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Top 10 exciting moments of Ninja streamer

Top 10 exciting moments of Ninja streamer

Top 10 exciting moments of Ninja streamer


Have you ever played a first-person shooter ‘Fortnite’ game? If not, you can ask your friends about this interesting game. If so, this article will give you interesting information about the funny guy Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, a famous streamer of Fortnite. Ninja is a professional gamer and he has good skills. He streamed to entertain people and he really caught the attention with every livestream video. In this article, we will explore the reasons for Ninja’s popularity on Twitter!

The surprise is that Ninja became famous after only one night. After a victory in Fortnite by Epic Games publisher, he proved to everyone that he was different. He invented humorous gameplay in dramatic matches, he made you laugh with his words. And the following are the most interesting moments of Ninja:

Do you believe that! He once achieved 32 solo kills!

Fortnite is an online shooting game, but it does not have blood and stress scenes. You can experience this game in many different ways. You can ride a horse and take a walk, you can build a house on an island … But the main element of this game is shooting, and killing opponents with your weapons. In the past, Ninja was a professional gamer with Halo games. He is a funny person, but when he focuses, Ninja is really a strong opponent!

During a battle in Tilted Towers, Ninja impressed everyone with his skills. At that time there were about 80 people on the map and all wanted to destroy anyone who got in their way. Ninja is also one of 80 people on Tilted Towers, he uses Ginger Gunner and kills 3 people within two minutes. After that, he moves, selects a safe position, shoots at the enemy and finishes them. Ninja is also good at taking advantage of terrain, he jumps onto the roofs while shooting exactly who is in front of him.

When the result appeared, it was found that Ninja had 32 solo kills for himself. A record that hardly any gamer can achieve, even professional gamers!

He once won $1 milion with Marshmello

There have been many money-making events from Fortnite organized by Epic Games, including Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am. During the event, Epic Games invited 50 professional Fortnite players (including Ninja) and world famous people like Pete Wentz or Nathan Kress. They will work together to find the ultimate winning couple. The prize for this event is 1 million dollars and the winner can use it to share with the charity they want!

The companion of Ninja in this event is the mysterious music producer DJ Marshmello. If you think that this DJ’s huge Marshmello hat will affect the couple’s winning rate, you’re wrong. Marshmello fought alongside Ninja during the event, he even played quite well. As for the Ninja part, he skipped 2 days of livestream (losing about 40,000 subscribers), but instead, he and his companion had a million dollars for charity.

His building skill is so amazing

The difference between Fortnite and other first-person shooter games is the construction. The game allows you to collect firewood, iron, steel … to build buildings as your shields. You can build a wooden staircase to run up to the roof and shoot at enemies from above when he is searching below. You can also create walls to hide your shadow. This is the interesting thing you will like in Fortnite.

Ninja spent a lot of time focusing on construction skills. He likes high terrain and he will build anything that can help him stand above the enemy. And Ninja is really an expert in construction. His construction speed is very fast. If you watch the stream of Ninja you will see that the pieces of wood fly continuously. And Ninja is not afraid to tell people that his strategy is to build then fight on high terrain. But before you want to take down Ninja, catch up with his construction speed!

Do you want to see the battle between Ninja and Drake?

Ninja was really famous in his game area. But he is also a talented person in promoting his image. If you notice, you will see that Ninja always has matches with celebrities, including rapper Drake. “Squad with Drake, Travis and JuJu you Hear me” is a match between Ninja and Drake and this livestream “God Squad” has 630,000 viewers at a time, breaking every record! If you know Drake through God Plan songs or Hotline Bling, he is also a gamer!

During the match, Drake uses ‘TheBoyDuddus’ on the PlayStation 4 and shows his great skills in Fortnite. From Drake’s fans plus Ninja’s fans, it was a great livestream.

After that epic livestream, the couple continued to play together for several matches as a solid team. They once achieved 16 kills in a battle and Drake said Epic Games should update a patch that included the “Hotline Bling” dance!

Ninja gets troll by $ 50000

Money donations are one of the features for players to support the streamer they like. And of course, many fans donate to Ninja. We don’t have statistics on Ninja properties, but he does have a lot of money from donate, cooperating with companies, advertising products …

Among those who have donate for Ninja, YouTuber MrBeast is an interesting name. He said that he will give $ 50,000 to dotane, for charity. With the first 250 dollars, Ninja must drop his weapon. For the next 500 dollars, Ninja must drop all his equipment. With 1000 dollars, the Ninja is not allowed to receive a medal … MrBeast says that with 10,000 dollars, he will pressure Ninja and Ninja will lose the match!

The humorous battle took place when MrBeast actually used more than 10,000 dollars to donate to Ninja, serving the charity for children. This is a great match between two celebrities on YouTube!

The god in the Titled Towers

On the battlefield, Titled Towers is a hot spot. Inside the tower there are many spoils and rare equipment. For other gamers, they want to go into Titled Towers to get what they need and get out of this dangerous area as soon as possible. But for Ninja, Titled Towers is an interesting playground. He is always a god in the Titled Towers area. Ninja once achieved 20 kills in thirty seconds in this area. When he switched from machine guns to sniper guns, Ninja could kill enemies at close and far distances!

Ninja destroys all enemies on his way. When the map is narrowed, he takes down seven other players and he starts to look for his prey in other locations. At the Dusty Divot, the Ninja has 19 more kills, and his final enemy is Player359. They see each other, they build walls, they are cautious in every step, and Ninja is the last survivor with his damage trap!

Duos match with LIL YACHTY

Again, we talked about a battle of Ninja and celebrities. This time, Ninja played duos with rapper Lil Yachty.  For those who don’t know, Lil Yachty is a famous rapper who was nominated for a Grammy Award. Lil Yachty used to livestream some games on his Twitch channel, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Fortnite. In Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am, Lil Yachty and TBNRFrags are a couple.

On Twitch, Lil Yachty admitted that he hated the feeling of not being the best in the game he was playing. But really, they won in those fun matches. Ninja teamed up with Lil Yachty well, and the fact that Lil Yachty was impressed with Ninja’s skills. After the match, Lil Yachty said that it was hard to believe in the speed that Ninja moved!

Ninja is Thanos

In a deal, there were agreements between Marvel and Epic Games for predictions about Avengers: Infinity War. In Fortnite, players can possess Infinity Gauntlet with superior power! With Infinity Gauntlet in Fortnite, you can destroy walls, create powerful impacts on the ground, and fire lasers to kill enemies!

Ninja himself is a tough opponent, he is really terrible with Infinity Gauntlet. In the death field, Ninja actually transformed into Thanos, he tossed the bodies of other players into the air, and he ended the lives of 16 enemies and became Victory Royale.

$ 100,000 donate and the tattoo of Ninja

$ 100,000 donate and the tattoo of Ninja

Ninja can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars to make charity and his fans are happy to donate to Ninja by these humanistic activities. Whenever Ninja realized a person had donated to him, he always said thank you and he was a bit confused!

GuardianCon Charity Blitz is a big event with a total donation of $ 2.7 million sent to Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. As for Ninja, his fans donated $ 325,000 with $ 500 for him to drop his guns and some other fun requests. When someone donates $ 150,000 to Ninja, he must do cosplay a certain character. And at the $ 200,000 mark, he must have a tattoo!

When the Ninja’s donation amounted to $ 150,000, there was a mysterious fan who put in Ninja’s account for $ 100,000 to look forward to an interesting goal: a tattoo on Ninja’s skin. There are no comments from this mysterious fan, and Ninja doesn’t even know about it because his dog is harassing. After that, Ninja turns to his dog and says “Daddy gets a llama tattoo“!


Ninja fans come from many parts of the world, with many different ages. With online broadcasts, Ninja and fans can interact in real time. He often instructs fans about installing computer devices, or talking about game customization.

During an online broadcast, Ninja made an interesting statement. Ninja said that fans should not be too concerned about copyright strikes on YouTube channels. For some, it helps them have time to do homework.

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