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Why do the voices in ‘Apex Legends’ sound so close?

Why do the voices in ‘Apex Legends’ sound so close?

Apex Legends

Since Apex Legends appeared on the online game market on February 4, 2019, this shooting game has caused a seismic. This is really a new blockbuster for gamers all over the world. ‘Apex Legends’ shooting game was launched in the day it was announced to the world. With information revealed, the goal of this game is to surpass the number of 25 million registered users in the first week it is available on the internet. For critics, they also give praise to Apex Legends. We have the Nerdy Bits with comments “the game is an endless joy”. While IGN gave their impression that the game had an interesting impact.

Behind the success of the Apex Legends game from EA, we have forums with interesting information on topics related to this game. Among those topics, gamers are curious about voice actors for warriors in Apex Legends. Those are the big stars of the entertainment industry. And if you’re interested in entertainment, you’ll realize that these faces are also familiar to Titanfall gamers (Apex Legends is a spinoff of this game). Besides, we have the voices coming from video game legends, and the famous streamers. If you recognize a voice of action movie star in Apex Legends, this is completely normal. That’s why we find this game quite familiar and close!



Erica Luttrell is a world famous actress. She is a person close to DC Comics fans. In Apex Legends, Erica Luttrell voices the soldier soldier Bangalore, a colored warrior. Talking about the DC world, our beautiful actress once voiced the Wonder Woman nemesis Cheetah. You can check this in video game Injustice 2 and Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. Or you can watch JLA Adventures: Trapping in Time animation to listen to Erica Luttrell’s voice. Besides, Erica Luttrell has a number of roles in live action shows. Typical is CBS’s Salvation, some episodes of iZombie, Westworld, and Arrow…

In the field of online games, the main character Emily Kaldwin in Dishonored 2 embodies Luttrell. The developer of Dishonored 2 says Luttrell’s character is a powerful character. But after some incidents, she was overthrown and had to flee the enemy!



In Apex Legends shooting game, actor Branscombe Richmond voices the Gibraltar warrior. According to EA, Gibraltar is a giant with a wild appearance. However, he is really gentle. Besides, some sources believe that Branscombe Richmond also voiced one of the two LGBTQ characters. And this information has been authenticated by EA!

For those who don’t know, Branscombe Richmond is a stuntman, his most famous role is Bobby Sixkiller in the Renegade children’s television series in the 90s. Besides, Branscombe Richmond also plays some supporting roles in films like Batman Returns and The Scorpion King. As a wicked clown, Branscombe Richmond uses a taser to capture Selina Kyle of Michelle Pfeiffer. Richmond said that he liked the scripts related to fastidious people. Although this job has caused him some trouble, typically trouble at Stevie Wonder concert (source from Las Vegas Sun!).

In the Showtime Roadies drama that aired in 2016, Branscombe Richmond appeared with Luke Wilson and Carla Gugino. However, this is an unsuccessful movie even though it has a talented cast!


Zehra Fazal

Beautiful actress Zehra Fazal has appeared in Titanfall 2 as a computerized AI. In Apex Legends, she continues to voice the AI Announcer. The bad news is that you won’t see Zehra Fazal, but make sure this is one of the in-game voices you want to hear the most. Because of a very simple reason, Zehra Fazal’s voice always comes with a victory. Or in other words, every time you win, Zehra Fazal will praise you!

For fans who don’t know, the actress once joined some voice roles for Netflix projects. Besides Titanfall, Zehra Fazal voiced Nadia Rizavi in the animated film Voltron, some characters in Young Justice: Outsiders (check out Halo’s voice). At San Diego Comic Con meeting, Greg Weisman of Young Justice said he invited Zehra Fazal to voice Halo. Besides, she is also part of many other characters. However, all has not stopped there. We will continue to meet Zehra Fazal in the future. As Halo, Zehra Fazal received positive comments from critics!

Besides voice acting, Fazal also appeared in sci-fi films on Netflix, typically Lost in Space with AI characters on the Robinson Family’s ship. In the drama field, we caught her in ‘Living Biblically’ and ‘How to Get Away with Murder’.


Chaiel VanSanten

For those who love sci-fi movies, you may be too familiar with Chaiel VanSanten. If you didn’t know that Chaiel VanSanten voiced the Wraith character of Apex Legends, she had previous successes. In the second season of The CW’s The Flash, DC Comics fans caught Chaiel VanSanten as ‘Patty Sp Pivot’. However, after some trouble in the relationship, VanSanten left this project. Todd Helbing (Flash employee) said they wanted to partner with Chaiel VanSanten in episode 100 of the program. But time is a problem and this offer has not come true!

Besides the role in The Flash, the actress also appeared in several other shows. We can see her in Shooter game, a game that was adapted from the movie Mark Wahlberg in 2016-2018. In the ‘One Tree Hill’ program for teenagers, we see Chaiel VanSanten appearing regularly.

Actually, the Wraith’s voice in Apex Legends is not the only success of Chaiel VanSanten. She was successful with voicing a character in Kaishaku ‘Steel Angel Kurumi.


Roger Craig Smith

We have Holographic Trickster, Mirage and actor Roger Craig Smith who voiced this character in ‘Apex Legends’. Roger Craig Smith is one of the few stars that has voiced many important characters. So we will see that his voice appears everywhere. Typically, Sonic the Hedgehog game in 2010, we have the English version of this actor’s voice. In addition, in the famous game Assassin Creed, Roger Craig Smith voiced the character Ezio Auditore da Firenze!

In TV Shows, viewers will see Craig on ‘Saturday morning’. He plays Steve Rogers / Captain America in Disney XD’s Avengers Assemble. Besides, he also voiced the characters in Ultimate Spider-Man of Disney XD. A pretty interesting feeling for Craig when he (Captain America) told The Star Online. He said that he was proud to be the voice of Captain America, a highly influential character. And this is incredible!

Not only that, Roger Craig Smith is also known for voicing the other great superheroes. In Batman Game: Arkham Origins of the WB Games company, we see the Dark Knight is the embodiment of Craig. Furthermore, Craig continues to appear in the English version of Batman Ninja and Batman in Batman Unlimited. Craig once told GameSpot that Batman is definitely one of the three characters he loves the most!


JB Blanc

In Apex Legends, we have the famous actor JB Blanc appearing in two different roles. JB Blanc’s first role is to voice the mad scientist Caustic, who is good at chemicals and poisons. JB Blanc’s second role appears in the movie version of Apex Legends. He plays Kuben Blisk, a mercenary villain in Titanfall 2.

It is clear that Blanc is a famous person with a voice acting role. In this area, he has over 200 credits. You will see Blanc as the doctor Barry Goldman from Gus Fring. You will also see Blanc acting as the voice of the villain Enrico Maxwell from the Hellsing anime movie (including the remake version ‘Hellsing Ultimate’). And if you are a fan of Bleach, the English version and some of its spinoffs are about the character Sajin Komamura voiced by JB Blanc!

Blanc’s career also caught the attention of big strikes. In the scandal of 2016, he objected to the terms of the contract about doing extra jobs and payment terms. Talking about the difference between voice actors and film actors and TV actors, Blanc thinks that all are equal. Everything becomes simple when a game wants to be a movie and a movie wants to be a game. What’s interesting is that we’re talking about 100-hour movies!



Pathfinder is a fighting machine in Apex Legends. And the player feels excited with the cheerful voice of actor Chris Eagerly. A familiar face of nostalgic games!

For those who don’t know, a touring stand-up comic is the starting point of Edgerly’s career. However, his life changed when he found a more suitable job, voice acting. In 1999, Edgerly impressed everyone with the voice of Spider-Man in The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. Later, he continued to have success with Gobber in the series ‘Dragons: Riders of Berk’ of Dreamworks and interesting characters in The Simpsons. Also, you can recognize his voice in Peter Potamus from Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law.

In addition, Edgerly has a series of YouTube videos called VO Notes. Through these videos, people will better understand his voice acting career. These videos also show different perspectives on voiceover work as well as tips for those who want to participate in the voiceover field. In an interview with Blast, Edgerly said that what he likes best in voice acting is a challenge to imagination!


Allegra Clark's

In Apex Legends, we have two LGBTQ characters. The first character is voiced by Branscombe Richmond (I said above). The second character is a great hunter named Bloodhound, and this character will have Allegra Clark’s voice (she confirmed on Twitter). Clark is a familiar face to fans of anime. Her voice has appeared in many characters like Kaela Yoshinaga (from B: The Beginning) or Julia Jinyu (from the FLCL Progressive).

Although Allegra Clark’s main job is an anime voice actress, she is also known in other areas. Voice of Josephine Montilyet in Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of her successes. Princess vs Peril reveals that Clark likes to voice Josephine because it can help her inspire people in the way she wants.


Mela Lee

In the end of this list, we have Mela Lee. She will voice the Lifeline, a Medic of Apex Legends video game. With healing ability, I think gamers will like Mela Lee’s voice. Because when they hear her voice, they know that they have a healing partner to support them!

If you don’t know, Lee is a famous person and she has a lot of success in anime ‘voiceover’. She has more than 10 years of experience in voice acting (English version) for character Rin Tohsaka with many anime versions such as Fate / Zero and Fate / Stay Night. Lee’s career began with roles in shows like Saint Tail and Vampire Knight. After all, our Lee realized that voice acting was especially attractive to her (when she joined Comic-Con). And Lee wants to be part of this great job!

The Freaks & Geek said that Lee felt that voice acting was an attractive job. Through this work, she can do many things through voice. She can become a three-year-old or 1,000-year-old fairy, it’s amazing! Later, she can wake up, go to the studio, and become a heroine. And at the end of the day, she could be a pilot or an astronaut in space!














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