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What should superheroes in DCEU really look?

What should superheroes in DCEU really look?


It is always challenging to bring a superhuman on the screen but not changing him/her too much. No matter who it is, a superhero or supervillain. As the producer or director, you will have to decide whether the original image of those characters or not. If you do keep the original outfit, the actors/actresses may not like to wear as in a Comic-Con fair. In case, you want to make a new look basing on the comic. There will be a bunch of things that you must put into consideration. Moreover, it will be risky to receive a bad reaction from fans.

Apparently, the fans can piss off and deny seeing the movie. To make DC’s comics in the live-action version, the producers of DC have to discuss and tackle this issue many times. They have to deal with this problem whether it is the hundreds million blockbuster or TV series. Because DCU will not want to lose their fans for bad costumes. In fact, DC nearly changes the outfit of characters they put on live-action. This is the list about mega humans that look different from the comic.

The Man of Steel or Superman


In 2013, we welcomed the coming back of Superman in the movie Man of Steel. This time we were able to see a new version, Superman. Warner Bros admitted they faced a conundrum as they started choosing a new look for Superman. In fact, it is hard to redesign the costume of a circus strongman. Because the original outfit of Superman was from a circus strongman. For those who don’t know about, circus strongman is a job in a circus which used to popular.

However, bringing its spirit back to the 21st century became a challenge. In Superman Returns in 2006, Brandon Routh tried his best to redesign the costume from the comic. We were able to notice commons in the 2006 live-action and Christopher Reeve’s comics. It remained the classic look but was attractive enough on screen. As a result, the movie didn’t meet the expectation to reboot the return of a superhero on screen.

Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder came back with the project of Superman. And they wanted to carry out what they have done with Christian Bale’s Batman. Henry Cavill became the next actor playing Superman. The duty of Cavill this time is to make a mark. Superman will no more need to be realistically and believable. They finally came up with the costume we have seen in Man of Steel. Superman has a textured armor, an “S” logo on his chest and no bright red undies. Actually, this new outfit gained love from the audiences. And it was more suitable at present. To some fans, Cavill’s Superman is nothing but an update and an imitation. However, DCU did make a good job in bringing this character back to the screen.

King of Atlantis, the Aquaman


In comics, we can see the different appearance of Aquaman. After you got through some of comics, you will understand what we are about to say. Aquaman looks like an idiot within his outfit. Clearly, the combination of his costume can’t be worse. The orange shirt coming with green pants and gloves which appeared alongside with that big yellow belt. He looks like a doff swimming in water. About his hairdo, we can come straight to Superman. Aquaman may be a fan of the strongest man as well.

According to the explanation in comics, Aquaman wears armors making from golden chainmail. That is the true identity of that orange shirt. But it didn’t change the fact that it looks dumb with that green pants. The color clearly didn’t fit with him well enough. People can miss The King of Atlantis with a goldfish. Before the live-action that we have seen on screen lately, Aquaman used to come to the screen a few times before.

It was in the 10th season of Smallville, Aquaman appeared in the series of the young Superman. And they could come to the sillier idea for this character. They made him as a swimmer for the University of Miami. And you can get the traditional color of this university, Orange and Green. When they decided to film Aquaman, they gave actor Justin Hartley in a pair of jeans. This time they even skipped the orange armor.

Therefore, DCU wanted to make a new thing about this character. Of course, Aquaman has to keep up with the present fashion. Momoa, in the end, didn’t show up as the classic Aquaman. His armor turned out to be an extraordinary one on screen. He became more modern following the mid-1990s. In Justice League and Aquaman, Momoa showed up with long hair and a scruffy beard. Luckily, DC made up their mind to change the outfit of Aquaman to fit with Momoa. Khal Drogo will be ridiculous in short, bleach-blond surfer hair.

Moreover, he will have to wear an orange shirt and a stupid belt. In the live-action recently, Aquaman was a success and his look was amazing. He stunned the audience with golden armor and nearly glowing armor. He came out truly as the King of seven seas, son of Poseidon. We all want to see him kick some bad guys’ass on screen.

Hawkman on screen


The original outfit of Hawkman is nothing more than a first draft. We couldn’t understand how they could come up with that idea. Maybe they were late for the deadline and made this hero in just one night drawing. Someone made it count the last minutes and showed us the Hawkman we have seen on TV series. Hawkman’s creator gave him no shirt with a pair of wings and a hat having more wings. Moreover, he had a real beak to define again his species. Actually, he looks like a combination of a hawk and a man. Or we can see that a hawk having the body of a human.

Then Smallville became the first time this hero came to the small screen as live-action. And they tied to make him more suitable for the movie. However, the producer still followed the original design pretty much. They gave him some armors and protections in his fights. But it didn’t make any big chances at all.

Once again, we are able to see this character in legends of Tomorrow. This is a famous TV series as it has attracted many audiences. And this time, they decided to change his outfit. No more stupid bird-man like the original design. In fact, people will stop seeing this series if they continue following the old costume. But there must be another story if they have a character with feathery on the show. Who knows and David Lynch can join them? They can be famous for that but not this superhero series.

Hawkgirl on screen


Coming nearly at the same time with Hawkman. The costume of Hawkgirl was not much better than her love. In fact, she shared many commons with Hawkman. The biggest difference was the bikini top that she wore. After all, she is a woman. In comics, wearing the bikini and getting into the fights seem to be a good choice.

Eventually, the comics have continuously updated her outlook. They tried to make her appearance more distinct from Hawkman. She had a unique headpiece and redesigned outfit. They were successful in making her different from her male counterpart. Then she became one of the main characters in Justice League shows. In Legends of Tomorrow, she came back on screen in the live-action version. This time they are wise to choose her outfit. It has some classic elements to indicate that she traveled through time. She came out as a battle warrior with no brightly color top and helmet.

Next, we have Black Canary

Black Canary

Black Canary has gained love from the audience as a lady crime fighter. She made a strong impression on the bad guys who she fought. In Green Lantern and the Flash, the characters have glowing and attractive costumes. In the end, children are their most viewers. But this time, they built a character with just fishnet stockings and a leather jacket. And it was amazing enough.

In her debut in 1947, we could see Black Canary in her first outfit. Later, her outfit changed a little bit. In the 1980s, we saw more traditionally superheroic ensembles. Then the leather and fishnets finally appeared and we still see it on TV series now. In the TV series, she appeared in the stockings in favor of a combat-oriented leather get-up. Like many other heroes, she had a mask to hide her true identity. In fact, we do love to see heroes in their masks as they look cooler. If they didn’t change the outfit of Canary, she will appear with a blonde wig and a low-cut top. And she can use that to make a distraction. It will not be a smart choice to fight with criminal unless she works with Nicki Minaj.

Wonder Woman on screen

Gal Gadot

In Batman vs Superman, there was a character that people liked more than the main characters. It was Wonder Woman. This movie marked the first time that Wonder Woman came back on screen. Gal Gadot was good in that role. Everyone seemed to go crazy to this new Wonder Woman. Since the 1940s, Wonder Woman came out to be one of the most popular characters in comics. She is also the most famous and the core team of Justice League. Bringing with her is power and beauty. Her appearance in Superman vs Batman, she impressed people with her star-spangled underpants.

Her costume reminded us strongly back to Greek mythology. This character came out in the climax of American patriotism in 1941. Which made her have the color of America flag. The combination of red, white and blue is not a surprise. We can compare to another superhero like Captain America in this issue. But her clothes got shorter, tighter and skimpier through time. And the design of live-action Wonder Woman didn’t it was a good idea. At least, she is an Amazon warrior as well as the princess of Amazon. And she needs more weapons, gears to fulfill that character. In the live-action version, she still kept the slick looking armor from the original look. Her appearance on the big screen was amazing after all.

Gal Gadot is a fashion model which gives her skills in making her clothes look good. She definitely knows what to wear on her hot body. This could be a reason that DC didn’t make any stupid decision. Because wearing red spandex, a big golden tiara can’t be so ridiculous unless Lynda Carter wears them.

The new appearance of Flash in DCEU

Silver Age

This hero is the result of DC and Warner Bros. They did make a change for this character on the big screen. We have to admit that gymnasts, dancers like to wear tights. And even contestants on American Ninja Warrior shared the same ideas. But not the heroes in his fight with bad guys. How can tights protect him during the battle? Therefore, they came up with some ideas in the live-action version. They gave Flash more gears to keep heroes alive. When many characters from comics had updates, Flash seemed not to.

The costume of Flash in the Silver Age coming up in the 1950s is perfect. This one is the most reasonable with skin-tight fabric. It also had bright red with splashes of yellow lightning bolts to identify him. But it became weird in making the suit for Ezra Miller as Scarlet Speedster. In DCU, we know that the Flash used the high-tech gizmos. His armor made him unique in his team. Standing next to his partner in Justice League, his costume was awfully strange. Warner Bros also tried to explain the reason for that armor in the movie. But still, the armor was a disappointment. We can’t understand why they put more weight on this fastest man alive. Maybe they wanted to slow him down a little bit.



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