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Things are weird in Harry Potter

Things are weird in Harry Potter

Harry Potter

10 years is the time that Harry Potter has appeared and gained the love from readers. After they published this novel series, many readers fell in love with this fiction book. ‘Harry Potter’ seemed to allow its reader wandering in the magical world of Wizards. It became so popular that people came to make a movie series based on this novel. As a result, this movie series has also received big love from fans and audiences. In fact, it became one of the highest-grossing franchises. Actually, it is easy to understand why it has become a worldwide phenomenon. It has an amazing theme, a great Broadway play. And it also has a studio tour which has become a part of the magic world. Luckily, we have ‘Harry Potter’ in our time which achieved the love of millions of all age fans.

However, nothing is perfect after all which we have to admit it. Have you ever watched ‘Harry Potter’ and realized that some things weren’t necessary? This fact is something that even the most devoted fans of this novel series have no excuse. J.K. Rowling was successful in creating a magic world and she has a great number of fans called Potterheads. When these fans were reading and watching ‘Harry Potter’, they must notice some of the things. They are not a big deal but people think that these things make no sense at all. Of course, these nonsense things don’t affect the love of the fans and audiences. We have made this list for you to count down something that makes no sense in ‘Harry Potter’. We will go from the career options to logistics of Polyjuice Potion

Don’t you find the Class sizes and structure are confusing?


Harry was 11 years old when he left the Muggle life and joined Hogwarts. This incident had its importance as everything started with this. Moreover, this was the first time and the first look people had about the magic world in ‘Harry Potter’. Of course, the audiences can’t forget the moment the magic hat sent new students to their House. There are four Houses in Hogwarts. We have Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Each student will have to belong to one House until they graduate. As we all know, Harry came to Gryffindor. Then he came to his dorm and shared a room with the other 4 boys.

After the whole time, Harry didn’t change his room. And from that, we can know this secret. Each year, there will be only 5 boys or 5 girls per house. Besides their curriculum also had some complicated things. As we can see, Harry and his Gryffindor friends had to learn with Slytherin many times. Meanwhile, we didn’t see them learn at the same class with Ravenclaw for example. It is weird, isn’t it? And the Gryffindors’ classes don’t have any other House involved.

The author of ‘Harry Potter’ has made statements about her products. According to her explain, Hogwarts has more than a thousand students in the school. This number seemed to quite low compared with the total number of youngsters in Britain. As the movie and novel tell us, there is no another wizarding school in Britain. Therefore, the low size class in Harry Potter seems to be hard to understand. Some fans blamed this for the original war against Voldemort. Yet this excuse seemed to be not convincing enough to clear up the mystery of Harry’s class.

In fact, they don’t actually have a way to measure the power

Evil and Death

Through the series in novel and movie, ‘Harry Potter’ showed us strong and talented wizards. Even some of them are not strong but interesting in their ways. And the series tries to tell us about the 2 greatest wizards of all the time. These 2 characters represented for the Good and the Evil. Both of them are powerful in their magic wands, Voldemort and Dumbledore. They are like the images in the mirror of the world. Because there are good and bad in an individual.

Voldemort became the symbol of Evil and Death. In his entire life, he wanted to be the most powerful wizard of all the time. In the whole series, he chased Harry Potter down and found ways to come back to life. Dumbledore appeared as Good and Life. He became the light to guide his students and protect them. Our professor is a righteous, generous, and heroic man.

In movies as well as in novels, we don’t have any information about how Dumbledore and Voldemort can be that powerful. And we also don’t how they can scale the power of a wizard. Around the famous Harry Potter, we see many talented wizards. You can name some of them like Professor McGonagall, Hermione, and Severus Snape. However, do you know exactly how they can measure the power of a wizard? It can be the confidence as Neville became more powerful after he believed in himself.

How can Dumbledore be stronger than Dolores Umbridge? A confusing example of this was Molly Weasley. This character stunned the audience in the fight with Bellatrix Lestrange. As people always know, Weasley is never a powerful family. But you should look at the way she dealt with Bellatrix Lestrange who killed Sirius Black. It was when Bellatrix Lestrange tried to murder Molly’s family. Molly followed her instinct protecting her family and finished Bellatrix Lestrange.

The career options here are short. This is weird after all!

Ministry of Magic

In the wizarding world, the young wizard will come and learn in Hogwarts. After they graduate from school, people expect them to have a job in the adult wizarding world. And the problem is that they have to figure out which one is suitable for them. Harry Potter also came to Professor McGonagall for career advice. And he chose to become an Auror which is the name for dark wizard catcher. Besides, there are other scarce options for the young to choose from. We never catch any information about what James and Lily Potter did when they were alive. Because information about them is rare so it is hard to have many mentions about them. We only know that they worked for the wizarding government, the Ministry of Magic. This is the organization helping to keep peace and safe in the wizarding world.

And becoming a teacher in Hogwarts is also an open option. Moreover, people can work in the hospital of a wizard as Healers. Besides, some of the wizards will dedicate their lives to be a Quidditch player. Therefore, we only see 4 possibilities for a young wizard to choose a job. And all of them need rigorous schooling and difficult training regimens. In the stage play, they revealed the job of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. After they graduate from their school, they decide to work in the Minister of Magic. And they all become Auror.

There are Non-essential required classes


In Hogwarts, the students can learn many interesting classes. As the magic world is big then the writer is free to come up with the classes. In fact, the readers found many interesting classes sharing common with their lives. In transfiguration classes, they will teach the students how to catch the spell on an animal. With this spell, they are able to turn a mouse into a teacup. Another example is Herbology. The purpose of this class is to introduce students the magical plants, herbs, and fungi. And students in Hogwarts will learn how to make a potion in Potions classes. You can make a love potion or a dead one. Most of all, you will learn how to defend and fight with dark magic. Defense Against the Dark Arts classes are responsible for that.

Of course, these classes are interesting enough like their names. However, the usage of the lessons from these classes is another thing. In fact, they are super useful in the wizarding world. Besides, the curriculum of Hogwarts students contains many useless classes. For instance, we have Care of Magical Creatures or Divination. Divination is a subjective and imprecise subject. Even Professor Trelawney can do it well. Another one on this list is Arithmancy. This is a subject relating to math which seems to be important with students in Hogwarts. No matter how fun can you feel when you study in this magic school. You can’t ignore the fact that Hogwarts is not a practical school.

Not all magical items are useful


In this wizarding world, they have many amazing objects. Some of them are so useful as people can use them for many purposes. After met and got into Harry Potter’s world, they fell in love with many magical objects. They desired to use the magic wand, the flying broom, and many other things. Some people think this magic world is much more modern than the human’s world. Items here are fantastical as well as practical as they seem.

When Harry came to wizarding families, he showed us many interesting items. For example, the tents can expand inside to have the whole family. Weasley family has a magical clock telling which members are working or traveling. They also have a glass eye allowing people to see through any object. The most amazing thing is Dumbledore’s Pensieve. This is a tool helping to make memories. And you can see them again if you want in the future. Moreover, other people are also able to see that memory.

As we can see, these items are useful and they appeared many times in the movie. However, some of the items are completely useless. The Hogwarts students still use the old quills. In fact, they are just normal quills having no magic in them. The clumsy Neville Longbottom has a small glass ball. This ball will turn to red if he forgets something. But it doesn’t tell you about what or when you forget that thing. Then will do I need a glass ball like that? It just announces that I was absent-minded and that’s it.

The Map inconsistencies of Marauder

Harry Potter 2

In his third year studying at Hogwarts, Harry came to discover the Marauder’s Map. This item is useful and has a huge contribution to the movie. The people who use this map are able to see details about secret passageway. This map will show the number of rooms as well as people in or out of school. Having the Marauder’s Map, you can literally scout on every person in Hogwarts. After all, this seemed like a password-protected cheat sheet to the school. Besides, this Marauder’s Map helped Harry a lot when he is at Hogwarts and beyond. The fact is that this map likes a birthday gift from Harry’s father. When James Potter was still with his 3 best friends, he came up with this idea and made it.

Ron’s brother Fred and George are the one giving this map to Harry. These mischievous Weasley twins owned and used this Map for years. However, they didn’t notice the secret inside it all the time. Peter Pettigrew is a friend of James Potter. Later he became man betraying James and leading to Harry’s parent’s death. Staying in a form of Ron’s rat for 12 years, Peter Pettigrew was close to Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Then how did Fred and George miss this? In some case, they can notice a strange name going around Ron. Even Harry didn’t notice this one when he owned the map. As an omniscient map containing all the secrets in Hogwarts, this can’t be clearer.

The portraits we have seen

Hogwarts 2

The hanging portraits we have seen all the time Harry stayed at Hogwarts are full of magic. These paintings are able to move and talk like a normal person. The portrait of the Fat Lady the guards of the Gryffindor Common Room. She is not just a painting but also actually lives in that world. Do you remember that she ran to another portrait to hide? The former headmasters and headmistresses also live forever in their portraits. They are on the wall in Dumbledore’s office. It is amazing to believe and know that the painting in this wizard world can talk and react.

Later Harry figured out the rule to make these portraits. When the wizard dies, his or her portrait seems to appear. When professor Dumbledore died in Half-blood Prince, his portrait appeared in his office. Then the wizard has to die to trigger their portrait. And these portraits are much more useful than it seems. The Severus Snape took much advice through this. Dumbledore does not actually die as he still helped Harry out through this method. People added this feature in the Cursed Child. However, the mechanics in making these portraits are still mysteries.

Can dead people give all their knowledge as well as secret into their own portraits? Is there any possibility that the portraits can keep learning through time? We can see that all the portrait Harry met can learn and give him new information. These magic portraits are not just stuffed having no feeling and thinking. This can be a good way to store and keep people next to us who unfortunately passed away.

Have you wondered why many wizards are still wearing glasses? 

Madam Pomfrey

Let’s take a look at the adventure of Harry Potter. During his time in Hogwarts, Harry met and encountered endless dangerous incidents. From a normal boy living with his uncle family, he suddenly became a famous name in the wizarding world. Harry’s life is a series of dangerous, blue and lonely adventures. He had to get over these obstacles with or without his friends. Clearly, getting some injuries through all these dangers is such a normal thing. The main thing is that Harry always makes a way and get out alive. The dark lord, Voldemort, was searching and trying to kill him in many years. Each year Harry study in Hogwarts, he had to meet a new challenge and faced with dangers.

One time, Harry got a serious injury his arm broken in an accident. With the help of magic, the nurse was able to regrow all the bones in his arm. Of course, the process was much painful. Hermione also couches an accident when she turned into a cat. Accidentally, Hermione didn’t know well about this spell. With the hair of a cat, she transformed into a cat. As usual, the medical room in Hogwarts is on high alert all the time. It is easy to understand as students here all play with magic pieces of stuff and dangerous things. For example, they can fly on a broom which can make them injured.

Madam Pomfrey is the nurse who is responsible for the medical room. She is able to fix the broken bones like Harry’s case. Moreover, she can deal with many curse-related injuries. However, she hardly can do something to help the students like the ones turned into rock. After all, this is the magic world and not everything has a logical solution. Besides, Madam Pomfrey can help the patient go beyond the bound of life and death. Another detail we want to share is Hermione’s teeth. She ends up cursed with expanding teeth and Madam Pomfrey fixed them. However, Madam Pomfrey even made them better and prettier. As Hermione’s teeth weren’t that good from the beginning.

Then there is the weird thing in Hogwarts and the magic world. Many wizards we got the chance to see in ‘Harry Potter’. And many of them wear glasses. The first one is Harry Potter the main character in the movie. Harry spent his childhood in the human world which might make him have astigmatism. But about other characters. The professor Dumbledore appeared in small glasses which are typical for a wise old man. Arthur Weasley and his son Percy Weasley also have to wear glasses. We can list some other characters like Rita Skeeter and Minerva McGonagall. We remember Minerva McGonagall as Transfiguration professor. The odd thing here is that Madam Pomfrey seems to be able to fix and cure every disease and injury. But she may not think about how to fix the astigmatism.

What more do you know about Polyjuice Potion?

Polyjuice Potion

Polyjuice Potion is one of the most amazing and interesting potions in the wizarding world. With the help of this potion, a person can easily transform into someone else. What a useful potion for a spy mission. After using this potion you can change your appearance for an hour. You just to have “bit” from a person that you want to be. It can be hair for example. In ‘Harry Potter’, we have seen him and his friends using this potion. In his second year in Hogwarts, Harry and Ron used the Polyjuice Potion to spy Draco. He and Ron transformed into Crabbe and Goyle who are students in Slytherin house. And they are also friends of Darco Malfoy.

Harry and Ron doubted that Malfoy was the one who used the Chamber of Secrets. As they thought Draco used it to attack the Muggleborn students. Because Draco always shows his hatred toward muggle-born students. Another time was in the fourth year Harry studied in Hogwarts. Eventually, he realized his professor Auror Mad-Eye Moody was a fake. Instead, he was a Death Eater who captured Professor Moody and changed into him. All the time, people think that he was drinking wine but it was not the truth. The thing he kept drinking was the Polyjuice Potion. He did it to have perfect cover before people. Making Polyjuice Potion is a hard process. But it is also one of the most useful and practical potions in Harry Potter.

However, Polyjuice Potion is a perfect potion as we always think about it. There are some problems that the users can encounter while using it. We will not mention the accident that Hermione turned into a cat. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret, Hermione was the one making Polyjuice Potion. But she transferred into a cat by accident. As a result, she couldn’t join her friends and ended up in the medical room. But the problem is that you can’t disguise into someone else that easy. Your manner will stab you in your back.

No matter how well you transform into that person, you hardly can imitate his attitude and manner. If you meet someone knowing that person well enough, you have a serious problem. The Polyjuice Potion helps you mimic the appearance, not the memories and experiences. At least, Polyjuice Potion is much more than a normal foolproof potion. Because I am pretty sure anyone wants to try this potion at least if this potion is the truth.

Most of the plans

Harry Potter 3

In fact, ‘Harry Potter’ is a story about the fight of 2 men. One is just a boy and one is the evil wizard who runs after the immortality. The audiences and readers met uncountable twists and turn in ‘Harry Potter’. Each man has his own team to face up to the other. Harry has the support from his friend like Ron, Hermione, Weasley family and other friends. The most name we can’t miss is professor Dumbledore.

From the beginning, Professor Dumbledore had given him special care and interest. Even Snape seemed to hate Harry but he was always the man having an eye on him. In the end, Snape is a good guy with a good heart. On the contrary, Voldemort the dark lord has an army under his command. An army of Death Eaters is ready to do anything for their lord. They even are ready to die for him. Because some of them are afraid of Voldemort’s power like Draco’s parents. Some truly admired the power of Voldemort. And these Death Eaters constantly tried to find ways to catch and kill Harry.

However, we have to say that not every plan we have seen in Harry Potter is a good one. This is a magic world but it seems to not follow the logic sometimes. Let’s give you some example. In Harry’s fourth year, his blood is necessary to bring Voldemort from death. And you definitely could come up with hundred ways to do that. But the powerful dark lord had another idea when he was in the land of the death. He contacted his servants and came up with a plan. He chose to let Harry attend a competition to have the chance to capture and take his blood. Hilariously, this plan seemed too much complicated to take blood from a boy. There are many other ways and incidents that they can do it without notices from the other.

In Deathly Hallows, some Aurors and Harry’s friends transformed into Harry. They did it as a misdirection to get to the safe houses. Here is a much simple plan for them to do so. Instead, they use the potion to turn into a Muggle form. Disguising as a Muggle and using normal transportation is a better and safer way to do this. After all, the wizards seem to not like the idea of becoming a normal person. But they really do need to learn the way Muggles coming up to plans.

Why did students in Hogwarts keep getting in danger?

Polyjuice Potion 2

As we all know, Hogwarts is a special school for teaching wizards. In fact, it is the only school in Britain. But it is still a school after all which makes it have to be safe for the students. But we may see the different things in this school. We will not mention 3 main characters Harry, Ron, and Hermione. These students seemed to like to be in danger instead. But the average students in this school also found that they weren’t in a safe place. There are many mysterious incidents happening this Hogwarts. Some of them are fatal indeed.

In the first year in Hogwarts, Harry discovered the secret room. It was where they kept the three-headed dog. Cerberus is the legendary dog that guards the gate of hell. And it is a superb dangerous and aggressive creature. However, the school decided to keep this dog away from its students by a simple door. And it comes with a magical obstacle course filled with potentially lethal rooms. We can see that the safety standard has no meaning in Hogwarts. What about the sport loved by everyone, Quidditch? We can see that this sport is much far violent and dangerous. Flying on a broom without any safe belt and chasing in high speed. What kind of sport for students like this? They can fall from their broom in the height of 10 to 15 meters. This is a fatal fall even they have magic.

Students in Hogwarts have to ask for permission to go to the town of Hogsmeade. As they said, it could be dangerous then the school needed permission from the parents. Then why did they not ask permission for this dangerous sport? the Triwizard Tournament is the last straw for this nonsense. The competition gave many challenges for students to get over. But they even have dragons, sphinxes, and murderous merpeople. Someone can die for these things. We hardly believe that this is normal activities in a school.

Besides, the students also learned many dangerous subjects like making a poisonous potion. With a drop of that, they can kill everyone in the classroom. Do they really teach that stuff in school? And many other incidents that could kill the students in Hogwarts. Most of these are the battles between the dark lord and Hogwarts. Parents should go over consideration twice before sending their children here. After all, this is not the Sparta school where the students can die in the training.

The Vow is unbreakable

Half-Blood Prince

In the Half-Blood Prince, the audiences and readers know about the Unbreakable Vow. The vow is something that people bounded to each other. When two people made a vow together, this vow will last forever. Which mean someone decided to betray the vow will suffer. And the punishment for that betrayal is the death. You can compare this to marriage vow. Ron’s older brother Fred used to try to trick him into making a vow. But this is nothing to mention but the vow between Severus Snape and Draco’s mother, Narcissa. It was a vow about helping Draco in his assassination on professor Dumbledore. Of course, it was what Voldemort direction.

The dark lord, in fact, was a genius in the wizarding world. And because of his talent, he thought he should stand above others. And he knew about the Unbreakable Vows which he used to control the Death Eaters. It is a useful way to gain loyal from people. But Voldemort did make a vow with Snape to make him his most loyal servant. After the death of his love, Harry’s mother Lily Potter, Snape became a double agent working for both sides. He secretly worked for Dumbledore and helped Harry survived and killed Voldemort later. We don’t know why the Unbreakable Vow didn’t work on Snape’s betrayal.



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