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The Untold Truth Of Shang-chi

The Untold Truth Of Shang-chi

Marvel almost adopted an active TV series

Kung Fu

The Kung Fu craze reached its peak in the beginning of 1970s. It was widely known by audiences in America as well as people around the world through the TV series The Green Hornet. At that time, Bruce Lee, a Chinese Kung Fu superstar, was the lead role in famous movies such as Game of Death, Enter the Dragon. Thanks to him, other actors were able to gain their success later then. These superstars included Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung. There was a TV series Kung Fu, in which David Carradine starred. The series was said to originally be developed for Bruce Lee. Marvel Comics wanted to release it as a way to make use of the Kung Fu craze.

However, Marvel Comics did not get the right to carry out the plan. Therefore, Bruce Lee asked Jim Starlin and Steve Englehart to create an original character based on kung-fu. Lee attempted to present the Shang-Chi movie with the participation of his son, Brandon Lee. However, Brandon soon died in a mysterious accident when acting “The Crow” in 1993.

He was originally the son of Fu Manchu

The most important of these issues is the pedigree of Shang-chi. According to his first introduction, Fu Manchu was his father. This is the evil man that represented public racist model in the 20th century. Fu Manchu is one of the most famous characters in the “Yellow Peril”. This multiplied a variety of wicked Asian villains, such as ruthless Ming the Merciless, the villain of Ra Ra Ghul in Batman, etc. Marvel finally got the rights from Sax Rohmer, the creator of Fu Manchu. However, a white actor always represented Fu Manchu. This made many Asians feel like it was more of a cultural demonization than a creative characterization.

According to the comic series, Shang-chi’s father raised him to become an assassin. However, the hero quickly rejected the evil ways of his father. When Shang-chi had grown up, he encountered Fu Manchu many times. Years later, he reused Fu Manchu’s identity to truly be the immortal Zheng Zhu. This one simply set his alias as “Fu Manchu” for decades.

There is no superpower that Shang-chi got

Kung Fu 3

Like many Marvel heroes, he has no special technically superpower. Manchu tried to train Shang-chi into an ultimate assassin. His father’s aim was to make him a master of Chinese martial arts. This means he was not only a skilled warrior, but also has a special ability of control over his own body. For example, Shang-chi can adjust some of the bodily functions that are supposed to be involuntary. This hero can adjust his nerves’ function to the point that he cannot feel a sense of pain. Or, Shang-chi may control his body to slow the bleeding rate when cut. It is obvious that these are special qualities that no characters in the Marvel Universe can catch up with.

Besides, the hero can make use of pressure points. This allows Shang-chi to defeat his opponent with a just a single blow. Or, he can release a bone flying kick with a devastating force. It is reasonable to say that Shang-chi represent the incredible strength and agility. However, he boasts a skill only for the best in martial arts.

Traditionally, Shang-chi has no power beyond his mastery over his limbs. However, sometimes, this hero has been conveyed with supernatural abilities. During the aforementioned “Spider Island” event, he was one of many people temporarily empowered as Spider-Man. He used these powers to help destroy the threat of spider-run supervisors in New York City. In another incident, Shang-Chi was dispatched to accompany Wolverine to China’s fictional Madripoor island. Here, they encountered an ancient dragon awakened from its sleep beneath the island. Using the Pym Particle, Shang-Chi expanded himself to match the dragon’s size and quickly defeated it.

The hero was inspired by Bruce Lee

Kung Fu 2

Bruce Lee is the main inspiration to create Shang-chi. Not only Shang-chi’s appearance but also his specific skills were related Lee. The hero, like some real Kung Fu masters, can focus on the inherent spiritual power of every creature. In fact, people, especially the Chinese, often use this in meditation. It is also a method to control one’s fear and fury. Marvel heroes can turn abilities into weapons. Using this rule, Shang-Chi enhances the skills to make disastrous attack. He can boost his power and stamina far beyond the human level. However, this happens for a certain short time. Not only can the hero avoid bullets, but he can also deflect them. In addition, Shang-chi can control his body’s reaction with foreign substances such as poison,…

Thanks to the specific abilities mentioned above, Shang-chi masters a completely unique series of fighting styles. He is one of the best unarmed warriors in Marvel Universe. The hero is even considered to be more formidable than the legendary Iron Fist.

The last words

First appeared on Marvel Special Edition #15 with the nickname master Kungfu, Shang-chi is now a famous name in MCU. Despite having no supernatural ability, Shang-chi is still a big hero in Marvel Universe. His skillful martial arts, incredible strength and resistance are features of a real Asian hero. Marvel Cinematic Universe finally has the best Asian superhero!

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