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The Witcher 3 console commands and cheat codes

The Witcher 3 console commands and cheat codesThe Witcher 3 console commands and cheat codes

With people who love RPGs, The Witcher 3 is a familiar name. This game brings excellent gameplay with various epic combats that take place in a stunning world. And with anyone who plays this game, The Witcher 3 console commands and Witcher 3 debug console commands are the things they’re looking for. With the ability to call up God mode and generate monsters, these commands offer gamers a new experience. Besides that, they even allow players to play in the role of various characters, get all demand items, and more. It can say that The Witcher 3 console commands and cheat codes help to upgrade totally players’ experience.

If you are also looking for these commands, this article is for you. In this article, we will offer you all primary console commands, cheat codes, and even Witcher 3 debug console commands. Let’s follow us to get all of these commands!

How to enable The Witcher 3 debug console commands?

The Witcher 3 debug console commands

Before coming to a very long list of The Witcher 3 console commands, we first need to know how to enable debug console. This is very important because you must enable the debug console before being able to use commands. In fact, there are two ways to activate the debug console. They include changing the game config and installing a mod. We strongly recommend you use the first method because it is really simple. You just simply set a value to “true” in a game file.

Method 1: Changing Game Config

guide enable The Witcher 3 debug console commands

Firstly, you need to close the game. Then, let’s navigate to the game’s directory by following this guide: Open up Steam, after that go to your library, choose “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”, and then click on “Properties”. Here, you’ll see the “Local Files” tab, click on it and then choose “Browse Local Files”.

Go to the bin folder, click on the config folder, and then choose the base folder. When you are in the base folder, let’s open the general.ini file with Notepad. After that, make a new line and paste the following text on it.


Press CTRL + S to save the file and complete the progress of enabling the Witcher 3 debug console commands. Now, when you launch the game, the console will be enabled. And you just press the “tilde” or “at” buttons to open the console.

In case it doesn’t work, let’s use the second method below!

Method 2: Installing a Mod

guide enable The Witcher 3 debug console commands

This method is easier to do. However, anytime when The Witcher 3 updates, it will break and make annoying for you. Now, let’s click this official link to download the mod. It is a product of Nexus Mods.

Similar to the first method, after downloading the file, you must close the game and navigate to the game’s directory. Do follow the guide in the first method until you get in the “Browse Local Files”.

After opening up the game’s file, let’s go to the bin folder and choose the x64 folder. The next step is to open the zip file. After that, put both the “plugins” folder and the “dssound.dll” file into the x64 folder. After this step, the Witcher 3 debug console command will be enabled and you just press F2 to open it.

In case you do follow both two methods but no one works, let’s contact us by leaving a comment below. Our team will help you solve that issue! Now, let’s come to our list of The Witcher 3 console commands and cheat codes.

List of The Witcher 3 console commands

The most primary cheat codes for combats

addabl(‘DamageBuff’): You can use this command to cope with more loss.

addabl(‘ForceCriticalHits’): If you want every of your attack is the crucial hit, this cheat code is useful.

addabl(‘DamageBuff’): Use this command to increase 200 Attack Power and 200 Spell Power

addabl(‘ForceCriticalHits’): This command is for 100% Critical Chance

addabl(‘ConAthletic’): Yeah, I love this command. It offers 1000 Vitality, 100 Stamina and higher Stamina Regen

addabl(‘ConImmortal’): This one offers 998000 Vitality

addabl(‘StatsRangedSuperLame’): This command is useful in increasing aim duration



dismember: This command will help you kick any NPC out of membership.

God: This command offers you an endless life.

healme: In case you get hurt, this command will help you restore your full health.

Killall: I love this command most in this list of The Witcher 3 console commands. It helps players destroy all enemies that Geralt’s can see.

kill x: This command is quite similar to the one above. However, it allows you to kill all enemies in range of x meters from Geralt.

likeaboss: This command will make rivals more difficult when attacking Geralt.

The most primary commands for main character Geralt

activateAllGlossaryBeastiary(): This one allows you to open all access in the fable. With it, you will know details about all in-game monsters as well as their weaknesses.

activateAllGlossaryCharacters(): This command opens all detail about all character in the Chronicle.

addexp(x): This command will help you always have enough XP.

addskillpoints(x): Use this command, you can add skill points as you want into your character.

learnskill(‘name’): This command help you have every skill. Just enter the name of the skill that you want and you’ll get it. For example, type learnskill(‘sword_s1’) up to learnskill(‘sword_s21’) and you’ll become the sword master. Apply this command to other skills will make you become invincible.

Cat(1): Use this command you will be able to have the vision in the dark. In case you want to turn this command off, just type Cat(0).

Drunk(1): tipsy Geralt

levelup: Like the name, you use it to level up.

setlevel(x): This command will help you equip the level of experience that you want.

setbeard(1): This command is quite interesting. Use it and the Geralt character will have a beard.

settattoo(1): If you want the Geralt to become cooler, let’s put a tattoo on his body by using this command.

shave: It’s just like what you think. Use this command to shave the Geralt’s facial hair.

WitcherHairstyle(): Type on ‘1’, ‘2’, or ‘3’ in this command to change Geralt’s hairstyle.

Primary cheat codes for Cirilla

addabl(CiriBlink): Give Ciri the ability to blink.

addabl(CiriCharge): With this command, Ciri will be able to charge.

addabl(Ciri_Rage): Make this character more lively with the ability to rage.

additem(q403_ciri_meteor): When using this command, Ciri will have meteor.

addabl(Ciri_Q205) – gain 250 vitality

addabl(Ciri_Q305): With this command, your Ciri will gain 500 vitality and 100 attack power.

addabl(Ciri_Q403): If you want more vitality and attack power, this one may be useful. It helps Ciri gain 2000 vitality and 500 attack power.

addabl(Ciri_Q111): This command even offers more vitality and attack power than the ones above. It offers Ciri 2500 vitality and 600 attack power.

addabl(Ciri_Q501): This one also offers much vitality (2500), but attack power is only 80.

SpawnHorse: Like the name, this command allows Ciri to spawn a horse.


TM(number): This command allows you to set the time’s speed.

secretgwint – play a Gwent Game

winGwint(true) – win the current Gwent Game

addgwintcards – adds 1 of each card.

Cheat codes to teleport players

AllowFT(1): If you want to travel rapidly from any place, this command will be useful.

gotoKaerMohren: It’s totally like its name. You will be able to take a trip to Kaer Mohren at once.

gotoNovigrad: With this command, you can teleport to Novigrad at once.

gotoProlog: Like the name of this command, it brings you to Prolog in a second.

gotoPrologWinter: Use this command to take a trip to the winter season of White Orchard at once.

gotoSkellige: Go to the Skellige Isles.

gotoWyzima: Go to the Royal Palace in Vizima

ShowAllFT(1): This command helps you open all hidden signposts on the game map.

ShowKnownPins(1): This command shows all the question marks on the world map. These marks stand for alternative spots.

xy(parameter1,parameter2): This is one of the most powerful commands in this list of The Witcher 3 console commands. It helps player to teleport to anywhere they want just by entering the parameter.

Cheat codes to change the weather effects:

stoprain: Stops rain

makeitrain: Use this command to make it rain.









Conclusion: Above are all The Witcher 3 console commands, Witcher 3 cheat codes, and guide how to enable the debug console. Hope that you’ll have lots of memorable moments in The Witcher 3 game with these commands. Thank you for reading!

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