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The short list of the celebs who hate their magazine cover

The short list of the celebs who hate their magazine cover

Appearing in the cover of a magazine is a big deal for any celebrities. It may be the cover of a fitness magazine, which showcases a star’s toned physique. Or a hip profile from a highly esteemed style outlet, that kind of disclosure can be a game changer. However, it does not always go smoothly as our plan. We will list some celebs who hate their magazine cover in this article below.

Selena Gomez did not like her ELLE cover like a love song

Selena Gomez did not like her ELLE cover

Selena Gomez is one of the celebs who hate their magazine cover. It did not take a long time for Selena Gomez to attack at ELLE’s October 2018 issue. And it is her first cover for the fashion magazine in three years. On the day that an advanced view of the story dropped, the pop star sent a long message to the whole 144 million Instagram followers of her. But her aim is to loose on the magazine’s writer, the one she assumed that “working to catch the attention of readers.”

“I’m a bit disappointed but rarely surprised,” Gomez wrote. Taking a sense of suspicion with the fact that her “church” appeared several times regard of her claim that she did not mention about it. ELLE cited Gomez as a participant of Hillsong Church. Notably, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin also joined in this church. Gomez also announced to the popular publication for obviously goofing up the lyrics to several new songs she played for them. They wrote that she would maybe edit her real lyrics as you will all hear about it very soon. Gomez said that she expected the feature to concentrate on her work with A21, an anti-human-trafficking preparation. Her clothing line with Coach as well. (Both those topics gained a fairy large coverage.)

ELLE never directly replied to Gomez’s beef, but it had published more extracts from the full cover feature after Gomez’s salty post. In those additional excerpts, ELLE quoted Gomez as mentioning the piece which was one of her absolute preferred interviews.

What kind of barber do Adweek’s image editors head to?

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington had a bit of not-good luck with some of the magazine covers, and she is also the person in the list of celebs who hate their magazine cover. For example: back-to-back controversies in 2015 over her InStyle and Lucky and covers. The fans have criticized severely as leading the actress to be unrecognizable (according to The Wrap). In response, the actress took an egalitarian enter, choosing to celebrate the conversation that was introduced over the discerned digital management of celebrity images. However, when another doubtful cover publishing a year later, for the AdWeek’s April 4, 2016 issue, Washington finally took a stand.

In an Instagram post on April 5, 2016, Washington stated that she claimed the picture portrayed typically different from what she looks like herself in the mirror. And the AdWeek’s response? Editorial Director James Cooper has tweeted: Happy @kerrywashington was proud of her Adweek profile, boring cover misses for her. Added volume to hair for dramatic influence. And no discourtesy.

Fans felt disrespected for sure. They commented on Washington’s Instagram ran the entire extent. That is: this Joan Rivers face was terrible – one follower declared. Besides, it is kind of surprising that AdWeek only caught to tweak her hair.

Nicki Minaj did not think her cone-head was typically sporty

Nicki Minaj also feels uncomfortable with her magazine cover

Nicki Minaj also feels uncomfortable with her magazine cover – the same as other celebs who hate their magazine cover. While Kerry Washington clearly participated in playing peacemaker between her displeased fans and the magazines which allegedly changed her images. Nicki Minaj seemed to have no issue throwing one publication under the bus. Jezebel noted that the “Bang Bang” rapper aimed at ESPN magazine’s 2014 Music Issue, for which she stood in a posture with NBA star Kobe Bryant. When the curious cover (above) attacks the (digital) stands, Minaj subsequently shaded it on Instagram. She said that “when the improvement goes wrong”. After that, she shared her own behind-the-scenes snap from the shoot and fired another zinger. She also told that she loves her personal unchanged images where her forehead does not incomprehensibly grow in length.”

A few years later, Minaj called “No Frauds” again. According to Allure, this time on some publications that she accused of cultural appropriation. In a list of tweets, Minaj argued that the fashion magazines forced her to exchange her hairstyles whereas letting the women of a diff race fit the exact style on the cover. Minaj decided not to place any specific magazines on blast this period of time. But in consideration, this is a music mogul who could rival only by Lady Gaga in case of gonzo hair and fashion selections. It is noticeable that editors even knew where to make a start, and when to offer a change.

Do not let Coco Rocha’s sweet-sounding name occurs around you

Coco Rocha

According to Fashionista, it is rare for models to express themselves against violations of their rules or contracts for fear of revenge by the famous tough industry. Therefore, it must have raised plenty of perfectly-plucked eyebrows. It may be at the time that supermodel Coco Rocha dragged ELLE Brazil all over her Tumblr blog. And it was an artfully upset serape trailing behind her within Fashion Week.

Relating to her long-held: rules of no nudity or half nudity in her photo shoots. Rocha ensured that the international fashion digest removed “a body suit” she dressed “under a sheer dress.” This created the misconception that Rocha has shown much more skin than she actually was or feel comfortable with. Otherwise, she also added that: this was particularly against her expressed verbal and written direction. She also strongly believes every model still has obligations to make some rules for his/her description. In her point of view, these rules were nothing.

Rocha has provided additional details on the controversy to Business Insider. She said that she did not aim to make it a huge issue. However, she needed people to understand. Besides, she wanted everyone she has worked with to know that this actually was not OK. Did she concern about her worries affecting her career? So, it does not sound like that. Rocha told that a model often gets two to three seasons, or a year or a half. And that’s it, you’ve done. Towards her, it will be 10 years.

How skinny do the stars of Riverdale need to become?


Riverdale is also a part of the celebs who hate their magazine cover list due to her body issue. To point out that Riverdale stars Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes felt ashamed. They felt shamed due to their portrayals on the February 2018 cover of Cosmopolitan Philippines. It would really be an understatement. Speaking with Elite Daily about the asserted Photoshopping of her waist, Reinhart said that she feels not good by the image. So it showed her this dystopian intention which she has in this industry. A 24-inch waist becomes normal. Together with Mendes, Reinhart revealed a statement on International Women’s Day on Mendes’ Instagram. It reprimanded the way their bodies were totally different from their natural beauty.

Mendes has opened about her endeavor with an eating disorder and body shape problems. And she also received an unexpected digital tummy tuck, the People reported. Both Mendes and Reinhart spoke to the issue again to E! News. That is: as women and even men, they have to struggle with their bodies every single day … particularly when we are in the spotlight. Reinhart said that she has been presenting herself to the world as she is. So, for someone editing that is just affronting. She also added: it is just like ‘do not try to put her into a box that you think she should be suitable with. Obviously, that will just not gonna happen. Preach.

Witness what the tabloids made Taylor Swift do

Taylor Swift

If you hear about anything of Taylor Swift, you know that she does not expose out her personal complaints without any creative angles. After all, her disorderly romantic life acts as the muse for some of her most memorable tunes. Then, you just go ahead and try your best to not to sing along with “Shake It Off.” It is not possible. Therefore, when the time came for Tay-Tay to take the tabloids to do, certainly she did not disappoint.

Early to the release of 2017’s Reputation (Watch: where this is going already?), Swift originally engaged in a media blackout (New York Post). The moment when it was the time for Reputation to drop, the clever songstress disclosed mock magazines, named TS Swiftly and TS!!. That’s when the fans could assume if they purchased the album at Target (Glamour reported). As it turned out, Swift then released genuine, non-parody magazines, it is Reputation. Thus, capitalizing on a chance for shade and installing a corporate tie-in. Oh yes, this was signature T-Swizzle.

As if those cheerful phony zine names were not large enough clue to which rumor rags became her satirical targets. The headlines were something like “Taylor Shocker! Taylor Tells All In Her Shocking Intro!”. Or something likes “Cattitude! Meredith Is Now Out Of Control!” did the job of deleting any further doubt. And something said to us that there was not a lot of rocking out to Reputation, which goes on in the newsrooms of Us Weekly and OK! Magazine in that week.

Andy Roddick’s gun show finished with firing blanks


Guys do not land in the front of Men’s Fitness until they become anything but jacked. However, when tennis star Andy Roddick made a turn on the muscle mag’s cover, he looked especially swole. And this is the time he became one of the celebs who hate their magazine cover. Thus, swole, in reality, that he considered his impressive new mass has lent to a rival. Commenting about the cover photo, which was “pretty funny,” Roddick has written on his own blog (via People). He said that little did he know that he have 22-inch guns and a disappearing birthmark on his right arm. And he also saw the cover for the first time when he laid down in Rome. So, perhaps Rafael Nadal expects his arms back?

Reps for Men’s Fitness refused to swap out the Grand Slam winner’s pythons, even though they did cop to make an improvement of Roddick’s arms. ABC News has reported that Roddick still kept his sense of humor about everything. He even encouraged people to choose of a copy of the June/July 2007 issue. He stated if anyone can try to stop laughing at the cover pretty long enough, figure out the article inside.

This pic of Priyanka Chopra stinks of armpit mischief

Priyanka Chopra

Quantico star Priyanka Chopra made a good-natured approach to her cover shoot argument. The image in some questions from Maxim India’s July 2016 case (had Chopra’s fans in a funk). Her armpits have disappeared. Yes, #ArmpitGate is true and it is spectacular.

According to one particularly insulted criticism by Buzzfeed India writer Srishti Dixit. The magazine of the men felt guilty of “setting WILDLY untrue armpit standards” for the youth with its drawing of Chopra’s “digitally changed armpit from hell.” Okay, it may be a little bit weird. But, a smooth underarm has to be the least frightening creature ever got into the literary terminology of everlasting condemning. Anyway, the real person whose armpit seemed to change from existence was not nearly worked up over it.

Heading to Instagram, Chopra has updated an unfiltered, arm-raised snapshot, accompanied with the caption. And it was: Here is another ‘pit-stopping’ photo to add to the discussion. #WillTheRealArmpitPleaseStandUp#nofilter #armpitdiaries. Thus ended one of the best internet controversies of the modern age, which Chopra simply shut down without wasting any sweat.

Jennifer Garner’s people did not spill the tea to the People

Jennifer Garner

After revealing her separate from husband Ben Affleck in June 2015, Jennifer Garner did not talk about it for nearly a year. She did the same thing with Vanity Fair. A few years later, she spoke with CBS Sunday Morning. It was about the significant pressure of depending consistently on the tabloids when her marriage unraveled. Therefore, it was a little bit amazing when People proclaimed an online preview of its June 12, 2017 issue on May 31, 2017. It featured an extremely clear view of Garner’s face on the cover with the title named: Life After Heartbreak. The implication was comprehensible: this was purportedly an exclusive with Garner about her break-up. Except, it was not a long shot. All of the information in the piece came from uncertain “sources” and “insiders.” Garner was not there for it.

Garner wrote on her private Facebook account in the similar day the online preview came. It has been brought to her attention. There are a People magazine cover page and an article out today that seems to come from me. She affirmed that she did not display for this cover. She did not join in or authorize this article. Luckily, Garner maintained a sense of humor towards the whole thing, although she is also a celeb among the celebs who hate their magazine cover now. She wrote that she completely did not pay any attention to this kind of thing. Except she thinks about her “mom’s garden club” will “light up her phone.”

Lena Dunham’s cellulite is able to ‘do the damn thing’ freely

Lena Dunham

Girls creator Lena Dunham saw herself outraged, then apologetic, then outraged again and again at her personal outrage over a Spanish magazine. In it, she falsely accused of digitally altering her body. A little bit confused? But do not worry, we will explain now.

According to The Guardian, Dunham accused El Pais in a since-erased Instagram post using “mad photoshop” to basically change her body for its March 2016 situation. El Pais answered in an open letter with photographic evidence, which simply cropped a picture from a photographer. That photographer had clearance from Dunham’s publicist to use that photo. At this point, Dunham changed her tune.

She then actually turns into the person like other celebs who hate their magazine cover. She complained on her blog, Lenny. She wrote that although she believed in El Pais, the entire episode made her feel upset because she could not realize her own f***in body anymore. So, that is a severe problem for Dunham. She said that the gap between what she believes and what she allows to do with her image has to stop now. That means no fashion-magazine covers anymore, so be it … But she bid farewell to an era when her body was a fair game.

Dunham has not totally steered clear of those publications, but she seemed to exert some meaningful switch. In January 2017, she celebrated on her Instagram. It was her “cellulite” can “do the f***in thing on newsstands everywhere, based on a clear unchanged Girls cast photo for the Glamour cover.

Zendaya’s baby hairs are just Okay where they used to be, thanks a lot


In case that you ever wanted to concern about the power of a Disney starlet. Let’s observe no more than the time Zendaya had Modeliste. The purpose of this is to not only pull its November 2015 issue featuring modified photos of her but also gain the publication to print a justification from the editor-in-chief. This made the Shake It Up star acted as an authentic, a good representative. And this is also an inspiration to women as well. Zendaya did not appear here to play, y’all.

After proofs from the shoot made her shocked, Zendaya updated a split-screen to Instagram. It stated that her 19 year old hips and torso had a little bit change. She continued to claim that anyone who knows who she is, and knows she stands for sincere and pure self love. How difficult did Zendaya lay the smack down on Modeliste? We are so happy you asked.

She told that she absolutely loved when personally speaking with Zendaya on the phone in terms of the re-touching. She specifically had recorded that her fine baby hairs have been different a lot from her forehead. This was in the Modeliste Editor-In-Chief Amy McCabe in her apology. So did you capture that? The Spider-Man: Homecoming star pulled the: Girl, do not think I did not pay attention to this, either.

Does Scarlet Witch apologize?

Scarlet Witch

It may be quite straight forward to say that actress Elizabeth Olsen did not interest in the cover of Empire. It reflected her appearance as the Avengers: Infinity War character Scarlet Witch. However, if she deleted the Instagram post about it is any indication previously, she probably did not receive it framed on her timeline wall.

She may feel a little bit annoyed with the magazine cover as other celebs who hate their magazine cover in this paper. According to Newsweek, Olsen updated the cover to the social media and site under it with the status like: Does this look like me? Then, many eagle-eyed fans took notice immediately before Olsen’s elimination. Then they went ahead and answered that question for her, which was: “Honestly did not recognize it was you,” (via Today).

Newsweek had asked about the asserted digital deviousness. Empire replied that it did not make any changes to the Avengers: Infinity War artwork. Uh okay. It means that Olsen possibly threw her personal studio under the trash. And it could also explain the reason why she had deleted the aforementioned post. If that is the main case, we are going to make a guess that she is hoping her co-star, Dr. Strange, still keep that Time Stone handy.

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