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The secret deaths in games and their stories!

The secret deaths in games and their stories!

The secret deaths in games and their stories!

In some video games, we see that there will be some characters who live to the end. However, there are still some characters who must die. Death will come to any character in the game that you cannot predict. However, with some mysterious deaths, it has interesting stories. Those are the deaths that you may already know in Fatalities of the Mortal Kombat series. Or maybe it’s the death to welcome an easter egg. Sometimes it is a moment to flip through your screen in seconds!

In this article, you will learn about secret deaths. They come from some of your favorite games, and in some secret locations. I believe there are some of you who have passed these locations, but you missed them. You have not really researched places that contain secret deaths. The origin of these deaths may be the result of a franchise. Or it could be an important point in a movie of the video game. Sometimes, they are bizarre jokes, or even evidence of competition for game developers. In this article, we have collected some of the most secretive, funniest, strangest, and scary deaths in video game history!

The first is Batman: Arkham Knight. We have The Joker’s last laugh!

Batman: Arkham Knight

Do you remember the first scene in Batman: Arkham Knight of Rockstead? It’s dark and it fits a superhero video game. As you know, when “I got you under my skin” started by Frank Sinatra, we controlled the furnace to cremate a character. It’s Clown Prince of Crime. He died in the final battle with the Dark Knight. Later, Commissioner Gordon announced that this is how Batman died.

This scene is pretty bad. But in Arkham Knigh’s New Game Plus, it’s worse than you think!

After you see the cremation scene, you will continue the game. The plot will take place normally. And just like a villain, a Batman opponent, Joker opened his eyes. He shouted loudly when the fire was burning his face. At this time, Commissioner Gordon’s words are no more. Instead, we hear the voice of the Joker. He said that this is how the game happened. This is how the great Joker dies!

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, this death is interesting. Because it is the beginning of a scary easter egg. Some fans were excited when they heard the cruel voice of Mark Hamill as Joker. The previous character of the Joker is dead, but it opens a new door for the second character. This character is more dangerous and his name is Joker. And the line about the Joker’s death is also an important part of the story. It appears throughout the journey of Batman!

We have The Witcher 2. A loss of Altaïr-tude!

The Witcher 2 A loss of Altaïr-tude!

In the Assassin Creed series, we know one of the greatest assassins named Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad. He is the main character in this series. But in The Witcher franchise version, Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad is no longer a great assassin. He is a fool, and he even has bad results!

In the first scenes of The Witcher 2 game, we see an annoying scene. Glem found Altaïr’s corpse. He died on a dry grass. At the scene, blood and wood are what we can check. What brought death to Altaïr? When he found Altaïr’s corpse, Glem said that “They’ll never learn.” Glem’s statement shows that Altaïr is not the first assassin he finds. There have been many murder cases before!

Is this death a ridiculous thing? It happened quite quickly, and it brought a bit of fun to gamers. But this death is not meaningless. It gives Glem a new Ability. Glem became an “Assassin”. When Glem attacks an enemy from behind, this ability gives him 25% more damage. Clearly, this death is a secret that brings new power to Glem. It is not as ridiculous as you think!

In Fallout: New Vegas we have The Skywalkers and Dr. Jones

Fallout: New Vegas

The game in the Fallout series has many different documents. Each game is an open world with countless secrets. This is the reason that this game is on our list. With the special world named Wild Wasteland, in Fallout: New Vegas you can learn about different stories. You will see strange easter eggs, including some famous Lucasfilm corpses. To verify this, you go to the town of Nipton, you will see two bones burned. They are located outside a devastated house. Check out the skeletons, you’ll know they are Beru and Owen. Do you see these two names familiar? It’s Luke Skywalk’s aunt and uncle. In Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, Luke Skywalk is a character that has an unhappy ending!

And when you check the refrigerator, you will see a skeleton that is wearing a hat. This hat helps you remember the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. In this film there is a scene that inspires Indy to hide in an old refrigerator to escape a nuclear explosion. But … how can an old refrigerator help him survive?

Do you see these deaths as meaningless? Do not rush. Check out the skeletons. You can get the hat. It will raise your Perception. This is one of the important stats in the game. If Dr. Jones realized a better way, he might get out of his predicament.

In Duke Nukem 3D we got Doom Nukem

Duke Nukem 3D- Doom Nukem

Duke Nukem and Doomguy, which one do you think is more difficult? If they have a contest for the champions, who will be the winner? When we talk about these two FPS icons, remember the idea of Nerdburglars. Nerdburglars wanted to mention the combination of Duke Nukem and Doomguy. In this hypothesis, Doomguy is the last survivor. But there is still an easter egg. That’s how everything happens. And Doomguy seems to appear only for a moment. They will not meet!

When the gamer finds this exciting easter egg, he will achieve “Doomed Marine” achievement. (In the Megaton version of Duke Nukem 3D). Doomguy’s death has a special meaning. In “Death Row”, players will go to a chapel. (The third level of the first chapter in Duke Nukem 3D). When he turns on the switch, the cross on the wall will rotate 180 degrees. Shoot through a panel on the wall, and you’ll see a hidden path. At the end of this path is a secret altar. Between the two torches are the dead body and Doomguy’s head. When you see this fallen warrior, Duke will reveal “That’s one doomed space marine”!

After that, the player could blow up Doomguy’s corpse or smash it into ‘bit’ pieces. This is just a meaningless act when it impacts the dead body of a dead person!

A (half) life wasted in the Steamworld Dig video game!

 Half-Life 3- Steamworld Dig

In the 2013 PC version of Metroidvania Steamworld Dig, there’s an easter egg. Image & Form created a ridiculous easter egg. Inside a hidden cave, you will discover a group of people who have been waiting in vain. They were trapped in this action until Half-Life 3 appeared. Poor souls have been forgotten. What you see is just skeletons. Through the scene, you may know that they used to camp in front of a dilapidated “GameGo” store.

This is an interesting scene. It helps you remember the delayed event of Half-Life 2. It is referring to Half-Life 3, a game that is in development with more than a decade. Although this Easter egg does not give the name of the game, everyone knows what Image & Form wants to say. On the store window, you will see the Half-Life logo. When you look closely, you see the number ‘3’. You will also see a man that resembles the character in Half-Life Gordon Freeman. And the crowbar is covering the number ‘3’ on the billboard in front of the store. You know, crowbar is Freeman’s melee weapon!

This is a funny criticism for Valve. But clearly, it speaks of the fans’ loyalty and hope for the world’s most famous shooting game series! If Valve pays attention to this, it is a good signal!

In Grand Theft Auto 5 is ‘Thelma & Louise’

Grand Theft Auto 5

You know, the end of Thelma and Louise is impressive. After a long time with legal disputes, the two women decided that they would not be arrested or controlled. They supported each other to go over a cliff. They drove out, in a scene that could not be more wonderful! And with sarcasm, Grand Theft Auto 5 mimics this scene!

I will show you how to check this scene. Try to drive your helicopter through the wilderness of Chiliad Mountain in San Andreas. And do this only between 7 and 8 pm. If you do as I say, you will be able to see two women. They will be in a convertible car that has been inspected by the police. And if you stand in front of the edge of the cliff (or you hinder them), Thelma & Louise will have reactions. They will try to pass through the cliff and press the horn continuously. Everything will then happen as the game scenario.

With strange eggs like this, it’s just a funny and sarcastic scene. Remember that you need to complete the requirements, and your reward will be something fun!

In Borderlands 2 we have a solitary soul!

Borderlands 2

In the game Borderlands 2, check out Pandora’s Caustic Caverns. There is a pretty scary but interesting reference. It talks about the Dark Souls game series. You will see a ghost sitting in front of a campfire, and it is a knight spirit. And when you look at the rock opposite the ghost, you see a “Solitaire” name. Does Solitaire help you remember characters in Dark Souls? Do you see that I am trying to talk about the Solaire of Astora? However, this is a funny easter egg. It doesn’t give you new instructions, new tasks, or new equipment. If you approach and talk to Solitaire, this NPC just giggles.

During the mission called “You. Will. Die. (Seriously.)”, you can find this dead knight. It is even a suitable task for you to find a knight soul. And in Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep, a DLC of Borderlands 2, Vault Hunters has a secret mission. This mission is inspired by Dark Souls. It talks about scary things on Pandora.

Just Cause: Fury Road in Mad Max game

Just Cause: Fury Road

If you’ve watched the movie Just Cause, you’ll know Rico Rodriguez. He is a master in parachuting. He has unique acrobatics. Rico Rodriguez can even parachute into enemy territory and land safely in the location he wants. You know, no death tornado can stop Rico Rodriguez! He is amazing!

And in Mad Max 2015, you see… Rico Rodriguez’s corpse. This is very funny. In Mad Max’s world, the apocalypse is not good for Rico. At the exit in the Big Nothing region, you can find skeletons hanging on an old windmill. That is Rico’s remains. You can see that his parachute cord is entangled in one of the propellers. The story behind this death is quite simple: Mad Max was developed by Avalanche. And this developer is also the team that made the Just Cause series.

This is not only a sarcastic death, but it is also an interesting reference. It is a neat introduction of Avalanche to show players that Max Rockatansky is not easy to conquer. Even a good person like Rico Rodriguez cannot survive in this world. So what must Max do to complete the tasks?

Next is Alas, the poor Moloch in Mortal Kombat X

Moloch in Mortal Kombat X

Moloch is a sub-boss in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. He was a demon with a desire to take revenge on those who caused him pain. In Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, the player can control Moloch. But this character did not meet fans’ expectations like the way Goro did. Ignoring these issues, Moloch still has some fans of his own. Sadly, fans who hope Moloch’s comeback will be disappointed. They will be shocked to see the story about this demon in the following sections.

In a short clip of Quan Chi’s Mortal Kombat X, we see him entering the arena and in his hand is Moloch’s head. After that, he threw it aside before starting the fierce battle. Although Ed Boon tweeted that this might be a Moloch species, fans on Twitter disagree. They believed it was Moloch, the mighty demon in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance!

It’s ridiculous if it’s really Moloch. When a big villain dies outside the screen, and he is not even on the list of Mortal Kombat X, this is not good. If there is no other special reason, this is NetherRealm’s effort with a franchise. And if Shaggy appears in Mortal Kombat 11, which of Kombatants will be safe?

Fallout 4 – They needed a bigger boat

Fallout 4

We come to another sick Easter egg of Wild Wasteland. In Fallout 4, check the south of the Cambridge Police Department, and you’ll see a special graveyard. This is the graveyard of abandoned boats. And on the deck of an abandoned boat is a sailor’s skeleton. Besides, even more horrible, is the corpse of a large creature. It looks like mutant dolphin or mutant shark!

We can see that the creature and the corpse of sailors are referring to the famous film Jaws. Director Steven Spielberg succeeded in the story of sharks. This is the scene where the shark attacked the boat of Bartholomew Quint (Robert Shaw). The dead sailor is very much like Quint. His clothes are very similar to Quint’s movie costumes!

And let me show you another secret. Dive into the water. Just below the boat I mentioned, you’ll see a shark cage. It’s empty, and it’s like the scary cage in the movie!

Doom (2016) – Fus Ro Doom!

Doom (2016)

In 2016 Doom game, the rebooted version, you will have a fight with a dragon. This may be a perfect escape from many evil entities that want to kill you. Do you think this is the reason that Dragonborn is not ready for a trip to Mars?

This is an interesting easter egg. In Doom game, there are many secret areas. And if you discover them, you find that they are copy versions. From the map to the graphics, from the original Doom to Doom 2, there are secret areas. They are interesting and sarcastic!

In a cave of Hell there will be secret areas. Here you will see the hero’s corpse. It was a fallen hero of Skyrim. Looking at the state of the corpse, the hero has been here for a long time. All that remains of this guy is a skeleton. However, we can clearly see the helmet and arrow at the knee. This arrow helps you remember a famous meme in an NPC dialogue from Skyrim.

Rest, Dragonborn. In this secret space, no one hears your screams. Good luck!

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