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The times boasted wealth ridiculous of celebs on Instagram

The times boasted wealth ridiculous of celebs on Instagram


Celebs are just like us. So the titles may try their best to make us believe. But we’re conjecturing their laptops aren’t duct-taped together and prone to overheating. We’d also go out on a limb to say most of us probably won’t be getting $1,200 placenta facials like Jenny from the Block. So perhaps our life is not really like the rich and famous.

When it comes to it, the Internet is a hot spot for the ostentatious wealth. And there is no worse offender than Instagram. Instagram has done some pretty crazy things in an effort to express their luxury lifestyle.  Drake will show us where else he had bought a watch worth nearly one million dollars that gush sexual obsessions are not comfortable? Even 50 Cent, who struggle to keep up with Jones (and the Kardashians), there is a lavish lifestyle on the social media service.

Musicians from Billboard charts to models, singers and the tycoons themselves. Famous people like to flaunt their expensive things. After all, if a star does not sign their wealth on Instagram, they do not even rich?

This Kardashian made it too easy to keep up with her


Is a reality star, who seems famous for celebrity. Kim Kardashian reality designed to show the wealth of their impressive online. It’s not weirdo to find her giving an Instagram tour of a private 747 flight to her more than 120 million followers (in case you’re wondering, it’s basically a luxury hotel with wings.). But Instagram Stories and Kardashian have gone a bit more careful while using this service as of late. Why? The star believes that the use of social media’s continuous she could make her become the target of an armed robbery scary (via People).

Kardashian posted a picture engagement ring worth $ 4 million of her two days before she robbed at gunpoint into being in October 2016. The reality star was staying at the No Address Hotel during Paris Fashion Week when two men dressed in police entered her apartment. According to Le Journal du Dimanche follow (via People), the thieves ask her engagement ring. And then bound her with plastic cables, put tape over her mouth, and held her in a bathtub at gunpoint. Besides to swiping Kardashian’s giant rock, E! News reports said the thieves had left with a jewelry box valued at 5.6 million dollars. Though Kardashian has escaped with his life, her perspective had changed forever.

“I am sure the material before,” she told Ellen DeGeneres (according to People). “But I’m happy when my kids get this stuff. Because I do not care about that stuff anymore, I really don’t.”

Beyonce’s expensive accessories

Kardashian 2

Queen Bey cannot flaunt their wealth on social media. Instead, she is the type who can rent the Louvre in a statement a month just so that she could stand in front of the Mona Lisa wearing pink clothes. Coincidentally, the Louvre rent is actually a pretty good deal. According to Newsweek, takes about $ 5,300 to shoot a music video in the famous French museum. Although the New York Times said the cost of about 17,500 dollars for “a day of filming in galleries”. Either way, it’s nothing Bey can’t handle considering she’s worth an estimated $355 million (Less than the Queen of England. But still pretty impressive).

Beyoncé usually unobtrusive wealth his madness on the Internet (to not make Kelly Rowland jealous, right?). But she has expensive taste in jewelry. Her Instagram is no stranger to the odd showing of icing, but most impressive screen appearance in 2014. When the Grammy Awards happened, Bey shared photos Lorraine Schwartz diamond worth $ 10 million that she wore on the red carpet. According to E! News, this included 18-carat wedding ring her own (less than two carats compared with the stolen from Kim Kardashian). There is also 50-carat diamond earrings. For a normal human eye, it looks like Bey is wearing no less than eight engagement rings. And here, most of us only have one.

What else should Floyd Mayweather spend his money on?

Floyd Mayweather

Until now, Floyd Mayweather is quite clear that there is more money than he knows what to do. That’s the only reason we can think of as he lay in bed with more money than most people earn in their lifetime. Stars from 700 million to the value of $ 1 billion, as of January 2018. He broke the record when the fight with Manny Pacquiao in 2015. And he grossed 600 million dollars (have about a third) on the title of athlete of Tiger Woods with the highest annual salary. Obviously, not every day a sports star also has 300 million dollars. Of course, he felt compelled to buy a Las Vegas mansion worth 10 million dollars. When he had a mansion worth 25.5 million dollars in Beverly Hills (via the Los Angeles Times).

Mayweather gave his more than 22 million Instagram followers a tour of his brand new Vegas estate in November 2018. According to the Los Angeles Times, the hotel boasts 21,861 square feet. Including 11 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a pair of guesthouses. There is also an outdoor pool and an indoor pool, a 1.41-acre vineyard, and many kitchens. Mayweather can park 40 cars on his property divided between an underground garage and two garages of 20 units split. He also has a fountain in the courtyard of his vast because, when in Vegas, why not make your property look like a casino?

To Lady Gaga, it’s just money, honey

Lady Gaga

Mother Monster can live a luxurious life, but she does not really live life too over-indulgence. As her lavish Instagram posts show, stars Star Is Born loves to take care of her tribe. She always makes sure to thank her “most great friend” Donatella before flying to Italy and toss Versace (gives you about 925 dollars from Neiman Marcus. But can wash machine sensibly). Yes, she takes a private jet, but just to start baptized for the first child of friends. Besides, if we were value an estimated $275 million. As Business Insider reported Gaga was in 2017, we wouldn’t be flying coach either.

Although rich, the “Money Honey” singer has remained incredibly grounded. She doesn’t put an enormous value on money and fame. And she confirms still use coupons at the grocery store.

Gaga said during a concert in 2016 (according to The Telegraph) “Money has been put on a pedestal.”. “I have traveled the world and found the happiest people in the world’s poorest places. Their value remains intact. In the richest houses, I meet the most depressed and most depressing. With this album, I want to remind the world and my fans that the most important thing is love and kindness. “, She said to add.

Lord Disick has the holy trinity of handbags

Lord Disick

If swanking wealth was a contest, Scott Disick would be reaching for the gold. But Kardashian-by-proxy does not have much money colleagues his famous. For reference, in July 2018, Forbes Kylie Jenner reports that are on the way to become a billionaire. But Lord Disick estimated only 16 million dollars. That does not mean his Instagram feed is any less luxurious. About half of his accounts dedicate to create designs with fancy cars, private jets. There are also yachts and diamonds.

When no Disick post about the importance of wearing genuine. And failing to recognize the irony in incorporating a gem-encrusted hamsa with the notoriously dire diamond industry. He coldly with a private plane with his children, who will hopefully never have to fully understand the horror of trapped in a middle seat in a budget airline’s economy section. Perhaps the most absurd display of wealth from Disick was when he shared a photograph from a private jet with handbags their emotional support. As a genuine Lord, he was toting along the Holy Trinity of designer bags: Louis Vuitton, Hermès, and Fendi.

According to Kim Kardashian (via Us Weekly), who was less than thrilled with Disick’s quest to become royalty, “Is this a joke? He was delusional and full of himself.”

Is 50 Cent actually broke?

Ann Nevins

Rapper 50 Cent is broke. Okay, he is not broke. As Celebrity Net Worth claiming the rapper is still worth an estimated 30 million dollars. But he had a little snafu with the bankruptcy court. The problem is that 50 Cent has a passion for parading his ridiculous wealth online. Specific case: he clearly eats fries and guacamole off stacks of cash, which, honestly, isn’t the most sanitary thing but whatever. The star forced to admit the truth after posting a series of Instagram with piles of cash. One even spelled out the word “broke.”

In March 2016, in the proceedings of bankruptcy her, the Daily Mail reported that Judge Ann Nevins “demanded to know” where the money in the Instagram posts came from if he is really poor as he declared. Turns out, the amount said to be fake and he reportedly posed next to it to uphold his brand as a total baller. Right now, it seems his son is following in his footsteps by shaping on Instagram with piles of arcade tickets (preferred currency of all children).

Drake’s pricey watch will make you uncomfortable

Drake's Richard Mille

Champagne Papi is running through the six with a cash amount. The “Hotline Bling” artist is worth an estimated $100 million, according to Forbes. Not like 50 Cent, Drake does not have to fake flex on Instagram. When he does not interfere with Jennifer Lopez (because it is for one reason or another have occurred), he is posting Instagram posts of his $120,000 diamond and $750,000 Richard Mille watch. And there is also sapphire-encrusted owl chain

Drake’s Richard Mille is one of the luxuries that it really becomes madness. Or maybe that’s just one of those things you cannot understand until you have a few million below the belt. According to D’Marge, only 30 watches manufactured. And compositions containing “an oracle complication which mimics a Tibetan prayer wheel” (whatever that means). The watch appears to have three bars that mix through various obscene phrases like an NSFW version of those fridge magnets that spell out sentences. Obviously, if you are more fortunate, it could read “let me devour your,”. Ahem, something. Because who does not want to harass sexually by their watches if they spent nearly a million dollars? Then again, we do not have Drake. So what do we know?

Paris Hilton’s dogs lead lives of luxury

Paris Hilton's

We are sure that Paris Hilton very adorable. Who did not love The Simple Life, after all? But be honest: She is rich, it is almost boring. We hope her Instagram account will fill with red carpets and a private jet. Even the occasional cosplaying a rainbow butterfly in a strange place also seems par for the course. But then there are Hilton’s dogs.

Hilton’s dogs are the things Instagram dreams created. The pint-sized puppy has its own Instagram account. That is where presumably Hilton shares shots from their two-story canine mansion. According to Luxist (via TreeHugger), the $325,000 villa contains a closet for the pups’ many outfits and fill with miniature Phillippe Starck furniture. It also has a black crystal chandelier. Basically, the little puppy to spend a day out with Louis Vuitton luggage and proudly posing with their mother on the couch looks expensive. That is not life?

CardiB is making serious money moves


No surprise when the woman broke the record with a song about shopping love posting photos on Instagram with the good things. According to Billboard, “Bodak Yellow” of Cardi B became the longest-leading No.1 hit for a solo female rapper on the Hot 100 in 2017. According to Revolt, she also became the first solo female MC topped the Billboard Hot 100. In April 2018, her album Invasion of Privacy broke Taylor Swift’s Apple Music record about the “most streamed album by a female artist in a single week.”. That year, she also performed on Saturday Night Live and on the cover of Rolling Stone. Basically, in 2017 and 2018 is of Cardi and she deserves her present success.

Cardi B has been making money chance to the tune of $8 million. But despite the wealth, she always manages to keep it real on social media. The rapper does not encounter problems when flaunting diamonds worth 1 million dollars. Including a jewelry tribute to her daughter Kulture. As noted by Harper’s Bazaar, she also got married in a tracksuit.

Jeffree Star made a major car upgrade

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star is truly a self-made millionaire. The former Myspace singer went from working the MAC counter to run a cosmetics company worth millions of dollars. Today, he’s worth an estimated $75 million, but he risked everything to get there. In one of his YouTube videos (through Revels), tycoon makeup controversial admitted that he spent his savings to launch the first three lip colors. Now he earned 5.2 million dollars for each product launch. Needless to say, Star was able to upgrade from my 1991 Nissan. Which constantly broke down, and use Instagram to flaunt lavish lifestyle that he built for himself.

Between villas and collection bags your brand, Star never forgot where he came. And if he does that, there’s always the occasional Taco Bell craving to remind him.

“Never in the wildest dreams of me, I think I’ll buy a Lamborghini.” he wrote in an Instagram post posing next to his new pink sports car. “Sometimes, my life feels like a crazy dream. But then I pinch yourself. And remind yourself of all the toil, hard times, sleeping on friend’s couches to get to work. When I couldn’t afford my own place.”

Bow Wow’s stock photo looks expensive

Bow Wow

Just because Bow Wow cancels the “Lil” from his name doesn’t mean his bank account is any larger. Despite rapping alongside Snoop Dogg and achieve her role in Tyler Perry’s a play, but he’s only managed to amass a reported $1.5 million net worth. However, he certainly seems to lead lavish lifestyles. However, he certainly seems to lead lavish lifestyle if you evaluated through a post on his Instagram. But Instagram is not real life. Bow Wow’s fatal flaw was the fact that flying in coach as a celeb means you will probably concede.

In 2017, the star dragged by the collective angry Internet mob when he posted a picture of a private plane, which can is of DeKalb-Peachtree Airport in Georgia. He was on his way to New York City to do a newspaper for his We TV program Growing Up Hip Hop. According to NBC News, savvy fans discovered him on a commercial flight and the jig was up. After then, it did not take long for fans to discover that the Instagram post was actually a stock photo used by a Fort Lauderdale limo company, which is hundreds of miles from Georgia. Whoops!

Towards the end, he allegedly began to send to random people some of its assets. “I don’t want it. This money is evil,” he said. Okay then, boo, but you should save your money.





























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