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What have we known about Avengers: End Game so far?

What have we known about Avengers: End Game so far?

Avengers 4

So far we have known that Avengers: End Game will come to the cinema in April 2019. The information about the next chapter of Avengers has truly made fans go crazy about it. However, Anthony and Joe Russo who is the director of the movie give some pieces of advice to fans. They warned people about the news or information on media and the internet as they can be wrong. The Russo brother suggested fans be patient until they got the chance to see the movie. Because they want to keep the secrets about Avengers 4 as much as possible.

However, the fame of the movie has gotten too big to keep it quiet. Apparently, End Game will continue the story in Infinity War. This time, the movie finally answers all the mysteries and questions in MCU. It will reveal everything to prepare for the last fight of the Avengers with Thanos. Getting information from inside sources and spoiler casts, we made this list for you. We believe this list of things we have known about End Game can stun you.

When they released the first trailer of End Game, people started having many theories. The name of the movie can be the sign of an emphatic end. If you care much about spoilers, this list isn’t for you. Spoilers alert!

Captain America and a new Avengers team

Captain America

As usual, Marvel fans and the audiences don’t give much care about the authenticity of leaks. The heat of their beloved movie doesn’t give them a space to think about it. They have been searching and catching any information about Avengers: End Game. It was in November 2018 that the audiences started having some rumors and images about End Game. No one claimed that it was true or not but we couldn’t deny people spread them crazily. One of them was the image of survivors in Infinity War including Rocket and Nebula. Of course, many people watched it but didn’t believe in it much. As you can see, many theories and images began to spread across the Internet after Infinity War.

Of course, claimed nothing of these was true and End Game was still in secret. However, you can see that concept art seems to be more than just a bogus image. Especially, we have seen trailers of End Game.

Moreover, another image about surviving Avengers appeared on the Internet. In that image, we see all the surviving superheroes after Thanos’ snap heading into a battle. From the first line, we have Captain America doing his job as a leader. As always, Steve Roger is the soul and leader of the team. But we don’t see Steve’s beard anymore which matches recent trailers. Following him is a new Avengers with old and new members. We can see the familiar faces in the Avengers 2012 like Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk, Hawkeye, and Thor. And new members are Rocket Racoon, Nebula as well as Captain Marvel. Hence this could be the last stand of earth before Thanos the Mad Titan.

This image seemed to be much similar to an image presented at San Diego Comic-Con in 2017. what we have known from the first trailer of End Game supported its authenticity. We can see Steve Roger has given up his beard and come back to his old suit. In Infinity War, we knew that he gave up the title Captain Marvel after the Civil War incident. He also stopped wearing Captain America uniform. But in the new trailer, Steve came back to his suit when he still worked for SHIELD. And the most important thing is that we see him with his shield again. However, Captain America seems to be in the middle of trouble as we can see in the trailer.

We may have to travel back to the Avengers in 2012

Avengers in 2012

As we mentioned above, the leaked image has spread on the internet like fire. After the released Avengers: End Game, people didn’t take so much time to notice the hair of Black Window. Scarlett Johansson always impressed the audiences with her hairstyles through Marvel movies. We have seen she changed her hairdo many times but this one can be different. In the latest trailers of End Game, we have seen she still has the same hairstyle in Infinity War. However, she comes back to his scarlet hair like the Avengers in 2012. You must remember her in red hair when she fought in New York.

The Atlanta magazine has revealed photos about Marvel building a new set in the area. However, the scene reminds us immediately of the Avengers in 2012. It was when Iron Man got the news about a nuclear bomb. Which was heading to the Manhattan and Tony just knew where to put it. Besides, the CBR claimed and pointed the damaged sedan. We should notice the damages of the sedan and its model are the same as the one in Avengers 1. And it was Tony Stark that hit it.

Besides, people have shared online the pictures of Captain America in his old suit since 2018. Christ Evan and other actors were on set and he wore his first suit as Captain America. But we saw him in a suit he wore in Winter Soldier in the latest trailer. Of course, we can’t come up with a more suitable theory about time travel. And you can see, Steve and his team are wearing a strange wrist device. This may be a science product of Tony or Pym’s technology. And this can be a key to “time travel” theory. According to the Express, Captain America and his friends seem to have a jump into the timeline.

No more Hawkeye, only Ronin


Another new aspect we have seen in the first End Game trailer is the return of Hawkeye. Becoming missing in Infinity War, Hawkeye has always been a question since then. People keep wondering about where he was during the battle with Thanos. In 10/2017, website Weibo of Chinese revealed the images of Clint Barton. According to it, Clint has changed his outfit. He dressed up like Ronin and the latest trailer proved these images were the truth. Moreover, Jeremy Renner also confirmed with media that Hawkeye would return with Avengers.

You can check it out in New Avengers #30 presented in 2007. Clint Barton showed up with his familiar bow and arrows. But this time he was on his journey in Japan where he will soon become Ronin. Ronin is a term for a samurai who no longer has a master. We will not discuss whose is Clint’s master but we know he can use a sword now. In the latest trailer, Barton has finished some guys in a Japanese street when Natasha came to him slowly. After the Civil War, he decided to leave everything to take care of his family. This was also the reason they explained when he was absent in Infinity War. But why made him become a Ronin is still a question.

The most suitable answer is that Clint’s family becoming dust in the Decimation like 50% of living things. You can hear Steve Roger talking to Nat that “we lost family, we lost a part of ourselves”. The theory is that Clint becomes Ronin after he lost his family. In the trailer, he is in Tokyo to carry out his mission as Ronin. He is hunting down Yakuza who are the Skrulls actually. You must have remembered the Skrulls in Captain Marvel recently.

The Iron Man, Tony Stark will have his own Infinity Gauntlet

Tony Stark

Before Infinity War came on screen, people came up with many theories about the fate of the Avengers. No one knows they are true or not but they are worth considering. The interesting thing was a 4chan user known as Anonymous. This guy somehow could predict the amount of Infinity War’s plot. He was even correct about Thanos would sacrifice Gamora and Red Skull. The scene Thanos sacrifices his beloved daughter for the Soul Stone is one the twist of the movie. Once again in 5/2018, the same user came back and said that Tony would make his own Infinity Gauntlet.

According to this user, Iron Man will gather his team and make another Infinity Gauntlet. Then he will use it to bring people back. With the help of Ant-man and Pym’s technology, Tony will be able to travel through time and space. In Ant-man 2, we have known that staying in the Quantum Realm long enough will make you evolve. If this theory is the truth, Tony will travel through time. And he will gather all the Infinity Stone before Thanos can reach them. By this, Tony will stop the war before it begins like he used to say to Captain America in the Age of Ultron. Of course, this is nothing more a rumor as the MCU always knows how to impress its fans.

Professor Hulk will help Tony in making the ‘Stark Gauntlet’

Stark Gauntlet'

The Incredible Hulk was one of the mysteries in Infinity War. But he could be the key to end the battle with the Mad Titan, Thanos. After Thanos took him down which was the first time someone defeated him. Maybe the Hulk lost his confidence as the strongest and he was afraid for the first time. In Infinity War, he denied to show up again even Bruce Banner got into the danger. However, the concept art suggested the theory of the Professor Hulk. This is a combined form of Bruce Banner and the Hulk. They will now fight with each other to get the light pole anymore. But they will stand in the light pole together. The muscle strength of the Hulk and the genius brain of Bruce Banner are the deadly formulae.

A piece of evidence for this theory is Hulk wearing clothing like the rest of the team. He seems to be not a wild animal but a superhero. His facial expression shows more emotions and thoughts on it. Banner and the Hulk are one guy now and they became Professor Hulk. Peter David was the man coming to the idea of making this character. Besides, the 4chan user named Anonymous also predicted this. According to him, Hulk and Banner will finally find a common in their bad relationship. Then they will become the Professor Hulk who helps Tony in making the Gauntlet. However, it costs him an arm in making it.

Tony Stark will be a father

Tony Stark 2

The next information came directly from Gwyneth Paltrow: Tony will be a father in Avengers 4. In Infinity War, Tony was talking with Pepper about his dream of having a baby before he met the wizard. Answering the interview for Avengers: End Game, she had confirmed this information. She claimed that her character as Tony’s lover for years became a mother. Maybe Tony’s dream was right once again and he will have a successor for the name Iron Man.

Paltrow answered an interview that Pepper and Tony had a long relationship. Tony fell in love with his assistant who was there for him. Then their love has grown and they decided to get married. And a baby appeared as a result of their marriage.

It is hard to understand why they allowed her to give this information before the movie came out. Maybe this supports the theory of time travel. One thing for sure is that Pepper will be Tony’s wife and gave birth to his child. And this can imply that the movie will carry out a few years after the Infinity War.

Tony Stark will die

Tony Stark will die

In case Tony Stark has a child in Avengers 4, this child may have to grow up without a father. In the latest trailer of Spider-Man: Far from home, we can see some pieces of evidence about this. We only see Happy in the movie. When Peter came to Happy, he replied Peter was on his own. This didn’t confirm that Tony was dead or just absent. However, this plot supported the theory of Tony’s death more. According to an inside source, Peter Parker will no longer have Mr. Stark watch his back. Someone steals Tony’s inventions and Peter has to take it back. In the hand of bad guys, Tony’s “toys” can be super dangerous. It is what AHarbingerOfStuff wrote.

There is another theory about Iron Man’s part in End Game. ElephantErik claimed that Tony will not need another Gauntlet. The Gauntlet is just a device which helps to contain and focus the power of the Infinity Stones. Tony has his arc reactor which can do the same thing. This arc reactor is the source of everything that Iron Man has. In fact, this is the beginning of the whole MCU. All started with that little bright light.

Theory showed that Tony can be able to control the Infinity Stones with this. Moreover, Tony claimed that he didn’t need this to survive. Which mean Tony will use his arc reactor to defeat Thanos. Redditor confirmed that Stark’s death would be the prize to defeat Thanos. Through the timeline of MCU, Tony all tried to think for the others. But sometimes, he also made mistakes and he wanted to make things right. The Redditor believed the arc of atonement will be complete with Tony’s death.

Every character will appear in on the scene

Sebastian Stan

The following spoiler came from Sebastian Stan. In a comment in 4/2018, he accidentally leaked the information just before the run-up to Infinity War. He revealed that there will a scene that all the heroes stand together. And this is promising to be the most epic scene ever. This information really got the fans to go crazy. And they also hope that they will hear the saying “Avengers Assemble” again in the screen.

Stan answered to ScreenRant “I think this is the only scene that everybody appears in there. I don’t think that I can talk much about this. But we had to prepare 3 months for that scene. it included even Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer”. Besides, the Black Widow also leaked some information about this team up the scene. On the late show with Stephen Colbert, she talked about how hard it was to have 32 characters in one scene. They are Marvel character as well as a crew member.

Pepper Potts has her iron suit

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow confirmed that Pepper would have a stronger appearance in End Game. This time she will have a suit for her own. Actually, this will not be the first time that she wears a suit on screen. In Iron Man 3, Pepper Potts was in Rescue Armor or Mark 42 in the Malibu attack. On her Instagram, she also suggested the idea that Pepper would do the same thing in End Game. In 2017 Gwyneth Paltrow made a big spoiler ever about End Game. She shared a picture of herself with a foot massage while she was still on set.

In that picture, we can see her lower legs which had a motion capture suit. Things were that they didn’t use any CGI for her in Infinity War. Then why did she have to use that motion capture suit? The only explanation is that she was filming End Game at that time. And she will appear in a suit in the next Avengers movie. Furthermore, she claimed that she would go in a full costume in the show with Stephen Colbert. She said that she would have a body suit and now we even see a photo online about this.

It was a picture of Gwyneth Paltrow in the Rescue suit before the green screen. This picture later appeared on the Uncanny Comic Quest. Therefore, we can expect to see Pepper in a new suit in End Game. And she may be the one that comes out space and bring Tony back to earth.

We will be able to see characters coming from the land of the death

Zoe Saldana

In the Infinity War, we all saw what Thanos could do with his gauntlet. When he snapped his fingers, he wiped out 50% of living things. We also saw many characters turning to dust in the Infinity War. The Spider-Man and Black Panther also were in the list of dead people. However, we strongly believed that this will now be the end of these new heroes. No matter how Russo brothers tried to convince us, these characters will return. Moreover, the MCU released the trailer of Spider-Man having Nick Fury too. This can be a sign that dead characters will have a chance to come back to life.

You must remember the character Drax who is a member of Guardians of the Galaxy. People also know him under the name “the invisible man”. He answered to MovieWeb.” I can’t believe that they let me die. Drax has returned to dust, you know. To me, it was such a loss as I have to be in Guardians 3. Hence, they must have a way to bring me back as Drax. If they don’t then how I can be in Guardians 3, right?”. He also said something that made us have an expectation about the return of Star-Lord and Gamora.

Zoe Saldana who played as Gamora also spoke about this. This is what she shared when they asked her about her father Thanos. “To me, it was not like a goodbye that my father gave me. He threw me off that cliff but it was just a “see you later”. Somehow, I will come back as a member of Avengers and ask him how he can do that”. Then Letitia Wright as Shuri joins the army of spoilers by saying she and Star-Lord will be back on screen.

What if the latest trailer confirmed about the time travel theory 

Hank Pym

This is a theory about End Game. Ant-man and the Wasp happened before Thanos killed half of the living thing in the universe. When Scott Lang is busy trying to capture the Phantom with Wasp, he didn’t know anything about the attack in New York. Maybe Iron Man flew into the spaceship a few days after Hank Pym found his wife. Mrs. Pym or Janet van Dyne tried to warn him about spending time in the Quantum Realm. She also mentioned the time vortexes which was unable to understand its power. Lang was in the Quantum Realm when Thanos popped everyone up. Then how he can magically come back? Definitely, Ant-man holds the key to bring everyone back and end this war.

In the first trailer of End Game, has found out evidence of the time travel theory. When Captain America and Black Widow surprised about the video having Scott Lang in it. Steve thought it was a record and you also can see the word “Archive”. Right after that, we all know this was not a record. It is an old message literally but a new video as somehow Scott Lang appeared in it. This gives the time to travel great support.

In that video, Lang came to the Avengers facility with the van we saw in the after credit of Ant-man 2. it was also the van containing the smaller version of the quantum tunnel. Ant-man can travel to another time when Thanos snapped his fingers. Whatever it is, this raised and strengthened the theory of time travel. This will explain and open more directions for End Game.

Will Nebula is the last boss and the main villain?

Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan played as Nebula sister of Gamora and daughter of Thanos. On screen, we have seen this blue girl acting like a girl having a problem with her “family”. When she first appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy, she brought with her the hatred to her father and sister. Eventually, her relationship with Gamora became better and she seemed to be more open. In Avengers: Infinity War, she nearly died under the torture of Thanos. Then she joined with Tony, Peter and the Guardians in the battle with Thanos on the Titan planet. According to what we have known so far, she now is with Tony on a spaceship drifting in the universe. Infinity War likely borrowed many materials from 1991’s The Infinity Gauntlet.

It was in the six-issue series, Thanos captured a Nebula on his way to conquer the universe. Nebula was also a victim of Thanos’ madness. In fact, she is a Luphomoid assassin which is a race in the universe. After that, she had to get over a lot of tortures as well as training. As a result, she became a well-trained killing machine which looked like a cyborg. However, Nebula was able to change the game by taking the Gauntlet from Thanos. Holding the power of the universe in her hands, she became worse than Thanos. From then she became the most powerful villain. The Avengers and the intergalactic warlord had to work with each other to defeat her.

After all, it is hard for us to think a vision that Avengers and Thanos stand side by side in a fight. Thanos took away many things from them which made this war more personal. As you can see, Thor will hardly accept the idea of being a partner with Thanos in the fight. However, Gillan answered an interview and she shared her thoughts about this issue. When they started a film the movie, she found and read The Infinity Gauntlet. It was necessary for her to fulfill her character’s personality.

But in an interview with ScreenRant, she told that she loved that comic series. She called it the most Nebula-heavy comic.”I don’t know and I don’t want to say anything about this. The future of the MCU is confidential but I do hope that they will bring that Nebula on screen”. This character is amazing to me and the audiences should be ready for the return of this character on screen.

The next Black Panther, Shuri

Black Panther

In the invasion of Thanos on Earth, Wakanda was the first defender of the Earth. The reason Captain America decided to come to Wakanda for help. After all, this hidden country seemed to have advanced technology to fight back. However, it was enough as we thought. This fiction country lost the fight with the alien army, even before Thanos visited the Earth. And in that battle, it lost its king T’Challa when Thanos snapped his fingers. Who will take the place of T’Challa as a country can’t have – no – King? Shuri is the first candidate for this position. Having the royal blood in her vein, this princess will be the next Black Panther and meet Thanos in the fight.

In comic Black Panther series in 2019, T’Challa got into a fight. Unfortunately, he fell into a coma and left his country without a king. As a result, his sister Shuri became the next Black Panther. Soon enough, T’Challa came back and we saw 2 Black Panthers. Though we didn’t receive any information about this, Wright seemed to have an interest in this. Having a chance to be the next Black Panther is not the bad thing after all.

Wright answered ScreenRant in an interview. ”In case I have an opportunity, why will I not accept that? To me, it will be an amazing adventure. You know, push yourself to the next level of training, learning is such a great thing to do”. Moreover, people shared online the art concept of she as Black Panther. It is hard to say anything about this. Shuri as Black Panther is promising to be an exciting fact in Avengers: End Game.

Thanos will lose his head in End Game 


In the new series Infinity War Prime, we can be able to see this end of Thanos. Therefore, we expect to see Thanos will lose his head in End Game. In the comic universe, someone will cut his head off and finish his life. After many years being as the strongest villain, he died under the hands of a masked villain. Surprisingly, a mysterious guy showed up and cut his head off. Later, the comic revealed that was Gamora.

In the Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos had exchanged his daughter’s life for the soul stone. Gamora is dead literally in the MCU. Yet it is possible that she will come back in the Avengers: End Game. As you can remember, Thanos advised Thor should have an aim for his aim instead. This could link that they wanted to connect with the comic. SyFy also confirmed that this is not impossible to have this ability. “An epic death is what the audiences are waiting to see on screen. Moreover, Thor and other heroes may take Thanos’ advice if they have another chance to swing at him.”

Red Skull doesn’t want to chase after the Infinity Stones

Red Skull

The audiences all expected to see the Red Skull on the screen again. In Captain America: the first Avenger, he was the last boss of Hydra which intended to conquer the world. This Nazi villain was chasing after the power of the Infinity Stone which he thought as the god’s power. He popped up when directly touch the Space Stone. However, the audiences have seen his return in Avengers: Infinity War. Somehow, the Soul Stone chose him to be its guardian who knows everything.

Red Skull stunned people when he knew about Thanos’ identity without a greeting. It was when Thanos and his daughter Gamora arrived Vomir to search for the Soul Stone. He answered Thanos. ”I used to hold a Stone in my hand and it sent me to here to be a guide. The guide for who want to find the treasure that I will never be able to reach. Then Thanos exchanged Gamora for the Soul Stone and Red Skull was free then. But the Russo brothers confirmed that his business was over. He will not search for the Infinity Stones.

Have you ever considered about a parallel universe? A place where the dead Avengers are staying!


After the Infinity War, people shared with each other theory.  Vanished people after Thanos snapped his fingers were not dead. They simply went to another dimension. The Soul Stone did this for some reason that we don’t know. But we believe in the Soulworld. The Soundworld is a pocket dimension created by the Soul Stone. The scene that Thanos and Gamora had a little chat, in the end, seemed to take place in Soulworld. The orange-tinged and dream-like science indicated this theory. This can have some connection with the Ant-man. Ant-man has appeared in the latest trailer of End Game. Which created the theory of the existence of the Soulworld. Who knows? This may be just a misdirection of Thanos when he didn’t actually kill anyone. He may just take them to somewhere else.

The Science Bros will welcome a new member

Science Bros

The following spoiler came from a Twitter user. This guy had an interview with Robert Downey Jr who plays as Iron Man. In this interview, RDJ didn’t say or reveal anything about the upcoming movie. At least, he didn’t mean to do it. However, the backdrop behind him told another story. It was the lab in Wakanda which we used to see in Black Panther. Of course, it was Shuri’s lab as we used to see in Infinity War once again. Moreover, we have observed how smart she was when she talked to Bruce Banner. “I believed you have done your best” was what she said to Bruce Banner. The genius Tony Stark will visit Wakanda and welcome another scientist into his team.

In the first trailer of End Game, Tony is still at nowhere in the universe. According to a trailer, he is in a spaceship which looked like the Guardians’ ship. Maybe he took their ship after Thanos turned them into dust. The question here is that when and who will rescue Tony. And when he is back to Earth, Tony, Shuri, and Bruce may join with each other. Combining their brain power, they are able to make things right again.

As usual, Marvel tried to fool the audience with its trailers. We can catch the face of Shuri on the screen. Which wanted to tell us that she also vanished like his brother. However, Angela Bassett plays Queen Ramonda answered ScreenRant. The Queen and the Princess will survive and Shuri will be the brightest girl in Wakanda.

Mantis leaks the information about meeting Okoye and Captain Marvel

Pom Klementieff

Answering the interview with Paper Magazine, Pom Klementieff as Mantis confirmed these things. In fact, the Marvel actors should have not told or revealed anything about their next movies. Of course, they likely slip the spoilers without thinking about it. And this time, Pom Klementieff seemed to forget to keep her mouth silent. When she told about Time’s Up, she accidentally leaked this information. We were filming the Avengers and she came to me with the Time’s Up. To me, it was such an amazing thing when we tried and fought for the better world”. She answered the that it was time for women to stand up together.

Besides, she also claimed that Mantis will return in End Game. Of course, Mantis and the other members of her team turned into dust after Infinity War. As we mentioned above, there is a theory that people will come back from the dead land. And Klementieff’s saying gave more pieces of evidence about this theory. However, we will have to wait for the End Game comes to the cinema to know exactly what will happen.

The greater threat is coming to the Avengers

The ScreenRant

Apparently, Thanos will come back in End Game. Of course, people thought he would also be the biggest villain in End Game. But the revealed something that made us have to think about it twice. And this could be the biggest spoiler of all. As you can see, the manufacturers seem to often make privy to crucial details.

Thor and Rocket Racoon appeared together inspiring the concept of art in new costumes. And this could be exciting enough when we can see the combat moves of Thor and Rocket. The god of thunder, Thor had his new weapon, the Stormbreaker. This is the weapon that was able to cut through the power beam of the Infinity Gauntlet. Besides, Rocket will team up with new members and continue his job. A new Guardians of the Galaxy will continue defending and protecting the universe. However, they will have to face up with a great threat. Something or someone that was bigger and more powerful than the mad Titan.

The ScreenRant has revealed about this was Celestials. Finally, these Celestials will bring their big ass directly into the MCU. Moreover, Thanos chose to have a simple life after he got what he wanted. He hung his armor up as a scarecrow as a sign that he finally found peace inside him. At least, he didn’t let the fate going away from him that time. In 1991’s Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos will come to a normal life as a farmer which is similar to what we have known.

The Crossbones Frank Grillo is back to the MCU


As we can see how people got excited when they saw the Red Skull again in the MCU. Then we can expect the return of another Captain America’s enemy, the Crossbones. His return to the End Game will surprise everyone in the cinema. Frank Grillo answered to UFC Unfiltered podcast. And he confirmed the return of his character in Avengers: End Game. However, he didn’t reveal how can his character come back to life? He died in a bomb suicide, not by the Thanos’ snap.

He claimed that his character would come back in End Game but as a flashback. Grillo actually didn’t say anything clearly. But what we can be sure of is that the movie will have Crossbones again. The problem is that the time Russo brothers intended to bring us back to. When he plays as Brock Rumlow, his character didn’t make much impression. However, at the moment he seemed to be able to take Steve Roger on his own. This changed his character’s image immediately. When he knew he couldn’t defeat Captain America, he decided to die with Steve. By a bomb suicide, he intended to bring Captain America with him to Hell.

However, Scarlet Witch was there to stop him but led to the death of dozens of innocent people. And the incidents after this are what we have known on screen. Yet why Avengers: End Game will have to come back to this moment? What is the purpose behind this? Or Crossbones will change his side and be another member of the Avengers. We have to wait till End Game comes to the cinema to answer these questions.

We may see the return of the BARF technology

Frank Grillo

Frank Grillo leaked about the return of his character in an interview on UFC Unfiltered. People started focusing on how he can get back from the dead. Crossbones’ return made everyone excited about the next fight with Captain America. However, maybe Frank has chosen a wise word to leak his information. As you can see, he chose the word “Flashback”. Therefore, you can see another opportunity for his return. Of course, time travel theory is still the number 1 answer for his return as many other characters. But we can’t let go the fact that he said his return would be like a flashback. Maybe he wanted to imply that Crossbones would not actually travel through time.

As you can remember, Tony Stark developed a new technology called B.A.R.F technology. This is the technology that allows people to search and see the deepest memories. Normal people will naturally lock the memories that they don’t want to admit them. Or maybe the memories that hurt them when they remember. According to what we have known so far, the Avengers will travel back to time to visit their first battle in New York. The time travel theory becomes so amazing that people seem to admit this only theory. However, things could be a little different in the movie. They may get back to that battle but through the new technology of Tony. With the help of Stark’s Gadget, they can find whatever they want in that battle.

In fact, the rumor that they will use the B.A.R.F technology again in End Game came from January 2018. But from that time, we didn’t know what they wanted to do with that technology. Moreover, we have seen a photo of an orange case and you knew what was on it. “Binarily Augmented Retro-Framing”. Now we only have to wait until April to see what Tony is about to do with this “toy”.

Katherine Langford claims that she will be a mystery character

Katherine Langford

In 10/2018 that we received the rumor about Katherine Langford would appear in Avengers 4. Back to that time, we still don’t know the title of Avengers 4 as MCU decided to keep it as a secret. We caught the leak photos and information that Langford was filming for the Avengers 4. The appearance of 13 Reasons Why star must have some meanings. But that was all we knew as The Hollywood Reporter confirmed. There was no information about this character and her role in the biggest war of the MCU. Marvel Studios as usual said nothing about this.

According to MovieWeb, Katherine Langford has done her part in End Game. And people thought her role would be just a small role in End Game. Maybe it is just a way Marvel Studios does to marketing its movies. Do you remember the cameo cast in Thor 3? Matt Damon appeared in a cameo as a play actor in Thor 3. Hence, the MCU can do this again this time as nothing is sure till the release day. Katherine Langford will wait for the reshoots if it is necessary.

Not mentioning the role of Langford in End Game, she will be a face that audiences want to see. This talented actress defined her talent in 13 Reasons Why. She was a Hannah Baker in that teen drama and it was such a good series. It made a big hit on Netflix but the 2nd season didn’t meet the expectation. As a result, her appearance in End Game can surprise people waiting for this movie. In fact, her role will not be a big one which means she may not affect this war. She will stand out of the battle between the mad Titan and the surviving Avengers. After all, the information about her mysterious role is valuable and interesting.

After she joins the Avengers: End Game, she will meet the audiences again in Cursed. This one she will be an Arthurian which is a fantasy from Sin City creators. They are Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler who created The Lego Ninjago Movie. Besides, she will play as a teenager addicting heroine in Lady of the Lake. There are many movies that we are able to see this young talented actress.

Do you miss the Ancient One? One of the greatest Wizard will return!

Michael Grillo

The executive producer of Ant-man and Infinity War made a mistake when he dropped a spoiler. This was Michael Grillo speaking at the 2018 Austin Film Festival. When the rumor that Frank Grillo would come back in Avengers 4 didn’t seem to cool down. Michael Grillo revealed that a dead character in Doctor Strange would have a chance to come back. Let’s take a minute to think about. You will only come up with one name, The Ancient One. The mentor of the great wizard Strange will have another chance to protect her vow. He revealed this while he was sitting with Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. These guys are the Avengers 4 screenwriters.

As a producer, we can understand that he will be super busy with the cast of Avengers: End Game. Moreover, this movie contained the work of many famous actors and actresses. This will be very difficult to make a schedule for filming the movie. Then Michael Grillo started sharing how crazy it was when he tried to make dates and schedules. However, he made a mistake that a producer shouldn’t make. He accidentally leaked about the return of the Ancient One. He said that Tilda Swinton got one day and it was hard to have a date for her to film. This information came from Super Bro Movies.

The Ancient One is like many other characters having the chance to come back to life. She also the one that died years before Thanos came to earth. The return of Doctor Strange’s mentor seems to to be not hard to understand with time travel theory. Hence, she will also die in the timeline when it comes to her. But she can jump to this timeline and help the Avengers kill Thanos. You can easily see this in many comics when they don’t know how to defeat the villains. Moreover, she deserves to come back to life for the battle as she was the protector of Time Stone. The protectors of the Time Stone will vow to protect and defend the Time Stone with their life. You have seen Doctor Strange nearly die when he denied giving up the Stone

Is there any possibility that Erik Selvig sees the future?

Erik Selvig

Professor Erik Selvig seemed to be the last man Thor came to ask for answers. This character stuck with the Infinity Stones in the MCU. He is a crazy professor before and after he met Thor. In fact, he is a genius when he found the way to open the Blackhole and use the power of Space Stone. But his mind seemed to be no more normal after Loki played with his mind. After Loki let him contact with the Mind Stone, it changed this old man in some ways. In the worst movie of MCU, Thor: The Dark World, he runs around the Stone Henge nakedly. And with his help, Thor was able to save the world once more time. But we think this character is much more important than this.

This mad old man can be able to predict the future. The Scandinavian astrophysicist seems to know about the multiverse and Thanos before everyone. Easily you can see the word “616 Universe” and he also mentioned “the Fault”. In comics, this is a rift of the Space-time continuum. And this has tied to the Mad Titan.

In the Avengers: End Game, this character is likely to survive and his role in this movie will improve. Selvig’s part will be able to have a new light. Even in the book Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, Selvig is alive in Volume 2: Aftermath.

Captain American, Steve Roger will die in this last battle

Chris Evans

In 2016, many people predicted that this character will not survive so long enough. The fact is that Chris Evans’s contract with Marvel Studios is over. Which mean this character alive or not will have an end in Avengers: End Game. Some fans couldn’t believe that he made it through Avengers: Infinity War. Steve Roger and Tony Stark are the first lines to die in this battle. And both of them didn’t die in Infinity War. Hence, End Game can be the end for Captain America.

Chris Evans posted of his tweeter account a picture of the Vibranium shield. Following this post was his saying goodbye.” Having acted this character for 8 years has given me many emotions and memories. I wanna say thank you to all people. In front of the camera or behind it as well as the audiences. Thank you for all your love. I am eternally grateful for that”. This post made fans afraid of saying to Captain America in the future. Chris Evans also commented fans about saying him making a spoiler. He claimed that this was he felt inside his heart. And no matter what is the end of Avengers: End Game, he will not change a thing in his post. This was what he shared in a panel at Chicago’s ACE Comic-Con.

It was in November 2018 that Joe Russo claimed a piece of information about this. In an interview with the Associated Press, he confirmed this will not be the end for Captain America. He tried to not say anything clearly about this.” the audiences will soon see that Steve Roger hasn’t done yet with his duty”. Joe Russo added.

The Eternals could become a surprise appearance


The Eternals is familiar with the comic fans as they are the creation of Jack Kirby. This is an alien race that the godlike Celestials gave them the power. The production of a movie about The Eternals is ongoing. It was in its first stages of development. Kevin Feige has confirmed this information to The Wrap in April 2018. Besides, we see that Marvel Studios let Matthew and Ryan Firpo take care of the script. And Chloe Zhao will be the director of the movie that will release in 2020.

The cast of this movie is also ongoing which means it will start phase 4. According to DanielRPK of SuperBroMovies, End Game will be a perfect time to present some of them. It totally makes sense as Marvel needs this to push phase 4. Appearing with Captain Marvel is what they are likely to do in End Game.

The characters named Karen and Piper seemed to have more chance to appear. According to ScreenRant, these characters are a gender-swapped version of Sprite. If this theory is true then what is their roles in End Game? Will they be just cameos or joins the battle with the Avengers. Or there is another Eternal in the movie. In fact, Thanos is an Ethernal as well as a Deviant which makes him special.

The leak of a big batch of promo art

Avengers 5

In the late 12/2018, the Marvel fans received their Christmas gifts. Somehow many promotional artworks for Avengers appeared online. It started spreading like fire and no one knew about their authenticity. and MovieWeb both having articles around these artworks. The reaction of and MovieWeb supported that they were real. The journalist Jeremy Conrad also proved that they are all really like the leak 6 months ago.

He added on his website. ”The leak of the Avengers: End Game is possible to believe. And we can strongly believe the big leak 6 months ago was real too. You can check out the leak of Avengers new team up last 6 months. They will use this artwork to print on T-shirt and toys.“

There were 19 leaked images which told us many things about Avengers: End Game. They showed us the remaining characters as well as who will be in the next battle. Besides, Thanos will wear his armor again and he will have his new sword.

Who will save Iron Man from the space?


In the first trailer of End Game, we knew that Tony was with Nebula on a spaceship. After the fight with Thanos on the Titan, they must have taken this spaceship and gone. However, we don’t know why Tony is in danger. It is easy to understand that he and Nebula worked together to get themselves out of there. However, you should consider the following leak.

Many people believed that Tony Stark would make his way back to earth. In fact, his return doesn’t make people curious but how he gets back. The information about Pepper in the Rescue Armor supports the idea that she will save Tony. Moreover, the way Tony left the beat before the “rescue” made us more curious. Pepper Potts will be the shelter for Tony Stark this time.

Moreover, the German car brand Audi presented the Rocket’s Rescue Run. Using VR, the latest top model of Audi became a spaceship. And they have Rocket Raccoon at the helm. According to the people who experienced VR, Rocket will save Tony. This space Raccoon knows about the space more than other members of the Avengers. Of course, we don’t mention Captain Marvel. However, these are just theory as we have to wait till it comes to the cinema.

War Machine and his most badass Buster armor

Don Cheadle's Colonel James Rhodes

After the Civil War incident, Don Cheadle’s Colonel James Rhodes lost his ability to walk. Luckily, he had a genius friend who helps him walk and fight again. In the Infinity War, he also joined the line and fought with Thanos. His return was also impressive when he was able to bring a lot of bullets and guns with him. This round two with Thanos, he must come back with more heavy armor suit. After all, this can be the last fight to protect the earth.

Some Marvel toys showed us the new look of War Machine. At they are truly a “war machine” with the armors that are enough to end a battle. But Russo brothers denied the relation between them with the appearance of Rhoney. Or this could be another misdirection of the twin director. However, the End Game LEGO sets also have a new image of War Machine. This could be a sign that War Machine will come back and be better in End Game. Tony’s best friend is promising to make something big in the upcoming movie.

A set of LEGO started appearing on the UK toy market. And it was the War Machine Buster. As you can see from the name, this armor will not less powerful than the HulkBuster. There are no confirmations about this. But this likely happens in Avengers: End Game. In the first trailer, we also see him and Ant-man suited up as if they got ready for a fight.

Those ‘Quantum Realm suits’ come on screen after all

Rocket Raccoon

At the end of 2018, concept art of Avengers: End Game started appearing online. This was the new suit with white, black, silver and red color. No one knew that they were true or not. Some believed in them as the Quantum Real suits. And the theory of time travel supported this. And also confirmed that they were real. Then people have seen these suits in stores everywhere. In Vietnam, the Thor action figure came on the shelf. Late we saw Captain American figure with the same uniform in Thailand. At that time, people expected to see Avengers wearing the same uniform in the movie. And we also have other members like Iron Man, Rocket Raccoon, etc wearing the same suits too.

According to a theory, this suit will help the team can travel back to time. Of course, they work after the Quantum Realm theory. Which give them the name ‘Quantum Realm suits’. Ant-man will place an important part in making these suits. As no one stayed in the Quantum Realm more than him. Hank Pym’s technology will be the key for this war according to MCU Cosmic’s Jeremy Conrad.

Will Ultron come back after all?

Time Travel

The theory of Time Travel can bring back other characters. Some of them even died before Thanos snapped his fingers. Hence, we can think about the ability that Ultron will also come back. In Age of Ultron, this mad Robot wanted to make a world of metal by killing every living thing. Of course, he couldn’t make a way to escape and blew up into pieces. But you can remember what Spider-man: homecoming revealed. There is a new version of the Captain America shield and an Ultron head.

According to Super Bowl TV spot, Ultron will soon face with Barton who became Ronin soon. The head of Ultron from his drones became a great nod to the villain. And Ronin will face down an unknown person or entity. In fact, he seemed to be looking at someone else. You can see in the trailer that red light in his face. And there are not many characters that have a red light. It can be a Scarlet Witch using her power or Ultron with his typical red light. MovieWeb showed us that Barton’s face express told something about his situation. He seemed to encounter an enemy instead of an ally. Everything can happen in the MCU as Red Skull has made a surprising return.

What if the theatrical release has an intermission?

Alan Cerny

We believe that you have been in the situation of watching a long movie. If your movie has a long runtime, you will have to prepare to go to the restroom for times. This is a no bigger spoiler that Avengers: End Game will last for nearly 3 hours. This could be an obstacle for people who want to enjoy the movie. As it will be hard for them to not miss any scenes or wet their pants. ComingSoon movie critic Alan Cerny suggested not to meet this scenario.

Cerny said that Marvel intended to have an intermission for Avengers: End Game. As a big movie like End Game, showing in around 3 hours is something easy to understand. And an intermission is a necessary thing to do. However, not everyone agreed with this idea. Maybe this is such a bad idea. The reason is that this intermission can cause bad effect to the movie. It will make people distract from the storyline.

In 2/2019, the twin director Russo brothers made a joke about closing the doors. With that way, no one will be able to leave to have a pee break. Up to the present, they have made four 3 movies. And no audience got to the restroom then.

Thor’s lover, Jane Foster will be back after all these years

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman first appeared in Thor in 2011 and Thor: The Dark World. In the movie, she is the beloved woman of the god of thunder. However, in the greatest Thor movie Ragnarok we didn’t see any sign about his girl. Natalie Portman seemed to have no interest in working with Marvel Studios. That was the reason why she was absent in Ragnarok. However, Patty Jenkins refused the reshoots. But nothing happened to Natalie Portman.

In the interview with ScreenRant in 2018, she suggested that she would be happy to work with Marvel. But nothing’s changed since then. The Russo Brothers got her idea as The Huffington Post also asked them a few months later. But they said nothing about it as they think they can make some spoilers. In comic, Foster later will become Thor and the world’s leading astrophysicists. Moreover, Revenge of the Fans showed in 2019 that Thor’s mother can return. It is Queen Frigga who died to save Foster.

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