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The surreal power that the Royal family has over people

The surreal power that the Royal family has over people

The queen is the 'Supreme Governor' of the Church of England

England has long known for its magnificent, majestic and ancient palaces. The land of mist appears as a picture of a mighty empire in the XVI-XVII centuries. And that beauty is partly due to the British Royal Family. The brand is no longer solely British but worldwide. However, many people around the world may have some common misapprehension. They suppose the British Royal Family lacks any form of significant power in the modern era. And they think that Royal’s position nowadays is mainly ceremonial. Yes, it is true. They often perform ritual and social duties in both the United Kingdom and abroad on behalf of Britain. And outside the royal court, they do not have a constitutional role in government affairs. However, it may be true in this aspect or other aspects. And it is not 100 percent exact.

William Conqueror had Throne on Christmas Day in 1066. After that, the influence of the Royals has on their subjects in the Commonwealth and Great Britain has been absolutely weakened. In fact, Queen Elizabeth II and her members’ family still keep a large number of real powers today. And most of them are entirely odd. They control from what food the British could eat with their right to attend modern piracy. And these powers are inexplicable. So keep reading to find out some strange power of the Royal Family.

1. They can fire the whole Australian government

They can fire the whole Australian government

Australia officially became a country in 1901. The six self-governing colonies of the United Kingdom started the government themselves. And it called the Commonwealth of Australia. Founding of the Union, Australia has maintained a stable and democratic political system. Well, it is now. For years, the British used the land down under. They used it as a prison. When the court convicted someone of a crime, they sent criminal on the long voyage there. So they did not use other sanctions as the death penalty instead. And there are many Aussie convicts. But 20 percent of whom committed crimes that might get only a slap on the wrist today. BBC reports. For examples, Bigamy bought you a slot on the ships.

They established a federation in Australia. But Queen Victoria was still well-thought-out the head of state. Today Queen Elizabeth II can be the same. Many people don’t realize that the British monarch could dismiss the Australian Prime Minister in reality. They have the right to do it when they find it appropriate. And people often think this may be ceremonial. But, this accurately what happened in 1975. Because the legislature was unsuccessful to fund it, the Australian government shut down. Moreover, every member of the parliament had to clear out their desk and do nothing after that. Her Majesty expressed her opinion, did not she?

2. They’re the only ones allowed to eat swan

They're the only ones allowed to eat swan

The swans in Great Britain have a fascinating history like its fantastic. Pursuant to Modern Farmer, the courts of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I usually filled with the smell of roasted swans. Occasionally they stuffed small sized birds into larger birds for a good solution. In 1482 when Edward IV accepted the impossible named Act Concerning Swans. And the monarchy in Britain has officially recognized the elegant species as their assets. Until today the royal family rents a Swan Master to count and keep many swans on the river Thames.

Those who hunt or hurt a swan considered treason and could make Her Majesty’s subjects trouble for violating the law. But the queen is still allowed to tuck into one whenever she imagines it. But, the menu at Buckingham Palace hasn’t been Roast swan for many years. Because the modern royals keep the effort to protecting them. In 2004, a lucky man has escaped after he beheaded a swan in a park. And put it in his backpack, he left after asking for forgiveness because of his lack of understanding.

Hasan Fidan filming the animal by a shocked onlooker said. He did not know what type of bird was. Express reports. It was just a type of bird. Also, he did not know that the Queen owned them. In court, Fidan admitted that he killed them due to taste nice.

3. They own all the whales and dolphins, too

They own all the whales and dolphins, too

The police also visited other people besides Fidan for hunting the queen’s animals. In 2004, fisherman Robert Davies caught a sturgeon in Swansea Bay and effort to vend it at auction. The problem was — just like any whales and dolphins swimming into British waters — the sturgeon. And they suppose it is a ‘royal fish’ and anyone who catches it must provide it to the queen.

Davies was conscious of the law. He explored the 264-pound fish in his net. So he contacted the royal estate to provide his fish to Her Majesty. And Davies got a response to throw away the nine-foot beast. But he saw fit. So Davies thought that he could go ahead and sell the sturgeon. This given that is over 100 years old when he caught it at auction, although the law does not allow that.

A police spokesman told BCC. The fish was under police procession. And they were seeing whether anyone committed the offense. In the end, they did not convict him of his crimes. They also provided the sturgeon for the Natural History Museum in London. British water seldom discovers this species.

4.The queen is the ‘Supreme Governor’ of the Church of England

The queen is the 'Supreme Governor' of the Church of England

They established the Church of England in 1534. The notoriously picky King Henry VIII failed to persuade the Pope to allow him to divorce his first wife Catherine of Aragon. Despite the snobbery of Rome, he decided to leave the Catholic Church. And he generated his own brand of Christianity. Also, he gave himself the right to divorce and remarry as he saw fit in the process — he had 6 wives in his life. But they beheaded two of them because they couldn’t give him a son.

His daughter is Mary I. And Mary I attempted to restore Catholicism in her territory. She burned lots of Protestants at the stake during her domination. That brings her the nickname, Bloody Mary. She still keeps the right to tell the Prime Minister on the designation of deans, bishops, and even archbishops. And she mainly controls Britain’s 12,600 parishes.

The marriage outside of his royal faith was against British law for hundreds of years. It is because they eased the rules in 2015. It was good news for Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle. She is the former Suits actress. And she studied at a private Catholic all-girls school in the States.

5. The queen is immune from prosecution

The queen is immune from prosecution

Imagine today is a bad day for the Queen. She decides to vent her anger by taking part in a crime spree on the street of London. So that would give the police the right to arrest her and prison her, right? Wrong. In Britain, the dominator completely immune to prosecution. That means she can do anything she wants without worrying about the consequences. However, that cannot happen. And the person encountering prosecution in court will be the queen’s ministers, not herself.

Pursuant to The Guardian, they implemented this right recently in 2007. Diana’s investigation began after nearly a decade after she died in a horrific car accident in Paris. It had a rumor that they would ask the Queen to give proof in her court. After reporting to former housekeeper Paul Burrell had published. The dearness princess could have been the victim of “powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge,”. But it never happened. In the end, the last person who appeared in court was Charles I, who had little choice in the matter. And they executed him for treason in the British Civil War.

6. The queen doesn’t need a driver’s license

The queen doesn't need a driver's license

In the U.K., every citizen must take part in theoretical and practical driving exams. They’re allowed to drive their car on the road for their safety as well as the safety of others. That is every citizen bar the queen. The reigning king has the power to pull rank on the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) and driving without an issued license. The dangers that may occur to himself on the capital’s hectic streets.

They detected Her Majesty behind the wheel in 2017. Photographers took a picture about the 91-year-old Jaguar (They changed the car to her preferred Range Rover) from a church service. Pursuant to The Telegraph, she learned how to drive stick. She was servicing as a mechanic in the Auxiliary Territorial Service. While the women’s branch of the British Army during the Second World War.

Similarly, the queen does not have a US passport as technically she is the person who gives them out. The official website of the royal family explains. Because the Queen could issue a British passport under her name, it is unnecessary for the Queen to have one. All other members of the royal family have passports, including the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales. Elizabeth II has visited a lot of countries. They might be more than any other British domination in history. She doesn’t have evidence to show for it.

7. They can commandeer ships

They can commandeer ships

What is the common point between royalty and pirates? That isn’t the saying of a joke, it’s a serious question. If you answered, “They both commandeer ships whenever they feel like it,”, give your back a pat. The Royals have held their odd power for a long time and still remains today. When they did that in 1982, one of the world’s most luxurious ocean liners called home. And given to the British Navy, who use it to transport troops to the Falklands. To be fair to the queen, they called the name of the boat under her Her Majesty.

The luxurious queen Elizabeth II sported seven fancy cocktail bars, four swimming pools, and a casino. When Argentinian troops foray the British territory, they laid claim to cancel holidays. They greatly regret the inconvenience caused to intending passengers. a Defense Ministry spokesman said (via The New York Times). The QE2’s size, speech, and facilities make her exclusive suited to carry a large number of troops. They must keep all fit and ready for operations.

In the short and intense war afterward, Argentina has 649 soldiers killed and 245 for Britain. The South American country has admitted defeat and surrendered after ten weeks of intense fighting. They retired the historic ship in 2008. And the UAE government conglomerate Dubai World bought it for around $90 million.

8. They can send Britain to war

They can send Britain to war

The British royal family not only have the right to give commandeer ships to his armed forces. But also they have the power to command the armed forces themselves. Freedom of information claims has shown that the royal family has had the final say. Which affected bills passed by parliament over the last few decades, the queen and Prince Charles taking advantage of a little-known law. That can affect the problem of the Duchy of Lancaster and Duchy of Cornwall.

“These guidelines effectively mean the queen and Charles both have power over laws affecting their sources of private income.” The Guardian wrote, but the queen’s spokeswoman denied any wrongdoing from the palace. It was a long-standing convention that the parliament asked the Queen to provide consent to those bills. The parliament has decided those would affect crown interests. She said. The sovereign had not refused to agree to any bill affecting crown interests.

Jonh had found the things were different. He is the legal scholar. He could have access to documents detailing the 39 bills secretly run by the Royals in recent years. There was been an implication. These entitlement powers are charming and sweet. Actually, there was the real power and real authority, albeit unaccountable. He said. The most shocking thing was the queen rejected a bill. That would have transferred the right to bring Britain to war from the crown to parliament. She remains that power for herself.

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