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The rumor about the lead in Batman

 The rumor about the lead in Batmanthe lead role in The Batman

Ben Affleck will not come back as Caped Crusader in Matt Reeves director product -The Batman. Now there are many actors aiming for this position.

For everyone who likes DC Extended Universe, Batman comic, the information of the new star taking Affleck’s position is attentive.

Robert Pattinson can take the position

Fascinating Art Portrayed Robert in the Batman Look

The most frequent name connecting with The Batman includes Robert Pattinson who plays as Edward Cullen in Twilight film.

Although he has shown himself a good actor, the audients are into two groups after the rumors.

Some express the positive signals for the movie, while others denounce it is a poor choice.

One anti-Pattinson-as-Batman member shared about the good choice for Batman being Chris Meloni casting in Man of Steel as Colonel Nathan Hardy.

Meloni also joins the race

Meloni can take the position of Batman

Meloni is most well-known as Elliot Stabler NYPD Detective on Law & Order. He has quickly created his fan hope in seeing him as a superhero in Affleck like Batman mantle.

Meloni posted on Twitter that this actor would be happy to play Batman. Clearly, he is ready to pick up DC Comics call whenever it reaches out.

The enthusiasm of Meloni warms up heart and comfort people who have followed The Batman since the inception.

The difference in attitude of Meloni and Affleck

The difference in attitude of Meloni and Affleck

The lukewarm of Affleck toward the role and the constant change at his position make fans tied of staying updated.

Also, the contradictory statements make audients do not want him as Batman. For one time, he said, “Batman is coolest in-universe”.

Then he mentioned contemplating The Batman as a duty and he was finding a graceful way to segue out.

It is surely possible to say that fans of Batman like Meloni with his passion better than seeing Bat-fleck for another time when the actor is not clear about his commitment.

The compete of Meloni

Meloni image

Obviously, there are many stars can fill Affleck’s shoes as Batman. They are Jack O’Connell,  Dacre Montgomery from Stranger Things,  Armie Hammer,  Jake Gyllenhaal, Nick Jonas, Robbie Amell, and Jon Hamm.

Meloni may not be one of the best choices for this role, but he is quite an excellent option to think about.

And he has experience in the comic world and drama genre to join the movie. Meloni’s role in Sin City and performance at SYFY series give him some advantages in this competition.

Unfortunately, some factors may less Meloni’s chances in this position. For the beginning, his age might leave him back off in the race in the late-20s-to-early-30s range of Warner Bros.

Moreover, Meloni is voicing for the upcoming Harley Quinn series. But he did voice as Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern of DC Comics. So perhaps DC and Warner Bros can double-dip between animated and films.

However, Meloni as Colonel Hardy in Man of Still might be an issue. It is now too close to call if the Batman cast is a part of DCEU or not.

If it is just a separate part from the series, Meloni’s position in Man of Steel may not be the problem. If The Batman has any connection to the DCEU, the appearance could be a concern.

In general, it is unlikely for Meloni to play as Batman. Especially when the director said the need for a younger actor as the lead Caped Crusader.

Meloni may not be in the top in The Batman as what he hopes. But he can play as a supporting role at Man of Steel. Whether it is another civilian or a villain? We do not know yet.

Waiting for The Batman on June 25, 2021.

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