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What do you know about the person who plays Barney?

What do you know about the person who plays Barney?


Barney will give you positive energy about his feelings for you. Regardless of whether you like him or not, he will treat you like a family member. He showed it through every episode as well as a song, which will make you feel confident about him. Compared to the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, Barney has a different approach to children. The dinosaurs are big, scary and ready to eat people at anytime. Barney just wants to give friendly hugs to younger audiences around the world through small screens. This will be the link between friendship and the audience.

A purple outfit, dancing, walking around, not completely out of prehistoric times, may make some people feel embarrassed. It’s great that it didn’t happen to Barney. Negativity did not happen to him. He is a happy, optimistic, love life. The audience was very familiar with the man in the purple outfit – David Joyner.

This multi-talented guy has been active in many fields such as electronic engineer, a massage therapist or even a mannequin

David Joyner

Joyner created the similarity between him and Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World. They look like fellow countrymen. David Joyner is not purely a dinosaur but is he a mere human, he needs to learn more. He has a wonderful life and is so happy that people associate him with the image of a superman. Elsewhere, he is a very talented person. Joyner is an energy healer, a knowledgeable practitioner of Reiki, and a deeply knowledgeable follower of Tantra.

Joyner had an interview with Trainwreck’d Society, he revealed the achievements he had achieved as a young man. First, it is an ITT Tech degree in Electronic Engineering before working with Texas Instruments as a software analyst. The achievement of being a massage therapist is also listed. That means this talented guy can help you in many ways at the same time. Including massaging you, becoming a mental advisor to help you solve your life problems. And help you fix the troubles from your computer. All these functions can be done by him at the same time. Besides, Joyner is known as an experienced dancer and athlete. Tyrannosaurus has a silly appearance but the audience is very sympathetic to it. The idea of ​​a purple dinosaur is great and it’s even better when done by David Joyner. David is a smart and multi-talented guy.

Although he is very talented, this guy’s dream is to become an entertainment artist. Even though every purple contract he deals with is done at a commercial center. Joyner put on his outfit, stood in the shop, moved like a mechanical robot. He looked like a living mannequin. It seems that working with a cash register is more suitable for part-time work.

Joyner’s hunch on the success of his audition appeared before he joined

 David Joyner 4

Although David Joyner tends to be spiritual, this cannot be a comment that can make people think he is crazy or cruel. Sincerely, his spirituality is an indispensable aspect of his life. Spirituality brings motivation and purpose for events that occur in his life. Joyner believes that he already knows about receiving the role of Barney. Besides, he also confirmed that he must be transformed into this character (source from Business Insider).

What is the reason for his belief in spirituality? Explaining this, Joyner revealed that he came from a family where every member of the family was full of spiritual energy. Moreover, everyone has the ability to be clairvoyant. Whenever he had to make a decision for life, he always believed in dreams that could lead him to handle every problem. It is not uncommon to know that he had a dream about the character of Barney the night before he auditioned for this famous character. It’s good to know that Barney didn’t have sharp teeth when he lay unconscious on the ground and needed Joyner’s help. Joyner quickly made an oral resuscitation for him.

The special thing is that he saw ads from Southwest Airlines that said breathing life on your vacation when he had a trip to audition with his car. This randomness inspired Joyner, which helped him succeed in the later audition. The character Barney that he incarnated became the biggest symbol of the culture of the 90s. David Joyner was very sure of his ability to get this role after his hunch.

The role of Barney has accompanied him for 10 years


Adults and children have different perspectives on Barney’s character. The children believed that Barney was a real dinosaur. While the adults believed that behind Barney’s character was such an unfortunate person that he had to do a cheap job. There are many ideas that the Barney impersonator has struggled with the bills. And he must accept wearing weird clothes and dancing constantly. According to People magazine, this purple dinosaur outfit has a volume of up to 70 pounds and even Joyner has to be in the 120-degree temperature inside the suit. It was horrible with those numbers and Joyner could only look outside through Barney’s mouth. This purple dinosaur role seems to be very ungrateful. Because Bob West is the main voice actor for it, not the guy behind the heavy suit.

However, David Joyner did not bother about it. And he did not hesitate to share with the audience about his favorite with this character. He thinks Barney is beautiful and Barney is very good to him, which motivates him to wear a purple dinosaur costume. He has confirmed his position in history over the past 10 years about the image of a true dinosaur singing. Joyner was very passionate about Barney’s role for a long time.

While Barney brings hope and happiness to children worldwide, Joyner’s target is adults. Joyner’s seriousness not only surprised the audience but also inspired them. If you’re having problems including service industry or sitting at your desk for a long day, don’t forget that there’s a guy who tried to turn an ungrateful job into a favorite. Not only that, he tried very hard to transform the difficulties into his favorite time in his life.

David Joyner has strong faith in tantra

David Joyner 3

Western culture has recorded tantra as a perverted giggle. But the David B. Gray of Oxford Research Encyclopedias has a completely different view of this term. He thinks the West has misunderstood it. Through the long journey of history, tantra is an extremely complex spiritual system that has been around for thousands of years. Besides, tantra is derived from Buddhism, Hinduism, and other prominent faiths.

Do you wonder if there is any connection between Tantra and Barney? Definitely yes. Explaining this, David Joyner has a deep understanding of Tantra. David revealed that he had learned about the White Lotus Tantra as a student since he was 19 years old. Joyner believes that Joyner’s tantric practice centers are rooted in love including God’s Divine Sacred love from the universe through Spirit, Mind, and Body. All the mentioned sources have spread that love. Joyner has deeply studied spirituality when playing the role of Barney.

David always did meditation and prayed for a half hour before any play with Barney. This helped the radiance spread around him as he stepped up behind the stage. It helps him to be full of energy when he is spreading inspiration as well as optimism and joy to children around the world. Explaining this, Joyner revealed his grandmother always shared with him a gift. This helped heal everything and she always nurtured it. No need to argue, Joyner would have wanted to honor his grandmother’s wishes.

Deeper, Barney is actually a role of a devoted monk, smiling, inspiring others in the form of a dinosaur despite those who follow him. Those velociraptors appearing in Jurassic World can have outstanding qualities like intelligence. But this floating purple dinosaur is the character that helps them learn about the importance of seeking spiritual happiness.

He has appeared on your favorite TV shows but you don’t realize it

David Joyner 2

Stan Lee and David Joyner have many similarities in managing their programs. While Stan Lee has impressive appearances in every Marvel Comics movie, Joyner tends to fascinate the audience in every appearance as a guest in various shows. Acting as Dr. Sam Beckett in that ’90s sci-fi series Quantum Leap is also listed as the experience he experienced. Watchers are also among those assumptions. Joyner used his face to play peekaboo in the most secret way possible everywhere.

The cameo evidence allegedly collected by Joyner appears dense on his YouTube channel. He appeared with the misanthropic title character as a heart surgeon on House. A variety of other positions he has experienced. It is the 70s Show jazz musician That That. A parliamentary secretary who takes note on Veep. Or an agent belonging to 24, and Business Man # 2 who lives In Apartment 23 on Don’t Trust the B. Also, Joner used to work in the field of voicing an evil clown in Scooby Doo or performing soap plays like General Hospital.

Not stopping there, his most memorable guest role is a dialysis technician in ER. Joyner actually hid the medical-related qualifications and licenses. This helped him excel in the role of care in the programs. Medical skills that accompany him with other experiences include massage therapy, music, and reiki skills. It’s amazing to know this guy seems to be able to do everything.

Unreasonable rumors surrounding Barney’s role are unacceptable

David Joyner 3

The public has repeatedly asked questions about the identity of the person who hides behind the purple dinosaur costume. This phenomenon is not the only feature of any character but is common to every pop culture icon. Although the public only knew who Barney really was not long ago. There were always bizarre rumors and scary conspiracy theories around this character. The audience had expected a lot of dark facts that piled up like bunk beds about this character.

One of the most cheering rumors is the allegations surrounding Barney’s contributor using crazy cocaine. He is believed to be so addicted to this substance. He can hide them around him and use it whenever he wants. This rumor is really stupid. Because we all know the design of Barney costume is not suitable for hiding things. The outfit is too heavy with small and short arms. It cannot be reached on the dinosaur’s head. And it’s hard to pull drugs out of the tail. Other rumors were gradually swept into more and more. This is a complete result of sensationalism aimed at worsening Barney’s image in the audience. But this is really unrealistic. Another unreasonable rumor was that the person behind the giant costume was unbearable. And this guy was supposed to hang himself. The absurdity seems to have been pushed too far.

Snopes has exposed wild rumors surrounding Barney including his addiction, prison, and suicide. It is clear that he is alive and has never been to jail. The hypothesis that Joyner had a trip to Area 51. And then he received the ability of aliens seemed much more credible. Nobody wants a half-hearted conspiracy theory.

David almost stepped onto the death flight – United Airlines Flight 175

David Joyner

All the people who witnessed the collapse of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, have their own stories including how they were together. And how they experienced it. And especially the witness of this horrifying catastrophe has made them feel like a dark age. David Joyner is not an exception. He has told his own stories through an exclusive interview with Grunge.

On the days before 9/11 – the time when the tragedy occurred. Joyner was in Boston to attend an event. Logan Airport gave him a delayed flight and made him wait. This airline compensated him by providing an option for his return. He is free with different options for the flight back to Los Angeles. He plans not to go on Monday, September 10. Then Joyner moves to Tuesday, September 11. Airline employees say they have booked him on United Airlines Flight 175. Joyner has thought about this transformation very seriously. However, he decided at the last minute when he had some problems with the initial flight. He kept the original decision and did not change the flight. A spiritual-oriented person. Joyner believed he heard a strange voice.

The incident on September 11 was a big shock, haunting him all his life. A young girl in charge of his special events asked him to turn on the TV program and watch. The moment he caught his eye when the TV turned on, the second plane was heading straight into the Trade Center. It was horrifying when it was Flight 175.

Joyner replaced Barney with a bear named Hip Hop Barry

David Joyner 4

In the 21st century, David Joyner had the transformation of the character he played. His new replacement is the shiny yellow fur, the cap instead of the traditional purple suit. Joyner never stopped becoming a man in a costume. The new transformation has made him a bear named Hip Hop Harry. This is a bear shaped like a human making educational rap videos. Believe me, you’re not mistaken.

Joyner tried to not turn Harry Hip Hop into many similarities with Barney Lite. He created a completely different approach. According to Herald & Review, the bear he described has more striking gestures when walking on the road. The new character Joyner is in charge of is a bit suitable for the street. This highlight allows Harry to be able to express his body as comfortably as possible. Compared to the old clothes that Barney used to wear in the past, Harry’s outfit is more active in expressiveness. This is really a relief for the guy who wore the old outfit.

Another expensive role can make Joyner hesitant but he is completely unable to resist the producers’ invitation. The Michael Jordan of costumed characters is the name that producers have favored Joyner. He was in love with Hip Hop Harry just as he did with Barney. The image of Harry pouring fuel tank for him was posted on his Instagram. Which proved that no matter how popular he is on television or how he inspires and smiles for others. Joyner still faces the difficulties of life.

This guy not only joined himself in the costumes but he also played an important role in launching Harry Hip Hop related products. He works in a different position as a producer who helps edit details on the set. Undoubtedly, Joyner is a mathematician and also contributes to the creation of books. Joyner was very enthusiastic in the process of implementing the technical details. In addition, his ability can help in making books for other companies.

Joyner earned a great amount of money from his incarnation days into Barney’s character

David Joyner 5

Have you ever wondered about the salary Joyner has earned when embarking on the character of Barney? How can an aspiring young actor enter a similar contract with Barney? Does Joyner have a minimum wage or is it worth it?

The answer will surprise Joyner and the audience so much that he can’t hold his jaw. Barney’s incarnation helped Barney earn an income so great that this guy would have to think about how to spend this money. The audience will be surprised to see the white stucco house that Joyner always dreamed of. This first home has always been a proud achievement of this guy.

If you are struggling on the acting path but are very passionate about the work you have chosen, do not hesitate to decide to bring laughter to children. Don’t be confused or ambiguous and lose the opportunity to earn a decent amount of money. Mirroring David Joyner is not a bad idea. It is more likely that you will get bright and become a big part of pop culture history.

He is not only a good guy but also a spirit of freedom in his soul

Joyner’s philosophy of life revolves around the theme of love (source from Grunge), which has become the most fundamental and fundamental element that makes Joyner a typical personality in the crowd. He has achieved many achievements in life including certificates, achievements, success, passion, and desire for things that will help expand the book about his life. But that’s not all about him. The most remarkable thing is that this guy has a sincere, kind, lovely personality and never allows himself to lose his spirit of freedom that makes his special.

You will become a special fan of Joyner while watching his Twitter or YouTube videos. You will feel this guy is an ordinary person in real life through interesting selfie photos on Napa Valley road trips. It is worth noting that he shared interesting photos during his participation in himself in sixth grade with cool outfits. Despite becoming successful, he never stopped trying to connect with his fans. Joyner is a personality who doesn’t forget his roots.

We can absolutely call David Joyner an exceptionally rockin’ guy because he performed “Rock Conga Drums” on the boulders of Joshua Tree where wilderness in California. Posting videos on social networks whether or not it strikes all of his clear drumming skills or is it just an improvised sincerity? But we can’t deny that this guy is very talented and has a special personality.

Having a secret identity is the great thing he gets when he plays Barney

David Joyner 6

He admits that it feels interesting when he himself has many similarities with Peter Parker or Clark Kent. What made this interesting? A whole generation of kids grew up around the pop culture icon – Barney. Do you imagine this one in the 24th century, our children and grandchildren will try to analyze and understand our society? Surely they will not ignore the toy fossil Barney – a famous character. A secret identity is the most wonderful thing Joyner has ever played as Barney, which makes him mysterious (through Grunge).

If Joyner introduces him as Barney, this will surprise many people. That may be the theme for the party of all time. People still can’t admire Joyner’s identity when his Business Insider video spread widely on social networks.

On October 2017, Joyner shared a story with a cashier when he had a trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond where he decided to buy some things for the office (According to Grunge). The young man – who took responsibility for registration, was described as serious, capable of playing football, and quite high. However, the cashier showed no sympathy for those around him when he broke all the jokes with those who walked to him and signed up. The cashier was annoyed and asked if Joyner was old enough to buy this item? Joyner did not hesitate and introduced Joyner as the childhood hero of all children. This guy’s working day has probably become very refreshing like being blown away the whole mind.

Joyner is always looking forward to new achievements and changes

David Joyner 5

Joyner shared his feelings in his career with Grunge. He is always busy with adventures of life but he never stops loving the roles he takes on. Working and busy belong to his hobby. He not only wears the golden bear costume – Hip Hop Harry but also spends long nights in the office as well as backstage activities. Not stopping there, guest speakers on many popular TV shows are also listed on his favorites including meeting Gregory House, play a detective on Southland and many other debuts. The special is his own tantra business massage has also achieved great success.

He loves the place he belongs to. This guy can absolutely satisfy all his passion. Can you wait for a new change from Joyner? He wants to achieve new achievements in the future including getting more in front of the camera. The next series released also means he will get rid of the costumes. It is worth the wait!

He never stopped loving Barney

David Joyner never stopped loving his Barney character the same way Barney used to love for everyone. There are a few ideas that will feel stuffy or uncomfortable while in purple dinosaur costumes for more than a decade. But David Joyner took this role and was enthusiastic about it for a generation of kids. He did not hesitate to perform the famous dance for the opening of the show. Although he trained many other Barneys in order to make them the childhood of many younger children, Joyner’s role as Barney will be the most memorable and memorable role for everyone. For him, Barney is the role of the past but he never forgets it.

David Joyner did not directly create Barney’s voice, Bob West did it for him. At the present time, Joyner continues to appreciate the gifts and successes that have come to him. He still spends time with Barney on Reddit with the username BarneyBody22 when he’s not immersed in doing rock conga drums or meditating. The actor inspires the audience to have a happy, humorous look and relentless efforts.





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