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Things in Twilight you may realize when you become an adult

Things in Twilight you may realize when you become an adult

Bella and Edward

Stephenie Meyer introduced the vampire and werewolf world to us in 2008’s Twilight. As a result, the audiences preferred watching the endless love of Bella and Edward. The film based on the famous book series. It actually led to 4 more sequels. In fact, this movie became extremely popular all around the world. It amounted to billions in international receipts at the box office.

The time has gone since the film’s fervor. However, have you ever rewatched it? You firstly watched this film when you were an adolescent. At the moment, you should have been an adult. To say, we believe that you could find some interesting things when revisiting this film. Now, in this article, let’s figure out those kinds of details with us.

The mysterious introduction covered a particular meaning

In the first scene, someone chased after a brocket and captured it in the forest. The next scene was when Bella said cryptically: I did not spend much time to think much about how I would die. However, I thought it was a good way when dying in the arm of someone I love. Therefore, I cannot feel regret when making the decision to leave my home. In this point, no one knows who Bella is. Hence, this sequence indicated confusion. Although we knew that Bella left Phoenix, the meaning of first moments is still unclear.

Stephenie Meyer also said that point was difficult to understand, even in her book. She did not mention that time came much later in the book compared to the movie. She claimed: sometimes, her book was clearer in her eyes when she wrote them. And she did not explain her ideas well enough. Normally, the editor would approach those things. If she felt everything was clear to her point of view, confusion may happen towards others.

The author finally knew that those kinds of things could fly over some people’s heads. She continued her statement: James is ‘the hunter’. She thought that this term might keep raising some confusion. Why did she say that? Because later, James was a tracker. However, he was trying to hunt Bella. To say, at that point, that was when how she could define him. Meyer also clarifies those viewpoints on her website. She stated that Bella’s dying thoughts were in a dance studio. It was near the end of her book.

A mistake in the movie – Edward’s breath 

Bella understood there might have something more about Edward’s unique characteristics. It was after the parking lot fail. At that point, she did the things that everybody else would do. To say, she found the answers on the internet. The internet led her to a nearby bookstore. At this place, Bella found a book investigating the myth of vampires and werewolves. Those things were the things Jacob referenced once time. Then, Bella began to put 2 and 2 together. One of the significant qualifiers was Edward was always cold to touch. Keep that thought.

In some scenes, how cold the temperature saw hot breath clouds as they attack the frigid Forks air. This point was important when Edward and Bella were in the forest. But, since Edward was a vampire, he was cool all the time. So, his breath was also cold, right? So that he was not able to show up against the cold forest air?

The two strange things appeared in Bella’s bedroom

It was definitely sweet that Bella’s dad helped her prepare the bedroom. He was waiting for her when she came to Forks. Someone might wonder who Bella’s father enlisted to support the decoration. He bought on credit for choosing the purple bedding set. It was actually good enough. Nevertheless, there were 2 interesting items coming out.

That moment was when Bella entered into her room for the first time. A baby doll head lied on a shelf opposite the door to her room. A question came immediately: Where was the baby doll’s body? Why would one cut the baby doll’s head? Why did it lying around? Didn’t you think this was a failed design tendency?

The second noticeable point was a piece of artwork. The camera recorded that Bella was walking into her room. By that time, we might pay attention to a painting or a picture of a wolf. It was on the wall by the door. In the upcoming scenes of the film, Bella became a werewolf’s best friend. Hence, this scene was something like a clever foreshadowing.

Billy Black looks too familiar

Bella arrived in Forks. After a short period, her dad’s best friend and his son introduced a truck they fixed for Bella. The son is Bella’s future best friend of her kid – Jacob. Bella’s dad showed up Jacob’s old man as Billy Black.

You should re-watched this movie to realize that Billy’s face was similar to someone. It was because the actor who took a role Billy – Gil Birmingham. Gil actually participated in regular roles on a few big TV series since Twilight (in 2008). If you are a lover of House of Cards, you will realize him in Daniel Lanagin role. If you follow the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, you will find him as Virgil. And if you are a big fan of Banshee, you will know him in George Hunter role.

Jacob’s hair definitely got better with time    


The Most Improved Player award should belong to Jacob’s hair. You would recognize it if you watched the whole Twilight series. Let’s re-watch this film. Then, you will see how terrible the wig of the actor Taylor Lautner really was! Lautner also agreed with that. He told MTV that the wig was a very essential co-star. At this time, he does not miss it much. He thought that the wig ‘hates’ him. It did not like him, for sure. Besides, he did not like it either. They should not meet each other.

Thank god! The werewolf manifestations finally came out. If Jacob did not change something, which the point he sported a shorter ‘do. He may feel annoyed with the long wig during the Twilight series.

The apple is a motif

In the cafeteria scene, Bella first met the Cullens. At that time, Rosalie grabbed an apple in her hand. This scene was pretty like the person on the book cover. Coincidence? We think it is not. It could be a part of the author design when choosing an apple for the book’s cover.

Meyer explained this point on her website. She commented that cover in Twilight book represented for the ‘forbidden fruit.’ She used the scripture of Genesis. It was after the table of contents of the book. Meyer confessed that she did that she loved a phrase. That sentence was the fruit of knowledge of good and evil. Don’t you see it was exactly what Bella ends up with? In addition, there was a positive thing about this apple. It has a lot of symbolic roots. You have an apple in Snow White. You bite it for once and you become frozen forever. However, you did not die. Apples often are the versatile fruit. In conclusion, the author said: I really love the simplicity as well as the beauty of this cover picture.

On the other hand, there is one more thing about the Cullens. It indicated that they are all eating something. Was it a type of a no-no for vampires or not? Don’t you think they act like this to keep up their appearances?

Robert Pattinson is definitely a British

When Bella came to school on her first day, she and Edward became a pair in the lab. Edward practically chokes over her fragrance. By that time, he was sitting in front of a big taxidermied owl. His position made him look like he had angel wings. Do you agree with it or not? However, I did not mean it. The owl’s shape was similar to the Hedwig from Harry Potter. This feature reminded about Pattinson’s Potter character – Cedric Diggory. This also might tell us that Pattinson is British.

The Twilight was Pattinson’s first time speaking American accent. If it is, it will be interesting. Notably, he had no formal training. He admitted that sometimes he forgot speaking in an American accent (MTV interview). In addition, the unexpected thing was that he could forget his real accent after filming! At that time, he felt really weird. On the other hand, Pattinson has never done any job in an American accent environment. To get familiar with this accent, he learned to speak in a simple way. He went on watching American movies.

Bella’s backpack refused the physics law   

It was a scene in the parking lot. Bella nearly died because of a van. This scene is important to Twilight’s plot. It helped people realize that Edward really is not the same as other guys. However, Edward is not the unique one in this movie who has extraordinary powers.

When Bella came out to her truck, she threw her backpack onto the hood. Then, she looked back at Edward. He was coming across the parking lot before the van could approach her. The truck heavily impacted to the tail-end of the van. At that moment, the camera revealed that Bella’s backpack might not budge an inch. To be clearer, it was still safe in the precise spot before the slamming.

Edward and Bella’s first convo is totally embarrassing

It is a simple mission when viewing back on Edward and Bella’s love story. However, we have to be honest when looking at it again. Their first conversation in the lab was a terrible conversation. Did you feel any serious cases of third-hand embarrassment whereas watching or not? If you did not, you are obviously an inscrutable strong emotion.

Besides, the actors also did not notice the awkwardness of this moment. Stewart also claimed this issue in an MTV interview. He said: It was perhaps not romantic at that time. However, if they reminded back that scene. They might be like ‘Whoa! Wow!’. That scene actually told audiences a lot. When both of them sit beside each other. They try to communicate with each other in that bio lab. It was nearly a difficult task for them. On one side, there was a thing Stewart found interesting about this story. It was not an easy-going love.

This point was basically just inconvenient for them to take a role. Their acts were just for fans to watch.

The Cullens performed their crest from the beginning

You might avert Bella and Edward’s faces within their ‘weird’ conversation in the bio lab. If you do that, you would stare on Edward’s wrist. Besides, you might see the bracelet bearing sort of crest. Those features seemed to be meaningful at the upcoming moments in the movie. When Edward brought Bella to his house for having dinner together. At that time, Alice was wearing a necklace with a similar crest. To be clearer in this point, you might see all of the Cullens wear their badge in just one way or another. Then, you might ask yourself the meaning of this.

Obviously, the director Catherine Hardwicke created that crest specifically for the films. Moreover, this did not belong to the book. It was a little detail which you would have a glance at. Otherwise, the actor Peter Facinelli also gave some explanations in an MTV interview. Peter stated: it was a family crest. It was the Cullen family crest. Each one has to carry it. Peter’s one had a form as a ring. Some children had it as a form of a bracelet. Besides, others had a pendant.

One apple is still big enough

In this topic, we should move back onto the above subject – the apples. There was a moment in the cafeteria. At the salad bar, Edward chatted Bella up. She was preparing her salad in a bowl while Edward asks “Edible art?”. This question made Bella surprise enough to knock her apple off the salad bar. The apple jumped off of Edward’s foot. Edward grabbed it and held it in his hands. You might realize this scene was the same as the book cover.

And then, what happened next? Bella moved to the opposite side of the salad bar. Edward followed her. However, you would not see the apple anymore. You are now asking yourself about the way how Pattinson caught the apple. Let’s assume it belonged to a string for the scene. However, it still let the actors try. The director Catherine Hardwicke demonstrated it in a clip. He said: after they did it for a million times. We put efforts to make it right. Finally, we chose to give it up. However, it finally worked.

Kristen Stewart wears colorful contact lenses

It got high attention in later scenes of the movie when Bella became a vampire. After transformation, she had nearly blood red eyes. However, Stewart simply had large and deep brown doe-eyes. To let you know, Stewart has green eyes in real life.

Pattinson confirmed this point in an interview with MTV. He and Stewart had to wear contact lenses for their special roles – Edward and Bella. Stewart acted like ‘I wore those lenses. Why did you always feel annoyed with them?’. Stewart asked about the difference between her amber-hued one (a Cullen) and her brown lenses. But, she changed her tune when she swapped her brown contacts to the vampire’s eyes. Pattinson commented: When she wore them, she complained about them in every second. She was satisfying I thought.

Pattinson can play the piano

Edward and Bella’s relationship began. Edward played the piano for Bella when they fly away from his house. To be honest, it was enough to force someone lines up to get bitten. Most viewers claimed this was a trick. However, Robert admitted he is a piano virtuoso. The actor revealed this new in an interview with MTV. He joked that he did not play it for a period. He also impressed at his own ability when selecting the song in nearly 10 seconds.

In the version of the first book, Stewart also implied about Pattinson’s secret talent. She said that scene existed in the movie actually. She told that to MTV about the song ‘Bella’s Lullaby’. Furthermore, Robert was writing it on the piano when they talked.

Edward – a creeper

There was a scene when Edward shows up in Bella’s bedroom. He was full of delightful sexual tension. Do you see that? However, Edward also admitted sneaking into her room on lots of occasions to see her sleep. One of the reasons for this behavior was that he cannot sleep. Then, he realized it fascinating. Doesn’t that behavior make Edward become a voyeur? A front door of a house cannot appear for no reason, Edward.

The vampire baseball scene

Cullen clan can shatter the skin of a baseball. They can move into another stratosphere to grab a ball when it was flying. Those things were kinds of mystical spiritualism.

For instance, Bella and Edward arrived at the baseball game. They were driving the Jeep Wrangler. It was not Edward’s car – a Volvo C30. Are they family cars? A switch? If Edward took the Jeep, what did others drive? When Edward and Bella came, they said Jeep was so muddy. However, when the evils crashed the game, the couple escaped, the Jeep was clean again.

One more example. Why did Emmett wear a purple velour tracksuit when playing baseball?

Stephenie Meyer creates a cameo

It was about one of Bella’s mealtime meeting with her dad at the cafe. At that time, there was a woman. She was sitting at the counter. And she was working with a laptop while drinking coffee. When this first film got hit, Stephenie Meyer was not a famous name. Therefore, it was simple to ignore the fact that Twilight’s author was sitting in a coffee shop. Kellan Lutz (Emmett in the film) told MTV: I love this Hitchcock moment. Meyer did a wonderful job. It was so cool for her to see herself there.


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