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Twelve Television shows that are spoiled by bad acting!

Twelve Television shows that are spoiled by bad acting!

Television shows

It seems like the success of a product always depends on the work of the whole production team, and when one link of a chain cracks, the entire system will be affected. This fact can be adapted to any field, and Television show is not an exception. Every day, almost a thousand different Television shows are filmed in order to catch up with the growth of the industry, but not all of them are called out at the annual award. Regardless of the work of the directors, scriptwriters, and producers, we should talk about the spirit of each show, which is the acting of actors.

However, we are entering a decade, in which the performance of an actor is not something only the theatre critic care. The audiences are being more sensitive to what they are seeing than ever. In fact, the rating of a show mostly depends on the actor’s performance. As we stated above, a good script and neat production cannot help a television show become a hit, or even an acceptable product, as they only can support describe parts of the entire thing everyone sees. Below are twelve television shows that must have been better if the director had not made such a big mistake while recruiting actors. Let’s scroll down and see if your favorite television shows or beloved actors and actress are unfortunately being included in the list or not!

Killer Instinct (2005)

Killer Instinct

In 2005, Fox released Killer Instinct, the show that had an outstanding concept comparing to the former as it offered a unique twist. Following the fictional murder cases in San Francisco, Killer Instinct tells the story of the local Police Department’s Deviant Crimes Unit, with Johnny Messner as the lead actor. The show would have been another hit series from Fox if it had not been made under a poisonous production.

Johnny Messner did not makeup such a good decision when he decided to play the role of the lead detective Jack Hale. Regardless of his fantastic performance in Guiding Light as Rob Layne, The O. C as Lance Baldwin or even the short series Tarzan as a detective, Messner’s work in Killer Instinct was rated in a not-so-positive way by the critics, as it was panned with negative reviews. It seems like both viewers and critics were expecting something more from a police investigator of Killer Instinct, rather than just a “performance that doesn’t yield much heat”.

Dr. Ken (2015)

Dr. Ken

Unlike what people think of the main cause of the failure of the comedy sitcom Dr. Ken by ABC Studios and Sony Pictures Television, the poor performance of the leading actor Ken Jeong was not the only element that was responsible for the cancellation of the entire series after the second season. However, it was easy to understand why Ken Jeong was blamed for the failure of Dr. Ken since he was the face of the entire series.

Started in 2005, Dr. Ken based on the physician background of Ken Jeong, who played a whacky doctor and an overprotective father in the series. The show seems like it was a lack of good scripts. In addition to that, the performance of Ken Jeong was not enough to save the series, since it was not convincing, “wooden and completely lacking in credibility”. It seemed like Jeong’s style of acting was not well-served within a traditional three-camera format. In other words, the ABC Friday night family’s corner needed more than a show like Dr. Ken.

Work It (2012)

Marilyn Monroe

In the history of cinema, we have seen the first two men wear dresses in Some Like It Hot starring Marilyn Monroe. Going through history, it is not difficult to find the image of men doing feminist jobs. We have 1982’s Tootsie, ‘80s sitcom Bosom Buddies, and even the massively successful series Madea. Following the success of our predecessors, we came to the comedy sitcom ‘Work It’. However, the audience only watched one season with 11 episodes throughout the film. Work It does not even appear on television in the United States, its mother country. Even when Work It pick up such a hot topic about the economy. This series was blamed for mistreating the image of the LGBTQ+ community.

Besides, most of the negative reviews about the film, surprisingly, were about the poor acting of the entire cast, not only the two main actors. The overwhelmingly bad reaction from the audience of Work It pointed out that this TV show was wrong in recruiting suitable actors. The B-side roles were portrayed by actors with less enthusiasm than they needed. Meanwhile, Ben Koldyke and Amaury Nolasco should consider carefully if they want to create another great series. They need impressive acting from the main roles.

LA to Vegas (2018)

LA to Vegas

LA to Vegas is another Fox’s series to join the list. The producer of this film followed the success of the TV series based on humor. They learn about different types of transportation like Taxi and Wings. After that, we have LA to Vegas. The story of LA to Vegas tells the audience about Jackpot Airlines crew. They have a route between LA and Vegas, like two destination cities. LA to Vegas includes many famous actors, such as Kim Matula, Don Johnson, and Peter Stormare. The production team seems like a really safe one, from top to toe. But, what made LA to Vegas get canceled after the first season with only 15 episodes?

Once again, the jokes from LA to Vegas were not the best ones to be picked up for the scripts of a TV series that follows the concept of stand-up comedy. In addition to the poor skills of the writers, the unimpressive performance of the leading actor Dylan McDermott was also marked as “terribly miscast” for the role of Captain David “Dave” Pratman. Throughout some of McDermott’s scenes in LA to Vegas, even the audience got tired of his character. As a matter of fact, LA to Vegas could not make it to the second season, as it had to say goodbye to its viewers due to the incredible drop in rating.

Mulaney (2014)


After being refused by NBC, Mulaney was finally picked up by Fox with the order of 10 more episodes as an addition to the original run. Unluckily, the series had used up all of its fortunes to appear on Fox since right after the second episode was aired, Fox cut down three of its episodes and after almost four months of being aired so far, the entire series was canceled.

John Mulaney, the star of the show, had been successful in various fields such as being a writer and comedian. Unfortunately, this man failed to play himself in the series based on his own life. Even Martin Short, an experienced actor, could not save the show. Because of the awkward that John Mulaney caused whenever he appeared on the scene. The show failed to make a star out of John Mulaney. It is one of the most embarrassing products that the Television industry had seen. It is hard not to say that Mulaney needed to improve his acting skills. If he doesn’t want to cause more stiff performances, he has to learn more!

Iron Fist (2017)

Iron Fist

In history, not all the series has the success like any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The success of cinematic films had opened a door. This door leads to the growth of the small-screen industry, with big names like Luke Cage or Jessica Jones. However, the fact had proved that Iron Fist failed to meet the audience’s expectation.

The main story of Iron Fist tells the story about Danny Rand. Danny Rand is a martial arts expert in the series.  He has the ability to call upon a mystical power, it is the “Iron Fist“. And we have Finn Jones, actor in Game of Thrones, plays Danny Rand. Finn tried to describe his character in a very artistic way. He learns about Kung Fu, Wushu, Weight Training and even Tai Chi, etc… But his performance was still not enough to the critics. His hero had no connection to the viewers, sometimes; Iron Fist seemed lost as well.

The critics easily pointed out that Finn Jones could not take the lead of the series. Iron Fist requires an actor with more ability, and at least, knows what he is doing. Finn Jones was good, but it seemed like he was not the one Iron Fist was looking for.

Rush Hour (2016)

Rush Hour

Do you know about Fargo, Westworld and many other Television adaptions of the famous movies? If so, you will also be curious about Rush Hour. This is a television version of the movie under the same name. Regardless of the success from its movie version, 2016 Rush Hour by CBS found it hard to satisfy the fans.

After almost a decade, it seemed like the original Rush Hour has losing its spot within the entertaining map. Besides, the bigger problem came from the casts. Both Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan were not in this series. And CBS brought in two new actors, John Foo and Justin Hires. Unfortunately, the audiences did not know much about these new guys. Throughout the film, the audience realized that John Foo and Justin Hires tried hard to match their roles. The show seemed like a copycat, a television version of the original movie that we did not need.

Ihumans (2017)


Ihumans with Scott Buck as a showrunner, which is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, did not fix the mistake that Marvel did with Iron Fist. After the failure of its sibling, Ihumans was brought to the small screen with huge expectations for it. However, shows like Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D might have given Marvel the hope of picking up new show within their network offerings. The problem is, Inhumans was not that popular to the non-fans of Marvel. The viewers that did not know much about the Marvel’s comic refused to watch the series, while the performance of Iwan Rheon, who played Ihumans antagonist Maximus, was not enough to convince the comic book geekdom.

Rheon was not the only one within the casts of Inhumans that shows his negative side of acting. Even the supporting characters of Inhumans made the audiences wonder what they were doing not for just once. However, Inhumans is not a good recommendation for someone who is actually looking for a good television series.

Viva Laughlin (2007)

Viva Laughlin

Just like many other shows, Viva Laughlin was an American remake from the original British version. Producers hope this is a popular program in the field of television. But it failed to attract the audience’s attention. After the failure of Viva Laughlin, the television industry had to make more careful decisions.

The show received a mostly negative reaction from the Critics. Due to The New York Times, Viva Laughlin was “the worst new show” during the season it was released, and even can be called the “worst show in the history of television”. The show was not able to make it to the second season and it was dropped after the second episode. Lloyd Owen, the star of the show, had an extremely bad performance. He can’t even use dance to make the audience excited. While Viva Smilelin is a music movie! And you know, Viva Laughlin was postponed without regret, as it deserved.

Bad Judge (2014)

Bad Judge

In 2014, Kate was involved in an NBC’s series named Bad Judge. This series has picked out the positives of a bad image. This was a familiar concept in television history at that time. The program was successful with this concept: Mom and Two Broke Girls. Bad Judge tried to tell the story of Rebecca Wright, a judge working at the Los Angeles County Court. The shows focused on the protagonist wild lifestyle, besides the work in the system of law of America. After one season with only thirteen episodes was served, Bad Judge ended with the 60% drop in rating.

Kate Walsh might be successful with her role as an immoral wife on Fargo. Or a mother whose child commits suicide in 13 Reasons Why. But sometimes this talented actress still fails to draw the audiences’ attention! Unfortunately, Bad Judge did not make it be one of the outstanding shows within its field. It seemed like Walsh was trying to be someone that she was not able to be. The actress was far from being a badass judge just as the show expected.

However, we should not blame Walsh for the big failure of Bad Judge, even when she was the leading actress. The series itself deserved a better production with more creative staffs, rather some old jokes. And its tricks could not surprise the audiences. If it was not Kate Walsh, maybe Bad Judge is a B-rated series.

Whitney (2011)

Whitney (2011)

It seemed like the Mulaney did not learn anything from its predecessors, such as NBC’s Whitney. Sometimes, statistics from surveys cannot help the company make a good decision. The failure Mulaney experienced was similar to the feeling Whitney received in 2011. Even if Whitney Cummings can make anyone laugh when she starts talking… Once again, we realize that a good comedian is not always successful in real acting. Poor acting will affect the reputation of any star. If you are not serious on set, you will fail!

After two seasons set in Chicago, Whitney was not able to make it to the third season. Whitney Cummings could blame the audiences for the cancellation of the series, or maybe her bad acting. Some critical reaction even pointed out that Whitney was not even a “bad actor”. It was a strike to her performance throughout the show. Thank you, Whitney, next!

Sullivan & Son (2012)

Sullivan & Son

Created by Rob Long and Steve Byrne, Sullivan & Son revolves around the story of Steve Sullivan, who is a corporate lawyer and then later an owner of a bar in Pittsburgh. Sullivan & Son seems like the best shows within this list since it was aired for three seasons, not a bad result for a television series that is called off by the performances of its stars. On Metacritic, the show scored only 47/100 points, which meant it was not enough to satisfy half of the audiences.

The leading actor of the show, Steve Byrne, who is also a rising star at that time, needed something more than just an old story with the poor concept like Sullivan & Son. From the beginning to the end of each episode, even the easiest viewers could see that there was something wrong with the system of characters in the series. This failure came mostly from the casts, especially Steve Byrne. In some scenes, the viewers noticed that Byrne was delivering fail expressions that led to the catastrophe of the entire episode. After Sullivan & Son, Steve Byrne had learned such a big lesson and maybe next time, we can truly expect something better from this talented comedian, rather than just some nonsense television series with less than an effort.

Not all the series in the list above are too bad to give it a try, you still can find a good show among them but to be honest, there are none of them is qualified enough to make you have a great time chilling through the small screen. You had better find something more exciting and fascinating to spend time with it!

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