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The reasons for the ‘Kardashians’ time are about to end!

The reasons for the ‘Kardashians’ time are about to end!


Kardashians is a famous and wealthy family in America. Of course, their life is at a higher level than the average income person. And one interesting thing: the success of the Kardashians comes from fame and luck. The Kardashian-Jenner family shared with people about their lives and their love. We know about the activities and habits of the Kardashians even when we are not interested in them. News about the Kardashians appears throughout the internet newspapers. Meanwhile, by taking advantage of the news of life and secrets of each family member, the Kardashians have achieved a lot of success. They really have a lot of money!

And if you’re tired of seeing the Kardashians news every day, you’re right. There are many readers that feel like you. They were too tired, and apparently Hollywood was about to have a change. In this article, we will help you understand why Hollywood doesn’t care about the Kardashians anymore!

They have bad decisions and bad partnerships

Kardashians 2

On the internet there were discussions about Pepsi advertising and Kendall’s advertising for the Fyre festival. People are talking about this scandal and they are excited about it. For those who don’t know, Pepsi advertising is one of Kendall Jenner’s first major advertising campaigns. She is a model in Pepsi ads. Critics aimed at Kendall because she used civil unrest and political resistance in this advertising campaign!

Talking about the Fyre festival, it’s really a mess. Kendall paid $ 250,000 to promote this event. She used celebrities to approach and called on everyone to join the island party. After that, the federal government and media watchdogs punished the Kardashians. Fyre’s post was not tagged #ad or #sponcon! This is the reason they have to pay a fine!

Kardashians were not as profitable as they once were!

Kardashians 3

The success of the Kardashians is truly a feat. Their TV show program has good marketing activities and gives them profits. They appeared on the cover of magazines. Thanks to the fans, they have a lot of money for this! But this is not really accurate for all magazines. A number of magazines reported that their revenue declined immediately after the appearance of the Kardashians on the cover!

When a company cooperates with the Kardashians, they don’t want their profits to be less than the plan. Because they have invested in the Kardashians, they need more than they have spent. If users of publications do not like the Kardashians, their products will be “downgraded”. I mean their popularity will decrease. Maybe the Kardashians are not the only reason for failure, but they really did not work effectively. Or maybe the reputation of “America’s first family” (via Cosmopolitan) has dropped significantly.

The media about them is overwhelming!

Kardashians 4

The Kardashians have made unwise decisions. They did not pay attention to the quality of their content and brand. The Kardashians were greedy when they were in various fields such as Khloé & Lamar, I Am Cait, or Kourtney & Khloe Take The Hamptons … These products all take the form of a TV show. Even those who rarely watch dramas about family, they still know that the Kardashians are already somewhere, and they have a show on TV.

We give you an example. That’s when Kim married Kanye West, we found that all the news that had Kanye West in it, there would be Kim. Or the news of Lamar Odom’s health when Khloe comes by his side. We also have news about Caitlyn Jenner’s cultural battle and the 2016 presidential election … To be honest, they have appeared in so many areas!

Celebrities do not like the Kardashians

Kardashians 5

There are many famous people in Hollywood. But what if all celebrities know you, and they … don’t like you? This is the case of the Kardashians. They have faced this problem for a long time. Every time they achieve a success, anger from celebrities for them increases. An example, fashion designer Tim Gunn said the Kardashians are “vulgar”. Tim shared that if you see Kim Kardashian wearing something, don’t buy them!

Not stopping there, actor Jonah Hill called the Kardashians “disgusting“. Jonah said that the Kardashians ruined the colleagues’ morality. As for Anna Wintour, she has made clear actions against the Kardashians on the Vogue cover. Fabio even says that the Kardashians are “bit **** that have money” and “they have no emotions”. Apparently they hate the Kardashians!

Kardashians and trouble related to shady business

Kardashians 6

One of the most successful in the popularity of the Kardashians is the variety in business. The Kardashians made money in many different ways. They don’t make money just from a single product. And they have a lot of money coming from many different products. But one of the Kardashians’ business cases, is shady. It is said that the Kardashians – Jenners has mutilated or stolen intellectual property. They are always ready to take down artists or business people for their purpose!

One of the examples for this is Kylie Jenner’s cosmetic brand. On social media, it is said that these products are packaged again and sold at a different price. A price is much higher than the listed price! After that, Kylie Jenner’s advertising campaigns were clones of previous campaigns! This is a bad thing for the Kardashians because it directly affects this family’s reputation. And I remind you, the Kardashians make money from their reputation. Once the reputation of the Kardashians decreases, they are no different from thieves!

The world of models also doesn’t like this family!

Rebecca Romijn

Barbara Walters is a famous model. She had heavy criticisms against the Kardashians. During one interview, Barbara Walters said that any member of the Kardashians has no talent, whether on TV or in real life. If you don’t know, Kendall Jenner used to be a model. This shows that the Kardashians want to make money from the modeling world. They want to say that they can make money as a hard-working person. But there is one thing that the Kardashians don’t want to mention, there were many protests for Kendall Jenner that came from models!

If you step into the model world, appear in Kmart ads and walk on the New York runway for several years, that’s just a phenomenon. It is not a true talent in the modeling world. Robert Verdi has shared about Kendall Jenner. Robert called people like Kendall Jenner “models of a time”. He shared that maybe you will see her in a day that she is not a model anymore. Model – actress Rebecca Romijn feels dissatisfied with the support for Kylie Jenner. When fans said that Kylie Jenner was the trend of “legal fashionists”, Rebecca Romijn couldn’t be happy!

They will not work with you if you pay low!

Kardashians 7

In this world, there are many people who don’t have 300 dollars in their pockets. But for Kim Kardashian to appear at a party, you have to pay her hundreds of thousands of dollars. A source said that Kim had seven hundred thousand dollars just to take photos at a party in the Hamptons. And at that party, Kim had twenty-five bodyguards. There are many disagree on this issue. According to Daniel Craig, an actor who has left the Kardashians, he thinks the Kardashians can make millions of dollars simply. However, their morality will be affected. What do you think if you have to behave like an idiot on TV and then you have millions of dollars?

Their ratings have decreased!

Kardashians 8

For those who don’t know, Keeping Up with the Kardashians is the first TV show of this rich and famous family. This is really a successful program in 2007 with great support from Ryan Seacrest. Ten years have passed and the brand of the program is always good. But perhaps it was the end of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The rating of the program decreased even though we are still seeing advertisements about it everywhere. This program has gone through 13 seasons and various spinoffs. Perhaps it has come to an end!

The fatigue of the Kardashians appeared. The media needs to make changes. Today, the internet is very popular. Through social networks like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter … we can know exactly what the Kardashians are doing. Even the information we have is faster than on TV. So, why do we have to take the time to watch a TV Show about this family?

It was a bad sign, but there was still an opportunity for the Kardashians. If they can interact with their fans on social networks, they will always get noticed whenever they appear. But they did not do well in this area. This is really a bad signal!

They don’t care about their fans

Kardashians 9

But in recent years, we have seen that Kardashians have little interaction with their fans. It is possible that they do not want to meet and talk to someone on a live broadcast. Maybe Kylie doesn’t want fans to see her lips when she’s not really ready. In this internet age, do not do anything that affects fans badly. Once you lose your fans, you will lose everything. What you should do is respect them and share with them interesting facts.

The success of the Kardashians is unbearable, but it comes with disdain. In fact, their reputation is affected. The Kardashians may collapse one day, and we will not be surprised. There were bad signs, and they needed to change. In 2007, they were a phenomenon. And they need to return to glory again!



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