads in a routine.

He had wonderful achievements as the backdrop to his Olympic debut. However, it was terrible to watch the USA Today called “the worst performance of Chen life”. The 18-year-old phenomenon fell on the triple axel. It definitely turned one of his quads into a double. Then, he failed to perform a triple toe loop at the end of his first quad. It was during his short program in the group competition.

For Chen, that performance was crushing. However, the champion took the flop in stride. It said that he was unhappy that he let the rest of the team down. He added that he was glad since he got the opportunity to put his program down and learn from it. Now all he can do is to find out what he did wrong and move on.

And he did, landing a new record of 6 quads in the final individual event!

Katie Couric’s Dutch canal argument

NBC’s Olympic coverage co-anchor is Katie Couric. She saw herself on the thin ice after an odd remark within the Opening Ceremony. Katie Couric said that skating on frozen canals is an essential transportation mode for the Dutch.

Twitter user Jos Duijvestein posted the video of her remarks. People re-tweeted over 23,000 times. The Netherlands’ U.S. Embassy even involved in, tweeting an invite to Couric to visit the country. Therefore, she can learn the whole innovative ways the Dutch get around. Besides, “break the ice”.

Couric’s apology on Twitter was just cheerful. It contained the “thin ice” pun and the explanation. Katie Couric tried to salute the historical passion for the sport but it did not act as what she really wanted.

Chloe Kim is not so private admirer

Chloe Kim moment in Olympic 2018

Patrick Connor saw himself as combing through the ads. The ads related to KNBR and Barstool Sports personality. It occurred after he made 17-year-old gold medalist snowboarder Chloe Kim.

The Sacramento Bee had released a new. Connor chatted with the host of Sirius XM show, with Dallas Braden on Feb 13, 2018. He described Kim with some negative words. He also admitted he counted down the day of Kim’s 18th birthday – age of consent reference.

The next day, Connor was out of KNBR and apologized on Twitter. He wrote that yesterday he failed when trying to make people laugh. His comments about @chloekimsnow were typically inappropriate (lame & gross). He is really sorry Chloe. Chloe has repped the country so brilliantly. Connor apologized to the colleagues as well as the listeners for being such an idiot.

When is the IOC ban hooks?

Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron moment in Olympic 2018

Obviously, French ice dancing couple was Guillaume Cizeron and Gabriella Papadakis. They had started their short program set to Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”. But the hook on Papadakis’ costume had undone. It was the Yura Min incident over again. Only this moment, the actual worst case came of Papadakis’ chest expose.

Papadakis later said in a press conference (via NBC) that it was his worst nightmare at the Olympics. He felt it right away and he prayed. That’s all that he could do.

A higher power appeared because the couple still earned a score of 81.93. It put the pair into the second place and still in medal contention into the free skate. The skaters moved to the ice for their long campaign. Papadakis and Cizeron recuperated to achieve the silver medal. They made a performance that garnered the highest free dance points. One commentator said that their return “redefined sublime.”

There is no ‘je’ in ‘équipe’

Mathieu Faivre moment in Olympic 2018

French skier Mathieu Faivre left PyeongChang. By that time, he was out of the game after shading his teammates. He made remarks after the race, which was not in the team spirit. It should not occur in the team event. David Chastan, who was the director for French men’s skiing, had noted that.

Faivre responded to a reporter’s question about his teammates in “4 of the top 7 spots” in the men’s huge slalom. He said that he was there to race for himself. There were no miracles here. Faivre won gold prize at the 2017 world championship. He was unhappy about his 7th place finish. Also, he called it a ‘slap in the face.’

Faivre later went to Facebook to offer his “mea-culpa”. The French skier wrote that no one reacts in a similar way to failure. He had to admit, coming from the South. And he tended to have hot blood. Words have crossed his mind. Faivre did not aim to disrespect anyone. And he was very proud to represent his country. Otherwise, he also thanked all those who made this come true.

A bumbled second chance at a first impression

Jong Kwang Bom moment in Olympic 2018

North Korean speed skater Jong Kwang Bom obviously made his name at the 2018 Olympics. But it was not a good way. Within the admittedly accident-prone 500 meters case, he went down a few strides into the race. But, it was not totally out of the ordinary.

Jong appeared to capture the razor-sharp skate of his Japanese competitor. That man is Ryosuke Sakazume (USA Today Sports). This caused serious damage to both athletes. Surprisingly, officials granted a restart, but Jong did not fare better. He failed to lead it out of the first turn before continuing to fall. And he crashed into Team USA’s Thomas Hong, then a barrier too. The disappointment on Jong’s face came from the dreadful thinking of repercussions. The repercussions that he had to deal with the repressive regime for which he competed.

His rivals were nice. Sakazume marked up the discerned skate grab like a reflex. Hong took part in the Jong’s second fall, claiming that he was “just too close.”. Jong did not tell reporters afterward, instead of walking away. His attitude is understandable, but it was not very sportsmanlike.

Well, better fortunate in Beijing, Jong!

If you are not the first, be the last one

Jocelyne Larocque moment in Olympic 2018

Canadian ice hockey player – Jocelyne Larocque – went with Ricky Bobby’s dad. Following the Canucks loss towards Team USA, she did not agree to take her silver medal. An Olympic official put it around her neck at the ceremony. However, Larocque immediately removed it. She then spent the rest of the ceremony brooding over the second place of her team to finish.

Why did not she wear the silver? Larocque said that she aimed to gold. Twitter, of course, with users labeling Larocque many things from “classless” to “shame”. However, there was a thing they did not know. It was Larocque’s second place diss cannot lack reprimand.

An official from International Ice Hockey Federation took Larocque aside. It was before Larocque’s cutting remarks (The Global and Mail). It informed her of the legal reasons that she must wear the medal as Larocque had nodded and stared at the floor.

Next, Larocque revealed a long statement of apology. It cited her disappointment and her emotions. She also said that she was proud to be among the Canadian athletes who won medals. She took seriously become a role model to young girls and represented her country.

Threw under the bus

inconvenient moment in olympic 2018

You thought Jocelyne Larocque’s unsportsmanlike loss was detrimental? Wait until you see how the South Korean women’ s speed skating team. One of them was Noh Seon-Yeong. She failed to maintain the pace in the quarterfinal team, resulting in the 8th place finish for the team.

A teammate Kim Bo-Reum said of Seon-Yeong after the race, they were skating well. However, the last skater could not keep up, so we gained a disappointing score. It was not that we did not think that could happen to Seon-Yeong (Park Ji Woo – teammate). She was referencing the reality that Seon-Yeong was actually an addition of the team. Seon-Yeong would previously express her wish to win the gold prize in honor of her brother Jin-kyu. Jin-kyu died of cancer in 2016. She did not expose to the press but was obviously crazy after the quarterfinal race.

A request of removing Bo-Reum and Ji Woo from the team witnessed more than 500,000 signatures. Petitioners have cited their certain poor sportsmanship and bullying (Reuters). Ultimately, both Bo-Reum and Ji Woo had to apologize. However, the uncharacteristic display of the team disunity made the Olympic community shocked. It obviously felt disappointed. Okay, everybody except the French, who probably thought that ‘Nous companions compliment.’

Luge wrecks are no kidding

Sweeney moment in Olympic 2018

Luge is one of the harshest sports at the Winter Olympics. Therefore, it is not inconceivable to think about more accidents within the competition. However, it was still terrifying when a person crashed in the contest. Perhaps no more in 2018 than when Team USA’s Emily Sweeney was out of control and she tossed from her sled.

It became clear that Sweeney would not be able to refill her manageable ability. The enthusiastic crowd, even the announcers, fell into the silence. It left only Sweeney’s painful moaning as she slowed to a stop on the track. Luckily, she was still able to step away from the wreck, even wave off the medics when they ran quickly to her aid.

Sweeney told to the NBC moments later that she was on her way to have an X-ray on her back. But, she wanted to have several last words about that problem. Sweeney then graciously gave a sincere thank to everyone due to their support. The female athlete also said that it was a bummer for sure. She knows she could perform better than that. But it happened suddenly. She then clearly choked back tears.

It certainly was a disappointment. We honestly hope Sweeney did not have to suffer any long-term bodily harm anymore.

An Olympian name only

Elizabeth Swaney moment in Olympic 2018

Elizabeth Swaney was the freestyle skier. She is from Team Hungary who failed to gain impressions from the world. It was one of the most perplexing presentations of the 2018 Olympics. She was conservative and arguably inadequate-for-Olympic-contest half-pipe run. Through a complicated quota system, the American-born Swaney finished the Hungarian squad. And it based on her European family’s roots.

This low bar upon which she got entrance to the Games was clearly as she crisscrosses the half-pipe. Elizabeth Swaney grabbed no air and performed the simple tricks. In reality, her significant move was a 180-degree spin. During her run, the announcers originally knew to say something. When she finished her performance without falling, the crowd’s tepid applause. That would say it all.

However, Swaney has not created uncomfortable Olympic moments yet. Away from the mountain cluster, she received an interview. It was from Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb on the Today. Where the co-anchors took noticeable pains to question her about her gloomy display. She replied that: You know you did not have enough potential to join in this competition, correct?’

Swaney’s abnormal confidence indicated that she also couldn’t run for California governor. She also tried to make Venezuela’s Olympic team as a rival in Skeleton. It really pointed out that she did her best. And she wished to work her way up to more sophisticated tricks.

Is it true? We are here for whatever Swaney has in store for us in the following way. This woman is a secret wrap in an enigma. Hence, we could not love it more.

We think the Japan team turfed it in curling…

Team Japan moment in Olympic 2018

You did not need to know anything about curling. It is unnecessary to know Yusuke Morozumi disclosed the big stone-thingy (rock). It went too fast. The other men on the team did not even try to slow it down with their Swiffer or whatever. They helplessly observed as it banged into other two stone-thingies in the bullseye-thing. They bounced all 3 of them out of the furthest ring.

According to SB Nation, this trial is to keep the house saved. It resulted in Japan going from a scoring position, to none at all in an example. Repeatedly, we have no clue at all about what that truly means. But, it might be fun to cover our mouths and say “Ohhh!”, when the stone-thingies banged in each other.

The bad boy is back

Bode Miller moment in Olympic 2018

Apparently, Bode Miller has missed his fame as the “bad boy of U.S. skiing”. He revived his nasty person via his commentary in the women’s large slalom event. The event occurred in the 2018 Olympics on February 14. The Valentine’s Day is especially essential, right? Miller recommended that Austria’s Anna Veith has not performed well due to her past damage. In addition, wait for it, the big fact that she has got married already.

Miller joked that it was very difficult to race on the World Cup with a family or after getting married. He did not go to blame the spouses, but he just wants to toss out there. It could be her husband’s mistake. What a class act!

It only took hours for Miller to move backward on the air. He said it was an ill suggestion attempt to be a joke. Miller added that he was an athlete competing after marriage. He knew how beneficial it is. The ‘bad boy’ knew the supporting team she might need.

Miller also headed to the Twitter to smooth things over. He mentioned that he had the love and support of his wife while he was racing. And he knew it could be a valuable asset. #happyvalentineday,” Miller had tweeted that.

We are guessing somebody got an additional charm on her Pandora bracelet this year. Certainly not a couple of skis.

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