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What do you need to know before you see Hellboy?

What do you need to know before you see Hellboy?

What do you need to know before you see Hellboy?

Soon enough we will be able to see the return of a devil coming from the land of the death. And we are really looking forward to seeing this demonic superhero. Sometimes, you will wonder whether it is a superhero or not. You will understand what I mean until you see this new kind of hero. Hellboy is coming back on screen. And this time its director will be Neil Marshall. The director Neil Marshall is famous for making horror movies like The Descent. This director is trustful enough that the producer gave him responsibility. After all, he made his fame with many movies before. This time we will the return of Hellboy with the acting of David Harbour. The audiences have known him from the TV series Stranger Things. And this reboot is promising to bring a new look of this character.

From what we have known from the trailer, Hellboy will mess with an evil sorceress. Milla Jovovich will play this evil sorceress. Once again the fate of the earth is in danger. Then a hero showed up and kicked some bad guys’ asses. However, the trailer of the new movie of Hellboy is amazing. It looks great with the cool movie star coming with epic action in the movie. Moreover, we expect that Neil Marshall will make monsters and devils. Which must look great and impressive. To many people, this can be another comic book blockbuster. A new way and a new kind of hero we have seen on the big screen.

 Hence there are many questions and mysteries around this project. Up till now, what we have known about this reboot coming most from the trailers. Therefore, some fans and audiences wonder whether this will be a completely new movie or not. And why it will be an R-rated movie? Will we see many horrors and violent actions in Hellboy? Will we see Mike Mignola in the production of this project? Hence, we make this list to give some basic information about the upcoming Hero, Hellboy. Here is what you should know before you come and see Hellboy in the cinema.

First question: Who is Hellboy and what is his story?

Who is Hellboy and what is his story?

 It was in 1993 that people first knew about Hellboy in comic. He is the creation of Mike Mignola who is the writer as well as the artist. In fact, he came up with these characters long before he made him the first story. He appeared in many one-off stories and illustrations. Then the comic fans began giving him much love and Mike decided to take a chance. In 3/1994, Mike Mignola published the first story of Hellboy called Seed of Destruction. This character is a strange man with bright red skin. He even has a horned humanoid appearance what we can see in Devils. In fact, he is a half demon person which means the devil’s blood runs in his vein.

Being the result of the love between Azzael and Sarad Hughes. Azzael is one of the powerful demons in Hell. Mankind and Hell know him as a Duke of Hell. Hellboy’s mother, Sarad Hughes is a witch of mankind. After his mother passed away, his father the demon of hell took the body of his mother. Then the son of Azzael born in Hell became the prince of Hell. His original story happened in World War II. The Nazi was searching for the power to end this war forever. They came to the dark magic and the sorcerer Grigori Rasputin to find the answers. With an occult ritual, they accidentally opened a port connecting the earth and Hell. Thanks to this port, many magical and dangerous creatures from Hell found a way to earth. Among them was Hellboy son of Azzael.

However, the name Hellboy was not from the underworld. The Nazi occult ritual happened near the ritual in England. The American soldiers and Professor Trevor Bruttenholm was investigating the work of Germany. Suddenly they spotted the work of Nazi while they are in the middle of summoning. Professor Trevor Bruttenholm noticed there was a human-like creature. He saw something in that red-skin creature and gave him the name “Hellboy”. later Trevor brought him back to New Mexico and raised him to an adult. Forgetting the name from hell, now he will live among humans as Hellboy.

After the humans raised him, he has proved that he had a good soul. Despite he looks nothing but a walking demon. His horns become too big that he has to cut them every day. To him, it is like a man shaving every morning. Hellboy has a good heart and a strong body coming with trained skills. Then he attended an effective paranormal investigator organization. His father was the founder as well as the leader of this organization. And people have to admit that he is so good at this though they don’t like him.

A part of the reason they don’t like him is his appearance. But most people can’t stand his attitude as he keeps doing with his emotions. And he truly made a lot of troubles. However, he is an expert in catching the mysterious creatures like him. He can take down demons, vampires, zombies or some crazy witches. In the needed moment, he is always the last pole for people to give hope.

The second question: What is Hellboy’s power or what can he do?

What is Hellboy’s power or what can he do?

 As we have mentioned above, Hellboy is a half demon and half human. Then we can indicate that he can do whatever a demon can do and inherit some things from a human. Then let’s check out what he can do. The demon blood in him gives the superior physical boy. He has some basic qualities to make him a superhero. For example, he has super strength and durability. He can fight in the battle long after a normal human will knock out soon. This is a necessary aspect as his enemies will bunch him a lot before he can take them down.

With the eyes of a demon, he can see better than others and see what belong to the underworld. He is naturally able to stand many arcane languages. Born in hell then it will not be surprising that he can be fireproof. In comics, his power is even more than this. After a time, he will learn how to control his demon power. He can turn into the demon form when he wants. Hellboy will have wings, horns and manipulate his own size. However, we may not see this ability of Hellboy on screen yet. We used to see his full horn in the last version but he couldn’t control it.

The most noticing part is his right hand making from the rock. His right hand is a huge cylinder of stone coming with big fingers. People call his hand as the Right Hand of Doom. This was a gift from his biological father at birth. The demon has a strange way to show their love. That hand was the hand of an ancient spirit called Anum. Anum is the creator of the Ogdru Jahad. This is the dangerous creature locked in another dimension. His hand is the key to open that dimension. When Ogdru Jahad came to earth, this will be the end of this world. In the 2004 version of Hellboy, we did see this ability of his hand. At least, we knew that his right hand was big for a reason.

The third question: Who is Nimue?

Who is Nimue?

This villain in the upcoming Hellboy is a witch named Nimue. Actress Milla Jovovich will be responsible for playing this character. Nimue is a powerful witch coming from the ancient known as the Blood Queen. She used to appear in comic in the Wild Hunt in 2008. David Harbour playing as Hellboy confirmed her special relationship with his character. Then what made Nimue become a threat to the earth

According to the Arthurian legend, Nimue is a student of the great wizard Merlin. At first, others called her with the name Lady of the Lake. She followed Merlin to learn magic. And she turned out to be a good student who Merlin taught her everything he knew. However, Nimue wanted to know more about dark magic and be the most powerful being. Later she became crazy with her knowledge. A team of Britain witches had to come and seal her with spells. She eventually died after that. And she is also a worshipper to Ogdru Jahad. Maybe this time she will also want to use Hellboy as a tool to release her god.

In the Wild Hunt, Morgana le Fay revealed the information that Hellboy was the heir of King Arthur. The thing seemed to be nonsense at all. The end of the world can come with the showdown of Hellboy and Nimue.

The fourth question: Who is Professor Bruttenholm?

Who is Professor Bruttenholm?

Professor Trevor Bruttenholm is a brilliant man. And h dedicated his life to find and learn about magical creatures. When people all hated them, he tried to find a way to make them good.  It was like the way he did with Hellboy. To others, Hellboy is also a demon or a monster but nothing more. However, Bruttenholm believed in him having a good heart of a great man. In fact, Bruttenholm became Hellboy’s adopted father. And he treated Hellboy like a son not like a monster. Working in Allied forces in World War II, he led a force to stop the Nazi in using dark magic. The Russian witch Grigori Rasputin intended to adopt Hellboy and made him a danger to humankind. Luckily, Trevor Bruttenholm did a good job in raising the son of Demon, Hellboy.

Trevor took Hellboy to the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense with him after WW II. Trevor became the director of that facility. And Hellboy became an agent known as Red Agent as well. A frog monster relating to Ogdru Jahad killed Trevor in comic in 1994. After his death, there was a war against such creatures for years. Professor Trevor Bruttenholm plays an important part in giving Hellboy the humanities. He shaped both the knowledge as well as the love Hellboy feeling to people.

The fifth question: What is the B.P.R.D.?

What is the B.P.R.D.?

B.P.R.D stands for the “Bureau-for-Paranormal-Research-and-Defense”. This is the force appeared after World War II. It was after the Nazi tried to make a series of dangerous occult operations. Moreover, the existing of Hellboy proved there are more magical and weird creatures. Man is not alone like he used to think. But this time, other races will not come from the out space but are already living among us. They hid in the shadow for centuries. However, human need a response team to fight back in dangerous situations. That was the reason they established B.P.R.D. At first, is located at an air base in New Mexico. After that, they moved it to the private facility in New Mexico in 1940. And this is also where Hellboy calls home.

The duty of this facility is just right its name. It is the first line to deal with various occult threats and phenomena. They will examine whether incidents creates a threat to humanity. To fight back to the inhuman creatures, they have to have a special team. A team contains supernatural entities and humans. And Hellboy is the most famous name among them. Maybe he is not the strongest but causes the most attention. His partners are the fish-man Abe Sapien and the pyrokinetic human Elizabeth Sherman. These characters have appeared in the last version of Hellboy. We are looking forward to seeing them back.

In the upcoming movie, there is a new agent named Ben Daimio. This is also a partner of Hellboy fighting side by side with him. This agent died for an attack of a jaguar. It was on a mission in Bolivia. Somehow, he was able to come back from death and gained superpower. He got the ability to transform into a jaguar creature in battle.

The sixth question: Who is Lobster Johnson?

Who is Lobster Johnson?

 It was in November 2018, the new movie of Hellboy was casting. In the last minute, we heard the information that there was an addition. Thomas Haden Church confirmed to appear in Hellboy 2019 as Lobster Johnson. This is a creation of Mike Mignola in 1999. Lobster Johnson is homage to various pulp heroes of the 1930s.

People called him “The Lobster”. Because he was a vigilante in Depression-era New York City. And he burned his lobster emblem into the flesh of criminals. However, to the public, he seemed to be a legend. In late 1930, the lobster was working for the US government. His mission was to thwart various Nazi missions. In an attempt to stop Nazi launch a message into space. He died to prevent them put the Third Reich to call supernatural entities among the cosmos.

In 2001, we have seen this character coming back to life in the form of a ghost. Together with Hellboy and other agents, they conduct many missions to save the world. And he has his own comic story in 2007. This time, we hope to see an amazing return of this agent.

The seventh question: Why do they make a reboot for this movie?

Why do they make a reboot for this movie?

The last 2 versions of Hellboy left many emotions to the audiences. The director of them was Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman was in the title role. As you can see, they thought The Golden Army would be a success. In fact, the ending of The Golden Army aimed to open the next chapter of Hellboy. However, the second movie of Hellboy didn’t receive positive reacts from people. That was the reason why they decided to put a stop for the third movie. The producer denied the next project of Guillermo del Toro. But he still showed his attempt to make the next movie of Hellboy. After years, his attempt went in vain and he gave up in 2017. Then they made the reboot of Hellboy without del Toro.

The creator of Hellboy, Mike Mignola claimed there was a talk about getting del Toro’s storyline. As they had considered to make the new movie with that storyline. However, he later thought it would be unfair to a new team of filmmakers. As Mike answered to an interview. “We also hoped that we could use the storyline of del Toro to make the new movie. But it would be unfair to the new director. To respect the new director and give a new life to Hellboy, we decided to start over. Neil Marshall is famous for making horror movies then we can expect to see a darker version of Hellboy. And this is not a bad idea at all. Let’s see what Neil will give us in Hellboy 2019.”

The eighth question: What caused a casting controversy?

What caused a casting controversy?

It was in the summer of 2017, the Hellboy 2019 was looking for its actors. There was news about who would play one of the most important roles in Hellboy this time. There was the information that Ed Skrein would take the role of Ben Daimio. The problem was that it was a Japanese-American character. And the heritage of Ben marks a vital role in making this character. And his future in B.P.R.D is also depended on this. However, the fans started feeling upset about they took Ed Skrein as Ben Daimio. Skrein soon announced that he felt playing this character was now suitable for him. This role was harder than he thought. He must have understood the character’s heritage at the time. And he claimed that he would give this chance to another actor. Later the Korean-American, Daniel Dae Kim took that role in September 2017.

The reboot of Hellboy was able to get out of the whitewashing controversy. It was thanks to Skrein and the willingness to correct of the producer. Now we can expect to see a Ben Daimio looking like a lot to who we have seen in comic. Moreover, Daniel Dae Kim and Ed Skrein became friends after this incident.

The ninth question: Why is it R-rated?

Why is it R-rated?

Both the last version of Hellboy on screen was PG-13. They were Hellboy in 2004 and Hellboy II in 2008. these movies were able to get the viewers on the adventure having many horror elements. And they seem to follow the comic book adaptations released in the 2000s. The success of Logan and Deadpool triggered the trend to make an adult-oriented movie. Both Logan and Deadpool are coming from comic and R-rated. They proved that superhero movies didn’t have to make for children only. Now Hellboy 2019 seems to share the same idea with that.

The director Neil Marshall had asked for permission to make Hellboy 2019 as an R-rated movie. He considered this as a license to depict the same level of violence. We may see many badass fight scenes in the upcoming Hellboy. After all, he will be messing with demons, witches and monsters. Neil shared that he will not force it to be an R-rated movie. It will be his sensibilities and no one is going to stop him making this movie. He also claimed that the material is already bloody and his job is to embrace that.

Motion Picture Association of America officially announced that this upcoming movie of Hellboy will be R-rated movie. Not for the bloody violence but the strong language it can have.

The tenth question: How much is Mike Mignola involved?

How much is Mike Mignola involved?

The creator of Hellboy Mike Mignola also worked to bring his character on screen. He cooperated with director Guillermo del Toro in the last movies of Hellboy. They have known each other since then. Moreover, Mike also was the consultant on conceptual art to help create his character. The return of Hellboy is promising to see Mike Mignola again. But this time he will step back to from the visuals. Instead, he will take part in making the storytelling.

To Mike, ti was so much different this time. However, he has attended in making Hellboy 2 times before. This time he will come back and help them with the story. He answered an interview in 2018. “I stepped back and helped them with Hellboy story. I will not attend the screenplay like what I did with the del Toro movies. Not this time.”

 The final question: How much will it rely on the comics?

How much will it rely on the comics?

 The first Hellboy movie in 2004 was the failure to follow the major story. It was the Seed of Destruction that they intended to make. The second chapter of Hellboy: The Golden Army was the story made by Guillermo del Toro. And we all saw the end of this plan. This time Mike Mignola seems to want to tell another story out of the original storyline. Therefore, Hellboy 2019 will be the combination of Nimue the Blood Queen, The Wild Hunt. And they will add some features from Darkness Calls and The Storm and the Fury. They hope that they can make a new look for Hellboy 2019. And they wanted to have a more real-world look this time.

The makeup artist Joel Harlow shared. “What we made Hellboy this time following Mike and many artists’ ideas. We want to make him gritter but like a comic character is not a good idea. Making him like a real person in the real world is what we want to do. The scars, the hairdo and the weathering on him are what we put into consideration many times.

David became famous with the series Stranger Things as ChiefHopper. David Harbour becomes a star monster hunter. His success gave him a chance to set his name into the big screen. This time, Hellboy will be a challenge for Harbour to complete the role. He faces the pressure to get over the fame that Ron Perlman made in the last version of Hellboy. He has to find suitable source material for this role. After all, this role is big to him. This can be a boost for him to attend more blockbuster then. Harbour has to read and study a lot about this character. About his manner, his past and his attitude are to fulfill the role. Moreover, he has to find a common with his character then he can truly become a Hellboy.

Harbour explained that he wanted to make some difference with Hellboy this time. When he came to the graphic novel, he found it darker than in the last versions. He sees this role as Hamlet and he wondered whether to be the beast. “My biggest question is to or not to be the beast of the world end”, he added.

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