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The untold truth of JonTron

The untold truth of JonTron


Being a gaming YouTuber during this time is truly hard, now there are much more lucrative genres. Especially right now, in the extremely content-heavy world. There seems to be a demand for more “doing stupid things” kind of content. But Jon Jafari, aka JonTron, somehow is still on top of his game. In fact, JonTron is one of the most successful gaming YouTubers out there. Ranking sites like WatchMojo and Time magazine always feature him in their list. He is now an extremely powerful and influential force on Youtube.

JonTron even branches out from his gaming. He does voice-over work for a few indie games. However, it’s not always smooth sailing. A few controversial moments halted the Youtuber’s road to the top.

Of course, that’s not to say that JonTron’s career is dead. At the time of this article, JonTron’s still a big name. His YouTube channel has over five million subscribers. Today, we’re going to take a look at JonTron himself and get to know him. Who is he? How did he become so famous? And what he’s up to now? Grab a seat and read on.

Who is JonTron?

Jon Jafari

Jon Jafari is from California. He creates humorous game reviews on YouTube, which shot him to fame. He now branched out on occasions into other areas like skits, movie reviews, Let’s Plays, and the likes. His YouTube channel started in 2010. His first video was a review of the Nintendo 64 version of Daikatana. It wasn’t anything big but it did shape him as a person.

As JonTron grew and develop his own style, he introduced elements that were unique to him. His talking parakeet sidekick, Jacques, for instance. He began gaining a reputation on YouTube and Reddit, his humor and insights made him an instant hit. JonTron claims that his first big success came in 2011. His review of Dinocity reached the top spot on Reddit and everything went up from there.

His channel hit the one million subscribers mark in 2014. He also started to diversify, often reviewing weird games and bizarre movies.

Game Grumps with friends

Game Grumps

JonTron’s now doing a side project with his friends, Game Grumps. It’s a Let’s Play series where he and his friend, Arin “egoraptor” Hanson play games and talk. Hanson is an animator and voice actor friend of Jon. The two had strong chemistry and are friends in real life, which make the show organic. Their comedic timing worked very well and the show is mellow and chill.

However, the channel encountered a huge hurdle after about a year or so. JonTron had so much to do that he couldn’t keep up with both channels. He just didn’t have enough time to make content for his own channel Game Grumps at the same time. The show announcement received quite a sizable backlash from fans.

The very same day of the announcement, the show revealed Dan Avidan as the new host. He’s a comedian best known for his work with musical act NinjaSexParty. Many fans of the show did not like the announcement and reacted badly. Some argued that the two shouldn’t be piggybacking off a successful show.

NormalBoots: a hub for gaming content

Normal Boots

JonTron helped create another side project called Normal Boots. He and Austin Hargrave a.k.a PeanutButterGamer or PBG created a website together. They use the website to host their videos, sell merch. They created the platform to better monetize their content. The Completionist and Continue? is another show that came onboard soon after. The site then became a bit of a hub for oddball humor and niche gaming content.

The creators of the website realized they would benefit more from Google’s platform. So they closed the site down not long after.

Normal Boots website relaunched later in 2014 with a new logo, and it featured some new shows. Shows like ProJared and Satchbag joined in on the fun. Did You Know Gaming? with its numerous hosts also participated.

In 2017 though, he left the Normal Boots network due to comments he made regarding immigrants.

JonTron’s voice-over work

Dead Bird Studios

The rise of the indie game gave way to a lot of opportunities. JonTron and his peers took full advantage of that of course. His fame enabled him to get unique opportunities to bridge the two realms. JonTron lent his voice to a few indie releases. His looks and voice were even in a dating simulator game. Even other members of the Normal Boots lineup are in the game. The game hit the store in 2016.

Gears for Breakfast also employed JonTron’s voice for their game A Hat in Time. He voiced an owl who stands behind the front desk of Dead Bird Studios, so basically a receptionist. The game released right around the time JonTron’s immigration controversy. But the developers didn’t delete his voice from the game.

One game did though. The developers Yooka-Laylee cut ties with him right after the incident. The resulting backlash scared them away, so they deleted his lines.

Controversial statements rock the boat

The Guardian refers to him as a man with power for reading between the lines

In 2017, JonTron’s streak of fame took a major hit. He expressed support for Iowa Representative Steve King and his comment. The Guardian refers to him as a man with power for reading between the lines. He’s always treading between conservative messaging and hate speech.

JonTron’s initially got him into trouble for sarcastically calling Steve King a Nazi. It was a response to King’s statement about motivating self-help.

JonTron usually doesn’t do political talk, so it surprised quite a few people. People scrutinize celebrities for their political views, is not a new thing. So a few people tried reaching out to JonTron to figure out things. We don’t know exactly what he was trying to accomplish, saying that? Jon dug in and really got himself into trouble there.

Doubling down

JonTron's went on another popular YouTuber named Destiny show to talk

JonTron’s went on another popular YouTuber named Destiny show to talk. He wanted to discuss and clarify JonTron comments and point of view. JonTron didn’t take the chance and did not take back his comments at all. He instead doubled down on his remarks and stated some factually incorrect things. We can tell that he did an oopsie.

Crave Online writes that JonTron made several bizarre statements while there. He claimed that wealthy black people commit more crimes than poor white people. To him, discrimination no longer existed in Western society.

His appearance with Destiny backfire and many were against his content. He suffers quite a lot, with thousands of subs quitting his YouTube channel. Developer Playtonic games cut his voice-over work from Yooka-Laylee.

What happened to JonTron’s partner?

Game Grumps experienced a good spell even after JonTron departure

After his controversy, many still believe that he contributed greatly to YouTube. The channels he helped launch are still going strong like. PBG, Continue?, and other creators are all doing well under Normal Boots name. They have hundreds of subscribers on YouTube (PBG has almost two million.) Views and ad revenue continue to pile up.

Game Grumps experienced a good spell even after JonTron departure. In fact, it’s succeeding and doing quite well compared to when Jon was around.  YouTube Red series Good Game even cast hosts Arin and Dan. Dan Harmon is working as an executive producer for that show. It follows a fictional esports team on their journey to the top of the gaming world. The show lasted a single season but showed that times are changing. YouTube is taking creators more seriously in the world of entertainment.

JonTron’s himself continues to pull in massive revenue as well.

Is JonTron okay?

JonTron continued to create content

The subscribers that JonTron lost due to his immigration remarks seem to not affect him. His channel is still racking in views. One of his most famous videos is “Waterproofing My Life With FLEX TAPE.” It’s a bizarre combination really, an infomercial but a mockumentary. You can say it’s just typical JonTron oddball humor. His content is still top-notch despite the rumors. Suffice to say it didn’t last long.

JonTron continued to create content, but there’s something different. He now focuses on production values and the quality of the video. And often take a long time between videos to do them. It’s something that rarely ever happens on popular YouTube channels. Even so, his fans appreciated the content and love it.

The sequel video came after almost a year.

JonTron just creates what content he wants, and nobody can stop him. He really just don’t care about the controversy surrounding him anymore.

He still does charity

JonTron does charitable work

JonTron does charitable work. It’s one of the things that shifted people and the media away from the controversy. For years, JonTron ran charity streams from time to time to raise money. The money usually goes to his favorite causes. Several streams were quite wildly successful. Even if you disagree with his view and comments. He’s honestly doing good things to help the world, and that is respectable.

In 2016, JonTron did charity stream with some popular web animators. It was to fulfill a promise to his viewers. He set the goal at $25,000 for Teach for America. And, if they reach to goal, he’ll create a “Firework”- parody. He met the goal, his massive platform succeeded. He was able to draw attention from so many web animators.

More recently, he hosted another charity stream for fighting pulmonary hypertension. He successfully raised over $50,000 to combat the disorder. Together with Team PHenomenal Hope, he helped run yet another successful charity event.




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